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Treemen Teams

 0-16  Spites  20,000  6  1  3+  5+  7+  Dodge, Stunty, Titchy, Right Stuff, Side Step  A  GS 
 0-6  Treemen  120,000  2  6  5+  5+  11+  Timberrrr, Take Root, Might Blow(+1), Thick Skull, Strong Arm, Throw Team Mate, Stand Firm  S  GAP 
 Re-roll counter  70,000 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Old World Classic 
 Tier  3 

Player Pics

Player Icons


Famous Teams
Drakwald Evergreens, first appeared in Blood Bowl Magazine 1.
Greenglade Rooters, first mentioned in Spike! Journal #6, 2019

Treemen teams used to exist for a short spell after the collapse of the NAF, though back then the teams were made up entirely of Treemen. They looked a formidable sight all lined up on the pitch and many a team were very wary of playing against them. It did not take long though before opposing teams learned just how disorganised and completely incapable of picking up the ball Treemen really were, not to mention that more often than not Treemen would spend the majority of the game sleeping.

The proud Treemen gave up on this idea rather quickly and went back to playing for Wood Elves and in Halfling teams. That is until now. As war subsided throughout the world and Blood Bowl played in its stead the forests of Athel Loren grew vast and the Spites that inhabited the glades numbers grew beyond measure.

No one knows quite how or why they decided to start playing with Treemen but it was a symbiosis perfect for the sport. The Treemen reduced their numbers in teams to 6 which they felt was more than adequate to crush any foe in their wake whilst the Spites zipped about the pitch dealing with the ball that Treemen have always had problems getting a hold off.

Although relatively new on the Blood Bowl circuit Treemen teams already draw big crowds for their mix of brute force and nimble runners.

Treemen teams were first part of Blood Bowl in BB comp 1, though those teams were all Treemen which never really worked very well. Creating this roster was very straight forward. It is a Treeman team, so like Ogres start with 0-6 Treemen so that it follows the pattern of how existing Big Guy teams are made. I considered including Treekin in the team as well, but felt they added nothing and would probably detract from the enjoyment of playing with 6 Treemen.

The Stunty type players here are Spites, which are the smallest forest spirits of the Wood Elf realm, while Treemen are the biggest forest spirits. So they felt a perfect fit. They are very small so had to be Titchy, though I made them slightly better than the existing Snotlings just because Snotlings are so bad their existence is pretty much pointless, also the team needed a little more Ma because the Treemen are just so slow.

Re-rolls like all Big Guy teams are 70k, representing the disorganisation and difficulty managing a team of such huge hulking player. Finally the Star Players I have given them is Halfling Star Players. This is because they have access to Deeproot, and also Wood Elf star players wouldn’t fit in with this teams play style. Allowing them to have access to such high agility players would lead to silly inducement shenanigans.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
No changes made other than the addition of the Pa skill in line with the core rules.

Team design, Background and Rationale by Garion
Player pics by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion
Icons by whatball and Cowhead

Last update: January 27, 2023