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Witch Elf Teams

 0-16  Priestess  60,000  6  3  2+  5+  8+    GA  PS 
 0-2  Death Hag  100,000  7  3  2+  3+  8+  Pick me up!, Safe pair of Hands, Frenzy  GAP  S 
 0-6  Witch Elf  110,000  7  3  2+  5+  8+  Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up  GA  PS 
 Re-roll counter  50,000 gold pieces each. 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Special Rules  Elven Kingdoms League 
 Tier  2 

Player Pics

Team Icons

Death Hag

Witch Elf

Famous Teams
The Deadly Nightshades, first mentioned in LRB5
Blackkagh Blood Quenchers, first mentioned in 2nd Ed, 1988

The first Witch Elf team appeared not long after the NAF collapsed. They formed to show the world that Witch Elves were an honourable race after the entire Witch Elf cheerleading section of the Darkside Cowboys stole their teams treasury with the aide of Nikk Three-Horn. This act brought great shame to the Witch Elves and priestesses of Naggaroth so they created a team to show The World what they were made of. The team was called the Deadly Nightshades and great success followed.

Despite their success on the field the team was short lived as regular Dark Elf teams began to hire Witch Elves in their teams. Though their impact was never forgotten and even today Witch Elf teams can still be found playing in tribute to the great Deadly Nightshades.

The Witch Elf team was solely based on The Deadly Nightshades background. The team is an all Witch Elf team. Being an all Witch Elf team it was obvious that the only positional in the team should be a Witch Elf after that came choosing a Lineman.

I went for a Pro Elf stat line for the linemen as it would not make sense having better armoured Linemen than the positional. Ma7 was considered but because Priestesses are basically Witch Elves in training it felt more appropriate to give them lower Ma as they are not in as good physical condition as the Witch Elves.

I went with 0-8 Witch Elves as it is a Witch Elf team after all and I also felt that having any more than 5 or possibly 6 in the roster could actually be detrimental to the team though I didn’t want to limit the teams options too much and if a coach wants to play an all out crazed Witch Elf team they should be allowed to.

Season 2 (2020 Edition) Changes
Changed Pa stats in line with the core rules. Added Death Hag positional due to the changes of Pa in this edition. Death Hags thematically are support pieces in fantasy battle, providing buffs to other unit, in terms of background they are Witch Elf potion makers. So they felt the perfect fit for the ball carrier. As with standard Witch Elves I gave them Frenzy because of their frenzied thirst for blood and to ensure the difficulty controlling this team was maintained. I gave them Safe pair of Hands as their baller skill, this is because it is a pseudo Dump-Off which fits well with their Dark Elf background and also thematically it fits with them being support players, ready to take hits for the team, but skilled at leaving the ball in an advantageous position. Finally I gave them Pick me up! representing them carrying vials of blood from couldron to pick up their downed team mates. This fits in with their support function and also means the couldron of blood features in this team again. In CRP to 2016 edition the team had access to cheaper master chef, as this represented the couldron, this is no longer possible as master chef is keyword linked along with many halfling star players so it can not feature in this team anymore. Finally - because I added 2 more freny players to the roster I have also changed Witch Elves from 0-8 to 0-6. Very few coaches ever ran 0-8 but I liked that this option was available to those crazy enough to try this.

Team design, background and rationale by Garion
Icons by Whatball and Garion
Player artwork by Knut Rockie and coloured by Garion

Last update: January 27, 2023