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Player portraits and team logos (optional)

This section is completely optional, if you don't wish to customise your player or team images you can skip this page and move on to the next page: Gamefinder (choose your opponent)

Player portraits

When you click your team name from your overview page you will get into your team page. Player names in the team page are clickable links that will get you to player page.

Below the player picture there is link Change Image that will get you to your own gallery. This is your private folder to use for pictures and will not show to anybody else.

You can now select a previously uploaded picture, click on it and drag the image to the box with a question mark in and your player's picture will be changed

You can also select Public Gallery that will let you browse pictures that have been uploaded for anyone to use.

At the top of the page is an Upload Image button that lets you upload image from your computer to the folder you are currently in.

Team logos

Team logos are changed in much the same way as player images. Select the Add Image or Change Image link and find the picture you want to change it to.

How to upload new picture

Format: Your pictures should be either gif or jpg images. Png will work in some cases but not always.

JPG / JPEG: packed format that lets you use more colors in picture and you can reduce picture size by choosing more compression when saving your picture. Use this if your images have no transparencies as the image size will be quite small.

GIF: more suitable for drawn pictures with less colors. Perfect for team logos as gif-format can have partial transparency.

Size: Both team logo and player portrait must be 10240 bytes (10k) or less in file size. Neither are restricted about pixel size but player portrait size is 95x147, any bigger pictures will be cropped on the client.

After you have uploaded your picture it will go to approval. Before being approved, pictures will have a red outline. Once approved you simply click the image to use it for the player/team that you are editing. If you upload pictures to a public folder, it must be clear picture of that player type in blood bowl. Ie. your favourite actress picture is not suitable for any category in public folders.

Picture will not be uploadable / will not be approved if:

  • Filesize is over 30k
  • It is clearly copyrighted picture and used without permission.
  • It includes nudity
  • It is other ways offensive language - including but not limited to racism, sexual harassment and religious persecution
  • It is uploaded to public folders and it is not picture of that particular Blood Bowl player

looking for inspiration?

Some coaches have done some truly amazing things, have a look at vault tech squad and Flying Sammiches for example

If you wanted a crack at making one yourself start here

Its not suggested to use animated gifs on either pictures as they completely jam machines running on some systems and java versions

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Last update: October 31, 2022