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Witch Elf Starting Roster & Tactics

8 Witch elves? Sign me up!

speed - up to 8 MV 7 positionals
up to 8 frenzied jump up dodgers
AG 4 across the board

Squishy - AV 7 doesn't hold up well
up to 8 frenzied jump up dodgers... (Frenzy blows positioning and can pull you into bad blocks)
No STR skill access except on doubles
No starting block or ball handling skills

Starting Rosters

Variation 1 - 2 RR, 4 WE

  • 7 Priestesses
  • 4 Witch Elves
  • 2 Re-rolls
  • Total = 960k

2 re-rolls is an absolute minimum for any team, but especially for a team with no Block. This will be a tricky roster to get to grips with as your Linemen have av7 and no defensive skills and with 2 rr and no block you will likely find your self in trouble in the first game or two. That said these are still elves so scoring is easy and Witch Elves have Ma7 with Dodge and Jump Up so you need to get them skilled up asap.


Variation 2 - 3 RR, 3 WE

  • 8 Priestesses
  • 3 Witch Elves
  • 3 Re-rolls
  • Total = 960k

3 Re-rolls for any team with no starting blocking or ball handling skills. 3 Witches provides you plenty of firepower and every person on the team is AG 4 and can handle the ball. First purchase is APO, then the rest of your witches.


Managing the team
Regardless of starting roster, APO after 1st game, 3rd re-roll (if needed). Then it is buying Witch Elves and you're done, aside from replacing the inevitable casualties.

Priestesses - fill the linewoman role for the team, but can also be expected to handle the ball like any other elf. a +AG early in development should turn that Priestess into a ball carrier/thrower role, but aside from that most will develop the same

  • Normal roll: Dodge, Block, Fend, Side Step, Jump Up
  • Double roll: Guard (nothing else worth taking unless an early stat bump changes things)
  • Stats: +ST, +AG (i'd probably decline +MV or +AV for skills early, but +AV on a Priestess with guard would be nice...)

Witches - these will develop just like the Standard Dark Elf Witches. one or two should be wrestle strip ball leap, and the rest i like to turn into hitters barring a +AG early in development.


8 Witch Elves. Nothing else needs said.

Last update: March 27, 2018