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Were Teams

 0-16  Werecat  50,000  7  2  4  7  Jump Up  GA  SP 
 0-4  Werewolves  120,000  8  3  3  8  Claw, Frenzy, Regeneration  GA  SP 
 0-2  Werebear  110,000  4  5  1  8  Really Stupid, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Grab  S  GAP 
 Reroll counter  60,000 gold pieces each 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Star Players  Necromantic 

Player Pics

Player Icons



Famous Teams
Praag Changelings (not specifically mentioned as a Were pact team, but worthy of a mention here). First mentioned in 2nd Ed stars, the same period that these 3 Were creatures were mentioned. Praag is also a place in Kislev which is where the Werebears come from, so it fits the theme there as well.

In the desolate planes of Kislev live the changelings; humans capable of changing shape from human to bear, cat or wolf. There are very few creatures capable of surviving the harsh winter climate of Kislev. When the winter comes the humans all head home to their cities behind great walls and live behind gates till the blizzards subside. The changelings however simply transform, their thick furs in animal form protect them from the harsh climate.

The changelings kept hidden from The World till war subsided, but when Blood Bowl spread through the lands they were quick to make their presence felt, though they never won any major tournaments the Praag Changelings (the most famous of all Were Pact teams) gained world fame for their players who transformed in Werecats, Werewolves and Werebears. To this day Were Pact teams are still found playing Blood Bowl, but their numbers are few and their teams are still quite rare.

First of all the reason for this teams existence is in 2nd edition Werecats, Werewolves and Werebears were mentioned in the stars fluff. So I created a team with all 3 in, a sort of Were Pact team. Based on the limited source material the only deviation I had to make was regarding the Werecats speed. In the 2nd ed stars book it says Werewolves are the good all-rounders, while Werebears outclass them in terms of strength and they cant beat Werecats for speed. Though since then Werewolves have become far faster since then and there isn't much quicker than Ma8 I felt that a better interpretation of this was not their speed literally but their reflexes/agility would be a better match.

Building this roster was pretty straight forward, the Werewolves were just the same as the ones in the Necromantic roster. The Werebears I already had in the Kislev roster so I kept them the same for this roster. This only left the Werecats. Because the other players are pretty expensive I needed the cats to be cheap Linemen, but I also wanted them to be very agile so Ag4 was a must, and because cats are smaller and weaker than wolves it made sense to make them Av7 S2 players which also allowed them to be Ma7 which seemed correct and also kept them as 50k players. I considered giving them Dodge as a starting skill but instead opted for Jump Up as it seemed fitting for cats always landing on their feet. The cats are very weak Linemen but with A access and ag4 plus easy Blodge access means they should be able to skill up and stay alive to a certain extent.

The roster on the whole is a bit of a glass cannon roster, the high Ma across the team means scoring should always be pretty straight forward and with Claw and Mb on the starting roster they should also be pretty good at causing damage right out the box and with a few doubles will be very powerful. However the team has a low Av all round so will likely struggle when it comes to attrition so deep bench of cats would be wise which is also why it is important they are 50k players.

Season 2 Changes
Were teams were one of the more popular races with 480 games played, though their win percentage was a bit lower than I expected at 42% which makes them firmly Tier 2. I removed Loner from the Werebears on this roster to give them a bit more reliability as they struggled for safe moves at times, this added reliability should see their win percentage increase a little in to tier 1.5 hopefully.

Season 3
395 games played, win percentage 41% which puts the team in the tier 2 range. I was expecting the team to fall somewhere between tier 2 and 1.5. But it has proved harder to get to grips with that I originally expected. Though due to this abnormal structure of the roster this isn't really suprising. I am happy to lock the team in place now. As there is no more room for adjustments really and I feel it is already a fun challenging team to use.

Team design, rationale and background by Garion
Icons by Cowhead and Whatball
Player art by Knut Rockie, coloured by Garion

Last update: November 6, 2019