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Player portraits, team logos and team bio (optional)

This section is completely optional, if you don't wish to customise your player portraits, team logo or team bio you can skip this page and move on to the next page: Gamefinder (choose your opponent) You will always have the option to customise them later.

Uploading images

The Fumbbl site provides you with a space for images to use as team logos, player portraits and more. This is called your Gallery. You can reach it via the Home menu, to the most right you will find the link Gallery.

At the top of the page is an Upload Image link that lets you upload images from your computer. The maximum file size for images is 2 MB.

Format: Your images should be either .gif or .jpg files. Png will work in some cases but not always(?).

.jpg is a packed format that lets you use more colors in images and you can reduce image size by choosing more compression when saving your image. Use this if your images have no transparencies as the image size will be quite small.
Note that the site does not accept files with the file extensions written as .jpeg or .JPG! Just rename them on your computer to .jpg before uploading.

.gif is more suitable for drawn pictures with less colors. Perfect for team logos as the .gif ormat can have transparency.
Do not use animated gifs as they completely jam machines running on some systems and java versions

After you have uploaded your image it will go to approval. Before being approved, images will have a red outline. An approved image will have a black outline.

An Image will not be approved if:

  • It is a clearly copyrighted picture and used without permission.
  • It includes nudity.
  • It is somehow offensive - including but not limited to racism, sexual harassment and religious persecution.

On the right side of your gallery you can create folders to organise your images. The plus button creates a new folder. Use drag and drop to place the images inside the folders.

You can also use images from other coaches galleries. Here is a forum thread including a "How to".

Team logos

If you add a team logo it will be displayed at the top of the team page and on the pitch in the client.
To add a team logo click on the Add Image link on top of your team page. That will also take you to your gallery. With the addition that there is now a box in the bottom left-hand corner with a question mark in it. Select the image you want to use as your team logo and drag and drop it in this box.

For a team logo the maximum file size is 152 kB.

Team logo dimensions for the client

The client offers the possibility to change its orientation to every coach. Regardless the orientation of your team logo does not change with the orientation of the client!
Your half of the pitch is not square, but 360px width by 450px height in landscape orientation of the client. So if you do not want your logo to be cropped in any orientation it should be max 360px by 360px.
A nice size is 210x210 pixels, then the logo remains centered between the wide-zone lines regardless of the client orientation.
For reference: The pitch is 12 squares deep and 15 squares wide (endzones can't be used). Each square is 30 by 30px.

Tips for team logos:

Use .gif files with transparency to get non rectangular shapes.
As the logos on the pitch are displayed slightly transparent, strong contrasts and bold colours are ideal.

If your logo is not showing on the pitch check in the client the User Settings Menu under Pitch > Teamlogo.

You can always change your team logo. Use the Change Image link under the team logo on top of your team page.

Player portraits

The player names on the team page are clickable links that will get you to the respective player page.
On top of the player pages there is a link Change Portrait that will get you to your gallery.
You can now select a previously uploaded image, click on it and drag the image to the box with a question mark in and your player's picture will be changed.

You can also select the Public Gallery that will let you browse pictures that have been uploaded for anyone to use.

For player portraits the max file size is 40 kB.

The maximum dimension for player portraits is 200x200 pixels. Anyhow the recommended dimension is 95px width x 147px height.
The client will scale other sizes, smaller images might get blurry.
On the player page too wide images will be cropped on the right side and protrude on the left. Smaller images will be centered.

Team bio

On the top of the team page there is also an Add Bio or Edit Bio link. This will open a page where you can write something about your team.

This page will accept BBCode. BBCode lets you style your text and add images and interactivity to your team bio.
Here is an introduction to BBCode and even more information about BBCode.

To display images using BBCode you need the image URL. For example “https://fumbbl.com/i/714306”. The easiest way to get the image URL is to right click on the image and select “open image in new tab”. Now you can copy it from the new browser tab.

Balle2000 made a template for team bios you can use. Other coaches have done some truly amazing things as well, have a look at vault tech squad and Flying Sammiches for some inspiration.

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Last update: November 26, 2023