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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 01:34 Reply with quote Back to top

CHEFCTER: Well, fellow NBFL fanatics, it's THAT time of year again! Welcome back to this year's edition of the NBFL Draft Review/Analysis Show. As is customary year after year, I'm joined by fellow NBFL fanatic Kill Wiper Jr. Good to see you as always, my friend.

WIPER JR: Nice to see you Stabbem. I look forward to this every year, and Season 12 is no different!

CHEFCTER: I agree, buddy. Without further ado, let's delve into the Season 12 draft. This year's first team is the squad of Dwarves in Dorfinapolis.


Race: Dwarf
Player Selected: Craig Krenzel (Ohio State)
Skills: +ST, +AG, Sure Hands, Strip Ball - 59 points
Position: Runner
Grade: A

CHEFCTER: It's REALLY hard not to give this pick an A grade. You win Blood Bowl matches by scoring Touchdowns. Having Krenzel carrying the ball for Dorfinapolis is an enormous benefit. The bonus agility is a Dwarven Runner's dream. Add some extra strength to that, and that is one tough ball carrier to deal with. Now, sprinkle into the fact that he can Strip.

The ONLY possible thing you could possibly want to add to a Dwarf Runner is bonus movement. Looking at who was available this draft, there really wasn't anyone else that you'd feel very good about building a franchise around. Krenzel is just that rare player, and will do wonders for the Dorfs in the AFC South.

WIPER JR: My turn Stabby! Let me at this draft!!


Race: High Elf
Player Selected: Justin Clapp (Hawaii)
Skills: Wrestle, Dodge, Side Step, +MA, +MA - 93 points
Position: Lion Warrior
Grade: A+

WIPER JR: What else can anybody possibly say about this pick? This is the deep threat that Lothern Bay needs to be able to strike quickly, and often. MA10 with Side Step is easily a one-turn threat in the HIGHLY competitive NFC South, trying to compete with teams like Atlatl, the Panther Party, and the new squad coming in the Big Easy. This brings instant credibility to the franchise. A slam dunk of a pick...

CHEFCTER: I'm up, Kill. Next up, the squad down in Big D....


Race: Wood Elf
Player Selected: DeBarcus Ware (Texas Tech)
Skills: Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +AG, Piling On - 78 points
Position: Wardancer
Grade: A-

CHEFCTER: Look, don't get me wrong, Wardancers are ridiculously awesome, and so is Ware. Highly skilled Wardancers make it extremely difficult to deal with a Wood Elf squad.... so, why the A- you ask?

Wardancers are the easiest players to skill up on a Wood Elf squad. They sneak in, smoke you for lunch, then are gone before you blink, hiding to smack on another occasion. Reason number 1 why I don't think this pick is "perfect" is: Guard. Guard is an AWESOME benefit to Woodies, but not to their Dancers. You would really rather have it on Linemen. You just don't want to lock up your Dancer standing someplace because you need a Guard to make a hit. You want him around DANCING, hence the name. The other possibility with this is that you leap in Ware for his Guard, and then hit with Victor Butler. This is NOT ideal, as you have both Dancers in the same area of the pitch at the same time, which is rarely ideal. You need one free for emergency purposes. You also don't want to leave the Dancer sitting in the cage awaiting a smack in the face....

Issue the Second: Piling On. I understand that you would like to remove a threatening player as Wood Elves to try to keep the numbers balance somewhat even. A Wardancer, however, should NEVER be laying prone on the ground. It just screams "Foul me, please!" It seems like it's not the best use for the Dancer position.

In my opinion, the pick that would have best suited the needs to Dallas might still have been a Wardancer: Tyler Emischen (Arizona). (S)he would have brought the same MB and tackle, but with extra movement as well. Also, Emischen is within an MVP of Strip Ball. I feel like Dallas got the right POSITION, but got the wrong player. Still a VERY good player, but not the "perfect" fit.

WIPER JR: You can sure be long-winded sometimes, Stabby, and I'm not sure I whole-heartedly agree with the Dallas assessment. Ware's an impact player NOW, but it's your team to break down. Now, I dissect Ban Francisco's pick.


Race: Orc
Player Selected: Tui Tuiasosopo (Hawaii)
Skills: +ST, +AG
Position: Lineman
Grade: B-

WIPER JR: Tuiasosopo is a dynamic and rare player. To possess both ST and AG is quite the blessing. In my opinion, it makes him the best Lineman in the draft. Let's take a look, however, at the current make-up of the Ban Fran squad.

BOBs x4 - Excellent. Only 1 without Block (Leinhenz), but he's got Dodge, and 1 point away from Block. No need to look here.

Blitzer x4 - Two pretty good ones, a younger one with only MB, and a rookie. This is the position that seems to be needed the most here for the Orcs.

Thrower x2 - A rookie, and what seems to be an extra blitzer type with Block and Tackle. This may have very well been due to need at the time for a Tackler. A ball handling type might be of use, but with a +AG Sure Handed Blitzer on the squad (HackCough), it seems that ball handling is taken care of.

Big Guy - Good one. Nothing needed here.

Goblin - Eventually needed, but I would never use my draft pick on a goblin for an Orc squad (Underworld is a different story).

I feel like the Orcs may get more overall, long-term usage out of a drafted Blizer, rather than a Lineman. With Matt Ashmead still on the board, this might have been the pick to make.

Tuiasosopo, however, will provide another ball outlet for HackCough to throw to. This pick helps to develop the passing game, adds a quality player to their roster, and provides yet another st4 player (or greater) to deal with on the squad. The grade reflects that we don't feel like the position was the correct one to draft, but the player chosen was a solid, excellent choice.

CHEFCTER: I somewhat agree with you there, Kill. Let's move back into the AFC South with pick #5.


Race: Orc
Player Selected: Tyler Emischen (Arizona)
Skills: +MA, Mighty Blow, Tackle - 46 points
Position: Blitzer
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: LOVE this pick. Coach Arktoris took a look at his current squad, and assessed his most glaring needs: He needs two more Blitzers. He needs one that can skill up soon, and quickly. He drafts Emischen who adds some more Mighty Blow, another Tackler (also a big need), and adds some movement to the squad. He's within 5 points of adding Guard (another glaring need he's going to address), and can then afford to skill his next new Blitzer with Guard first. This pick hits nearly all the boxes needed to address the holes on the squad. Solid choice.

WIPER JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back after these commercials. You're watching the Blood Sports Daily Network, and it's yearly coverage of the NBFL Draft Review and Analysis show. Stick around for picks 6 though 10.

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Nice stuff, Apojar Smile Can't wait for the rest!

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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 04:49 Reply with quote Back to top

CHEFCTER: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to BSDN's coverage of the NBFL Draft Analysis and Review show. I'm Stabbem Chefcter, and with me, as always, is NBFL Draft insider Kill Wiper Jr.

WIPER JR: I never get tired of this, Stabby. I'm going after pick number 6 for the new kids on the block in the AFC East...


Race: Wood Elf
Player Selected: Justin Truck (Notre Dame)
Skills: MB, Tackle, Piling On - 33 points
Position: Wardancer
Grade: B-

WIPER JR: Buffalo was one of the franchises recently sold to new ownership. They're looking to make an impression out of the gate. Woodies are the right race to go about it with. It's going to be VERY difficult to do in the bash-heavy AFC East.

Seeing as how the franchise is fledgling, their ownership has decided to invest in playmakers early. In the expansion draft (which we do in a separate show), Buffalo picked up their first Wardancer with Guard, MB, Tackle. Here, they pick up a similar player, trading Guard for Piling On.

Though I'm certain he will prove to be a dynamic player for Buffalo, I just don't feel that he's right for a beginning squad. Looking at who is available in the draft, I would offer two other options, with reasons for both:

FIRST: Look toward picking up speed in a scoring machine. Best option out there for the Buffalo squad would have been Jordan Poyer with such useful skills as Block, Sure Hands, +MA, Side Step, Fend. On a Catcher for most any elven team, even Kryten would drool at having a receiver with such talent.

SECOND If a second Wardancer is an absolute must (which we do understand), then a better choice MIGHT be Manti Destroy'O with Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Tackle. He's only 5 points away from his next skill (most likely Ball Stripping), and there's no worry about him laying on the ground from Piling On to get his genitals fouled.

Good player? Absolutely? BEST player for the squad? That's a debate for the owners of the franchise to have. They feel good about their pick, and that's all that really matters in the long run.

CHEFCTER: Nice analysis, Kill. I'm up with the NFC East now.


Race: Vampire
Player Selected: Peter Young (Fresno State)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Sure Hands, +ST - 71 points
Position: Vampire
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: This pick is exactly the pick that needed to be made. Coach The_Provocateur has purchased the rights to the New York franchise (NFC). He's beginning his Vampires from the ground up. In the expansion draft, he picked up an EXCELLENT Vampire in Anguan Gobldin who is Block, +AG. Prov understands that to have a chance in this league, you have to score TD's. Having two stat-mongers on the squad is a GREAT start. In essence, Prov has a Count Luther von Drakenborg clone on the squad now with Sure Hands. It will be a nightmare for teams to be dislodging the ball from him... A GREAT pick here.


Race: Nurgle
Player Selected: Lance Mitchell (Oregon State)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step - 53 points
Position: Pestigor
Grade: B

WIPER JR: Gnawleans' ownership is also new to the NBFL this season, so their quest to build truly begins in this draft. In the expansion draft, they picked up an excellent ball-handling Pestigor in Az-zahir Hakim with Block, Dodge, Side Step, +AG. Ball handling should be very reliable for a newer squad...

So, they look to add utility to the squad. There really was a LOT that Gnawleans could have picked up here to assist (a Beast of Nurgle, a solid Nurgle Warrior), but chose to draft a 2nd Pestigor.

Is it a good idea? Yes, but the pick may not come across with a lot of sex appeal. It's a Blodger, with Tackle and Side step. Functional? VERY much so. Attractive? Well, it doesn't have the flashiness that drafting Michael von Bargen VII would bring, or even the sexiness of either of the Gronski Brothers would bring. It's purely utility, and building for a long future.


Race: Chaos Pact
Player Selected: MD Punisher (Clemson)
Skills: Block, Guard, Tackle - 49 points
Position: Chaos Ogre
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: Hacksonville begins building its franchise this season under new ownership in a very young (teamwise) AFC South, which has been utterly DOMINATED by a strong Houston squad these last few seasons. The new Pact will look to make an impression from the start. What better way than to draft a great fit for your "most reliable" Big Guy position? Punisher has been around the league for quite some time, so he knows how to get it done on the professional level of the NBFL. He comes with Guard and Block, but to also feature Tackle is dreamy. Top it all off with needing only 2 points to skill again, and you've got the makings of a top-notch pick for a young squad hoping to step into the fire right away. Having two somewhat "reliable" big guys on the opening day roster has to give a lot of hope to Quagmire fans (NOTE: if you didn't see, the expansion draft saw them pick up a very talented Chaos Troll in the likes of Geno Atkinzizi, who comes with Block, Guard).


Race: Nurgle
Player Selected: Tim Fugger (Vampirebilt)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow - 54 points
Position: Nurgle Warrior
Grade: A-

WIPER JR: This pick proved to be a hot topic of debate at the BDSN water cooler the day after the draft. The expansion portion of the draft netted Cincinnati (arguably) the most talented player available in Michael Bishop Hardradal with Block, Dodge, Sure Hands, Accurate, +AG. Ball handling is easily covered for Cincinnati.

So, they look to add a bit of beef to the lineup. They could just as easily have gone with Michael von Bargen VII who was still on the board as their Beast of Nurgle. They could have drafted a blitzing type of Pestigor. They chose, however, to develop a solid Nurgle Warrior, which I personally feel is the correct choice for Cincinnati.

CHEFCTER: Really, Kill? No Big Guy, no added Pestigor?

WIPER JR: Here's why, Stabby. Pestigors are in all likelihood the quickest to skill up on a Nurgle squad. Nurgle Warriors drag woefully behind in the points they gather. Not only did they draft someone that can hit in Fugger, but someone who, with his Dodge can manage to stay on the field where others may not be as lucky. Not only does he have Foul Appearance/Disturbing Presence to fall back on, but now you have to commit a Tackle player to block him if you want a shot at putting him in the dirt. That's no easy task to do, considering he's ST4.

This is a solid, useful pick for the young folks in Cincinnati. Their fans should be happy with it, as they haven't had much to celebrate in the past few seasons.

CHEFCTER: Well folks, we're through the first 10 picks of this season's NBFL draft. Stay with us, because in the next segment, we're going to delve into 5 different divisions: the NFC West, the AFC North, the NFC North, the NFC East, and the AFC West. Be sure to come back after these commercial messages....

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Great read!

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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 05:15 Reply with quote Back to top

Loving the draft review, cannot wait to hear more.

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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 05:50 Reply with quote Back to top

Cheer cant wait to see mine at 28

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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 13:38 Reply with quote Back to top

Great work, thanks for doing this!

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Post   Posted: Jan 04, 2014 - 13:41 Reply with quote Back to top

Awesomeness! Been waiting months for this one.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

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I think picks 2 and 3 are both made much better on the opposite team. The high elves gained a second OTS and lack a good basher, while the wood elves gained a second basher and lack a good OTS.

Good reviews Apojar.

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I totally agree with Relezite. I think the coaches who did best were the ones who had need for the boutiquish freak players, like Dorfinapolis, the NY Giant Leeches, Arizona, and Hacksonville.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

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CHEFCTER: Well, folks, thanks for hanging in there, and welcome back to the Season 12 edition of the BSDN's coverage of the NBFL Draft Analysis and Review. I'm Stabbem Chefcter, joined as always by fellow NBFL junkie Kill Wiper Jr. Ready for some more analysis, Kill?

WIPER JR: It's what I was born to do, Stabbem! Let's get back into the draft! You're up with the 11th pick.

CHEFCTER: Right you are, my friend. Let's roll on!


Race: Chaos
Player Selected: Matt Williamsss (California)
Skills: Piling On, Mighty Blow, Block - 50 points
Position: Beastman
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: Coach Garnak fired the entire roster and coaching staff of the previous St. Louis franchise, choosing to start a brand new squad of Chaos. In the expansion draft, Garnak picked up a great Beastman to start building around in the likes of Tyson All-You All-You, coming already with +ST, +AG. Now, he looks to start working up some players around him...

It isn't clear yet whether Garnak will even offer a contract for a Minotaur to come play for St. Louis, so he bypasses that section to look for another quality, versatile player. He finds one in Williamsss who comes needing only 1 point to reach a new skill level. That allows for SO MUCH flexibility when deciding where to go next. While building, perhaps a Tackler or a Guard doesn't really emerge. He can pick that up! If he gets a good support group in building, he can take Claw to really step it up a notch. The flexibility that he allows you really boosts the value of this player/pick.

Looking ahead, however, one thing is certain for Garnak and the boys in St. Louis: With the likes of Seattle and Arizona in the division, he's going to be needing a LOT of Tackle, and quickly...

WIPER JR: Couldn't agree with you more on him, Stabby. A tremendous pick for InsaneLouis. Now, let me get into the AFC North with some Orcs...


Race: Orc
Player Selected: Nathan Broussard (California)
Skills: Block, MB, Frenzy - 47 points
Position: Black Orc Blocker
Grade: A+

WIPER JR: I wrestled back and forth with how I approached this pick. Upon a final consideration, I gave the pick an A+ grade. Here's my reasoning...

If you look at the roster, the Waaaghvens, at the time their draft pick came to fruition, were in need of not ONE, but TWO Black Orc Blockers, and one Blitzer. As BOBs are more difficult to skill up through the rigorous schedule of the NBFL, the BOB was the correct position to draft. Next,

Let's look at the current make-up of the Baltimorc roster: the 3 Blitzers all have MB, 2 of them have Tackle, only one has Guard. With the BOBs in place, both have Block, both have Guard, only one with Mighty Blow. So, the squad has 3 Guard, and 2 Tackle in place already. Both skills are DESPERATELY needed in the heated AFC North; a division which for a few years had been dominated by solid line play by the Chaos Dwarves up in Pittsburgh. Now, with the emergence of whom I affectionately refer to as The Nec-ing Crew up in Cleveland, Guard and Tackle will become all the more important for staying competitive in the division.

So, looking at the available players in the Strength category, there are TWO standouts: Nathan Broussard and Richard Rodgersss. Both players feature Block, MB, but Williamsss also has Frenzy. Frenzy is a constantly UNDERvalued skill, allowing you to push a troublesome player further away, or even have a second block at him to try to put him down. The potential for Broussard to add the last 4 points needed to the next skill level greatly increases with Frenzy.

Once at 51, coach Miyuso has a good amount of flexibility here. He's going to be skilling up his 4th Blitzer at the same time. Since the need is great for another Guard and another Tackle, when Broussard skills up first, simply give him one, then the Blitzer to follow shortly behind the other... Broussard simply offers you excellent flexibility for skilling not only himself up, but his teammates as well. This really was the best player to pick here for Baltimorc.

CHEFCTER: Man, that's great insight, Kill. Way to really break that down. Let us now shift our attention to the basement dwellers last season from the NFC North.


Race: Necromantic
Player Selected: Dan Ryan (Connecticut)
Skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge - 45 points
Position: Flesh Golem
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: There's not really much to argue about how well this pick fits into the squad that already exists in Chicago. Everyone on the squad with the exception of 1 Zombie already has their first skill. The squad is very well rounded.

That being said, they look to add what would most likely be the player that could make the most impact immediately for their squad. They pick up Ryan, which now makes a pair of Blodging MB Flesh Golems. We at BSDN feel that one is annoying to deal with, but now adding a SECOND one? It's heinous!

Now, just to put the cherry on it, he's only 6 away from picking up Guard or Tackle, and it's a slam dunk of a pick!

WIPER JR: That's what I like about you, Stabby. Short 'n sweet, so I can go on and on when it's my turn! Next stop: our third visit to the NFC East.


Race: Amazon
Player Selected: Michelle Doctor - 16 points
Skills: Block, +ST
Position: Linewoman
Grade: B

WIPER JR: I wasn't going to give Flashington as high a grade at first. I had to really weigh their roster composition against what their draft direction was. In the end, here's my reasoning:

If you look at the roster as it is made up:

THROWER: they do employ one, and the one they currently have is pretty good.
CATCHER: They ONLY employ ONE. It's the way they've always done their business, and that's not going to change now. The one they have is very good.
BLITZER: They have 3 top-notch blitzers, and a rookie as their 4th....
LINEWOMEN: They have a lot, and most of them are very very good.

So, having said that, why a Linewoman? Blitzers on Amazon squads tend to be the folks that skill up the quickest. With 3 already excellent Blitzers, it's a lot easier to "hide" the 4th being less superior, especially with the Linewoman depth that Flashington has.

Now, take this into consideration: when Flashington kicks off to an opponent to start this season, they may have 8 Guardplayers on the pitch. 8!!!! That's ridiculous. With all that Guard, another ST4 player hitting makes sense. Take into account also that coach JackassRampant doesn't really pass up +ST, and you have the formula for their reasoning on drafting Doctor

I, however, don't feel exactly the same. If I were the GM for Flashington, I wouldn't have looked much further than Manti Destroy'O out of Notre Dame. She was already at 46 points, features MB, Tackle, Stand Firm, and plays what is considered the most important position to an Amazon squad: Blitzer. Looking at the Linewoman depth I already have, I would have felt that letting Doctor pass would have been in the overall best interest for my squad.... But, that's why I'm not in the front offices anymore! I have the best job in the universe now when it comes to the NBFL!

So, the grade comes in where it is because though I (and again, I'm not the Flashington GM here) don't feel like the Redheads drafted the right POSITION, I DO feel that they got both a fantastic player, and the best player they could have drafted at the position they chose. That HAS to count for something.

CHEFCTER: Right you are, Kill. We now move over to the always competitive AFC West.


Race: Vampire
Player Selected: Julius Carol (Missouri)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Tackle, +MA - 58 points
Position: Vampire
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: NBFL fans, have you SEEN this team?!? This team is downright FEARSOME! This is, by far, the best team in the NBFL that "nobody knows about", aside from its rivals in the AFC West. This team is STACKED.

Now, it's completely obvious that coach Nekran isn't going to use a draft pick on a Thrall. We here at BSDN completely understand that. There were quite a lot of Vampire candidates for Nekran to chose from , as Vampires are one of only two player types that can be drawn from 3 different sections in the NBFL (the other being Beastmen).

So, upon looking at what is available, and what the needs for Fangsas City are, it comes down to 2 choices: another +AG player who also has Side Step, Strip Ball, Block in S. Remy Doege, or the longer-moving Blodger in Carol.

The Fangsas City coaching staff got this one right. Blodging is just too important to Vampires. Add the fact that he's a bit speedier, and you have a solid player for many seasons to come for the Chiefs.

CHEFCTER: Well, folks, we're through yet another segment of the Season 12 NBFL Draft Analysis and Review. We certainly hope you've enjoyed it thus far.

WIPER JR: But be sure to stay tuned! When we come back, we break down picks 16 through 20, which happens to have 2 teams from the AFC East. Don't go anywhere!!!

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CHEFCTER: Welcome back, NBFL Fans! We're not even half way through the Season 12 NBFL Draft Review and Analysis! If you've missed everything up to now, first kick yourself, and then try to catch the replay in its entirety on our internet spinalcast later on this evening. Stabbem Chefcter here, sitting beside my longtime colleague Kill Wiper Jr. You ready to keep it rolling, big guy?

WIPER JR: Bring it on, Stabbem! I'm anxious to jump into one of my favorite teams to watch in the league. The Undercards from the NFC West.


Race: Underworld
Player Selected: S. Remy Doege (Texas Tech)
Skills: Block, Side Step, Strip Ball, +AG - 56 points
Position: Underworld Goblin
Grade: A+

WIPER JR: Dear NBFL fans: If you haven't watched or seen the Arizona Undercards play Blood Bowl yet, I URGE you to do whatever you need to do to watch them play. These guys are EXCITING. They are FEARLESS. They're everything you'd want to see out of your own Blood Bowl club.

Looking down the existing roster in place for Arizona, they've already got a very good thrower. Their blitzers are both VERY good. Their big guy is excellent. The only place really to look here is in the Skaven Linemen, or the Goblins.

For Underworld, both are useful, but Underworld Goblins qualify as a Skilled position as well, opening up quite an array of players for Jumboparagon. Looking down the list of available players to fit his need, he comes across two possibilities. He could have drafted Mickey Okafor (Block, SS, Strip Ball, Dauntless), but weighed his options carefully. In the end, he choses the player with the bonus agility, as they realized an AG4 Stunty is really a pain in the drain to deal with! Arizona makes the right choice, and gives their fan base yet another exciting player to look forward to watching for the foreseeable future.

CHEFCTER: Have to agree with you Kill. AG4 Stripping Goblin hurts like a rock from the fans. I'm up now with the boys from the Motor City.


Race: Nurgle
Player Selected: Jordan Poyer (Oregon State)
Skills: Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Fend, +MA - 81 points
Position: Pestigor
Grade: A-

This club may have started building already. Comments based on roster at time of this program!

CHEFCTER: This Detroilet team is up and coming... fast. They have arguably the best Big Guy in all the NBFL in Ollie Bakken. They have 4 FANTASTIC Nurgle Warriors. That merely leaves Pestigors or the Rotters to improve upon.

As we look down the roster, we see there is a need for a 4th Pestigor. It seems that the Pestigors on the squad are mainly used to truly harass their opponents. They aren't drafted and/or skilled for utter damage. At least with Poyer, Detroilet finally has a Sure Hands player which they were lacking. Poyer now provides some better ball security to a well-balanced team building long-term.


Race: Dark Elf
Player Selected: Matt Ashmead (Connecticut}
Skills: Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle - 34 points
Position: Blizter
Grade: A+

WIPER JR: This was a grade that I had to think on for a while. It may not seem like that, since it was an A+, but it took me a bit of time to come to it. Why?

Oakland's Blitzer core has been decimated with injury. Not to totally dismiss them, but it's 3-1/2 rookies (one Blitzer has Tackle). They also don't have a skilled Runner/Thrower/Ball Handler. They have an Assassin. They have a rookie Witch Elf, which was also a possibility to look for. Given what was available when Oakland's slot came up, the Witch Elf really wasn't an option.

I know, doesn't seem like too much to hope for, but what Oakland DOES have is a core of 4 very good Linemen who take their jobs seriously (there are obviously more than 4 Linemen, but since the others are almost all rookies, we'll refer to these as the core-4). What they really need is someone to compliment what they do for this team.

Ashmead gives Oakland the best opportunity to be impactful NOW, rather than having to wait for a season to develop. He brings a little more credibility to a beat-up Blitzer core to coach ex-convict's boys. This was simply the right position to draft, and the best player at that position for the squad.

CHEFCTER: Well, I'm up with the first of two back-to-back teams from the AFC East.


Race: Chaos Pact
Player Selected: Michael von Bargen VII (Navy}
Skills: Block, Guard, +MA - 31 points
Position: Chaos Troll
Grade: A

CHEFCTER: Given the fact that Miami waived their original Chaos Troll to sign von Bargen should really tell you everything you need to know as to how much Miami loves this kid. I can only imagine sitting in the Draft Room of Miami and watching the look on coach Bullroarer4 when he saw the big man drop in his lap at 19.

Look at their roster. The Marauders are all good to very good. The Minotaur and the Chaos Ogre already have Block and an MA of 5. The new Chaos Troll on the block now joins those ranks. He was the best Big Guy that was out there to be available. You'd really have to consider this a "steal" for Miami.

WIPER JR: Finally! I was hoping to get these guys! Let's talk about the runners-up in the AFC East!


Race: Chaos
Player Selected: Kyle Gronski (Fresno State)
Skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Grab, +MA - 135 points
Position: Chaos Warrior
Grade: D

WIPER JR: What in the hell are the Jetz thinking here? They NEVER EVER EVER EVER draft Chaos Warriors. They have always been of the mindset of developing good, steady, reliable Beastmen to work with the existing players. Instead, they go out and draft a "Showtime!" type of player in Kyle Gronksi. It's shocking in that it goes against everything the Jetz have always said they've stood for.

The Jetz lost a ridiculous amount of talent last year due to injuries, death, and even retirement. With the losses of Calvin Pace, Mark Sanchez, Mike DeVito, and Navarro Bowman, the Jetz defense simply fell apart in the second half of Season 11.

All of that is supposed to change with the installment of their new GM, Sean Whizstick. I just don't know how quickly he expects it to turn around, but with the pick of Gronski, he's going for a quick fix.

The Jetz already had 4 Chaos Warriors. They desperately need to address the lack of support in the Beastmen. With the departure of the aforementioned Bowman, now the defense will be captained by Santonio Holmes, who is only one of two players remaining on the Jetz who have yet to miss a match.

Holmes is exactly the type of player the Jetz were looking for, and should have went out there after. If Whizstick would have looked, he would have seen the Beastman he was looking for in Roberta Gronkowski out of Arizona (Block, Guard, Tackle - 35 pts). Instead, Whizstick goes for the home run of a player; he takes a chance on picking the flashy super star of the draft board.

I don't like this pick at all, Stabby. Seems that the pick would have been better served as a Beastman, allowing the others around him to develop as well.

CHEFCTER: I can't say as I blame you, Kill. Even looking over who was available at the time, the steal of the draft in my opinion this late is still sitting there in the person of Richard Rodgersss. Even he would be a great fit for the Jetz development.

WIPER JR: I saw that, Stabby, but the one thing I didn't like about him for the Jetz was this: Coach Dyin' needs Guard. He needs Tackle. He needs those skills to be in place so that his heavy hitters can do their jobs. With Rodgersss, you're mainly adding another hitter to the squad, and that's NOT what coach Dyin' is truly in need of.

CHEFCTER: That's a good point, Kill. Didn't think of it that way... Well, fans, stick around. We're still a few picks away from the half way point of the NBFL Draft Analysis and Review for Season 12. We hope you've enjoyed it thus far. Stay tuned!

WIPER JR: That's right. In the next block, we're addressing picks 21-25, which is the beginning of our Playoff teams from last season, including the two that came out from the NFC South. You won't want to miss it!

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CHEFCTER: Howdy, and welcome back to the Season 12 NBFL Draft Analysis and Review Show. As always, he's Kill Wiper Jr. I'm Stabbem Chefcter. We love what we do, so let's do what we love to do!


Race: Necromantic
Player Selected: Bill Fischer (Notre Dame)
Skills: Guard, Mighty Blow - 21 points
Position: Zombie
Grade: D

CHEFCTER: I don't normally give out too many poor grades if I can find some reasons for the draft pick. In this case, however, the cons far outweigh the pros.

Let's examine the roster and see if you agree with me.

WIGHTS - One good, and one EXCELLENT.

GHOULS - One EXCELLENT, one rookie. Ghouls are not necessarily the focus of attention like they are on Undead squads, though.

FLESH GOLEMS - A 2-skill, and a 1-skill. Not awful, but may warrant a look.

WEREWOLVES - YES!!!. One great WW, but the other only has extra movement. There's surely a suitable werewolf to draft in the mix.

ZOMBIES - This season's draft pick makes the 8th Zombie on the squad, many of which are bloating the TV for the boys in Minnesota.

A quick glance at available potential werewolves shows a doozie in Richard Rodgersss (Block, MB, Tackle - 44 points). He's only 6 points away from Dodge which would come quickly with his other skills in place. That's the dream fit right there.

Minnesota, however, elects to go with a Zombie. In fairness, he does have two doubles in Guard and Mighty Blow. That's the saving grace from the pick being an F. The Wolfkings DO need some more Guard, so that will at least factor into the Pro column for the pick. That, however, might be the only Pro to consider.

WIPER JR: Woo! I'm back on the clock, boys! Let's get right into it!


Race: Human
Player Selected: Jared Perry II (Missouri)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Guard - 33 points
Position: Lineman
Grade: A

WIPER JR: San Dogo is a perennial playoff team. They get beat up, thrown to the wolves with injuries, yet they still manage to be in the Playoffs at the end of the year. That's quite a testament to their head coach Kryten.

San Dogo certainly knows what it is doing when it comes to drafting. The drafting of Perry offers the squad their 5th Guard; something that coach Kryten covets. Upon looking through the available players that are on the board at 22, there's just nobody out there to really offer anything revolutionary to the limited needs that San Dogo has..

There's no sex appeal to it, but this was the pick that San Dogo should have made.


Race: Chaos Dwarf
Player Selected: Bert Breakzger (Notre Dame)
Skills: Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm - 32 points
Position: Chaos Dwarf Blocker
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: New Angryland is the perennial powerhouse of the AFC East. It's blatantly obvious that coach Licker knows what he's doing. In the bash-heavy AFC East, he's the one that remains standing at the end of the regular season. Let's look at his roster.

BULL CENTAURS: They have a GREAT one, and a young one. May be worth a look if nothing else is glaring.

HOBGOBLIN: Licker of all people knows that a CD team isn't going to use its draft pick on a Hobgoblin unless things are going really well.

MINOTAUR: They've used 3 different Minotaurs in the past, but the Big Man is not an essential strategy for the boys in New Angryland.

CDB: Oh my goodness, YES! They only have 5 on the roster, so this is the place they should look.

Lo and behold, who drops into their laps? Breakzger is the perfect choice for New Angryland. He comes in to add some credibility to their front line. Perfect choice.


Race: Elf
Player Selected: Richard Rodgersss (California)
Skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle - 24 points (due to already possessing Block)
Position: Blitzer
Grade: A

WIPER JR: I still, for the life of me, can't understand how this guy fell this far down in the draft. He is a super star in the making!

Carolina has one well-established Blitzer, and one rookie. This is the right position to be looking to add to.

The thing that is unfortunate is that his points get struck down, due to already having Block. Jeffro however, knows that he needs a Blitzer with Mighty Blow, so looks at what is left. He could choose the other available Blitzer, but he would come with Stand Firm, which would be more of a waste to Carolina. Jeffro makes the proper choice, despite having the draftee's points struck down. This was the right pick.


Race: Lizardman
Player Selected: Mickey Okafor (Texas Tech)
Skills: Block, Strip Ball, Side Step, Dauntless - 51 points
Position: Skink
Grade: A+

CHEFCTER: This pick gives Atlatl yet another threat their opponents will be forced to deal with, as if they don't have enough. Their front line of saurii is older than some players in the NBFL. It seems like they've been together forever. Their youngest saurus is 18 games into his career, so there's no need to look to replace one.

The Kroxigor is a rookie, but looking at the Big Guy candidates remaining, there isn't a GREAT fit there.

That leaves a skink upgrade, and coach ryanfitz gets it in spades. He already has 2 skinks with Dirty Player. He now has the privilege of coaching a skink that will be using a 1d "slip and strip". He really adds yet another dynamic to the Atlatl squad, which is already one of the class squads of the NFC.

CHEFCTER: Well folks, we're over half way through the Season 12 draft now. We hope you've enjoyed it thus far.

WIPER JR: But, stick around! In our next segment, we tackle teams 26-30, which features 4 of Season 11's division winners. Stay tuned!

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CHEFCTER: Welcome back everybody to the Season 12 edition of the NBFL Draft Analysis and Review show. I'm your host Stabbem Chefcter alongside my friend of many seasons now, Mr. Bill Wiper, Jr.

WIPER JR: Always a pleasure to do this with you my friend.

CHEFCTER: Likewise, Bill. Likewise. Why don't you lead us off here with the 26th pick?

WIPER JR: My pleasure! Let's go!!


Race: Chaos Dwarf
Player Selected: Steven Gronski (Fresno State)
Skills: Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Piling On - 63 points
Position: Bull Centaur
Grade: B

WIPER JR: Pittsburgh qualified for last season's playoffs as an AFC Wild Card, and made some hay until they ran into a enormous and physical team from Houston. After the match, K.O. Hurrell announced his retirement after playing only a season for Pittsburgh.

Since that press conference, the front office of Pittsburgh was looking for a replacement for him. The issue, however, was the more pressing need. With a need for many skilled Chaos Dwarf Blockers, which of the positions would be considered the greater requirement to fill?

The best Lineman that is out there at 26 would only feature Guard and Mighty Blow. It's not bad, but it's not stellar. If you were to ask me, I would still look to draft Jim Mark'em for my front line. Again, I'm not in the front offices any longer. Pittsburgh's office is looking to add that 2nd Bull Centaur through this draft.

Looking at the Strength category, there sits Gronski, who can provide the 2nd Bull Centaur of Doom. He's the best option they have on the board for an immediate impact of a player.

Looking through the Linemen and Skilled lists, there is a possible Hobgoblin that could provide some real quality ball-handling in Billie The Bow. That would be a large point investment, however, in a Hobgoblin for a Chaos Dwarf squad. The return on investment for that kind of player is not nearly as great in a Hobgoblin as it will prove to be in the Bull.

Good player, but in my opinion, not the right position to draft...

CHEFCTER: That is indeed a topic for discussion, Kill. For now, we move on to the NFC West Champions from last season.


Race: Skaven
Player Selected: Preston Dennard (New Mexico)
Skills: Block, Guard - 27 points
Position: Linerat
Grade: A

CHEFCTER: An A for drafting a Linerat doesn't seem right, does it? Well, let's look at Seattle's roster as it currently stands.

STORM VERMIN: 2 pretty good ones.
THROWER: a good one. No need really to look here.
RAT OGRE: A very good one in place. No need to look here.
GUTTER RUNNERS: Yes. They need 2, but looking at the available Skilled players, there is nothing there that is really worth investing in.

That leaves the Linerats. Coach cyric612 knows that Skaven teams can always use Guard, so he finds the best option in the Linerats. Dennard is also within 4 points of skilling up again, which adds to his attractiveness. Solid pick for Seattle.


Race: Undead
Player Selected: Morgan Wright (Oregon)
Skills: +MA, Wrestle, Dodge, Tackle - 39 spp (due to already having Dodge)
Position: Ghoul
Grade: B

NOTE: This team has already started the building process. Analysis is submitted based upon the roster as it appears at the time of this program being taped.

WIPER JR: These guys have won the AFC West 3 consecutive seasons. That is simply astonishing, given the likes of the coaching royalty in the division. All 4 West coaches are some of the best the NBFL has to offer. For one coach to win it 3 times in a row really says something about both the coaching staff and the players on this Denver squad.

These guys are mean. They hit hard, they hit often, and they continue to hit you when you've fallen over. The NBFL is also investigating an allegation by an AFC official that one of Denver's zombies, after fouling a player out of the game, entered the other locker room and fouled the opposing team's apothecary. More details on that situation to follow...

There's nothing I like more than guys that can hit. They don't necessarily have to hit tremendously hard. They just have to be effective at their job. Wright will prove to be that type of player. With added movement, as well as Wrestle and Tackle, this ghoul becomes a prototypical Elf Blitzer type of player; the quick hit, and sneak away for later.

Taking a look at the rest of the roster, there's a minor need within the Zombie core that could be addressed in the draft here. Denver currently does not employ a Kicker. There's a player or two out there that might help them out in this aspect, while fitting into the game plan that coach robocoyote employs. He can go with a player with Kick and Dirty Player in Stone Casey, or look to Taurean Ferguson with Kick and Guard. Either of those players would prove to be a welcome asset to Denver.

Those of us at BSDN feel that the addition of a Kicker would be to Denver's greater advantage, being able to pin the ball deep into the opponent's zone while the front line absolutely mutilates the opposition. The Ghoul is a good pick, and a good player, but we feel like Denver would benefit GREATER with the utility Zombie.

CHEFCTER: Never thought I'd hear you advocating for a Zombie draft pick, Kill.

WIPER JR: You gotta go where the greatest need is for your team, Stabby...

CHEFCTER: I hear you. Let's look at the next of last season's Division Winners.


Race: Slann
Selected Player: Puka Lopa (California)
Skills: Block, Dodge, Tackle - 44 points
Position: Blitzer
Grade: B

CHEFCTER: Green Ball has been in either the NFC Championship game or the Super Bowl since what seems to the NFC like forever. This year, they were tripped up in the NFC Championship by the eventual Champion Philhala squad.

Blitzer Turk McBridee has announced his intention to retire. This leaves an opening in the Blitzer core. Green Ball currently does NOT have a Catcher. Their Lineman core is a bit shallow as well.

When you look at the available players in the draft, the best players available in each section stand out.

CATCHERS: Jeremiah Ostrowski (Dodge, Wrestle, Side Step) at 45 points.
LINEMEN: Roberta Gronkowski (Block, Guard, Tackle) at 35 points.
BLITZER: Puka Lopa (Block, Dodge, Tackle) at 46 points.
KROXIGOR: Not a real suitable draft pick here.

Let's eliminate Roberta Gronkowski from the discussion. Lopa would join the squad with 9 more points as well as Diving Tackle and Jump Up.

A Blitzer or a Catcher then? We here at BSDN feel that a Catcher would benefit Green Ball more than the 4th Blitzer would. On the other hand, Green Ball has been winning division championships for years, so it's very hard to argue with their front office's logic...

The absence of a Catcher is harder to "hide" then a rookie 4th Blitzer would be, considering the developments of the other 3. Perhaps a few more gold pieces per match might have convinced their retiree to stay...

Green Ball got the best player for the position they drafted, but the folks at BSDN feel like it may have been the wrong position to address.

WIPER JR: My turn yet again! I'm going to talk about Season 11's AFC Championship game loser.


Race: Lizardman
Player Selected: Eric Kettani (Navy)
Skills: Block, Sure Hands - 22 points
Position: Skink
Grade: A

WIPER JR: This Houston franchise has been the cream of the crop for a number of seasons now. They pride themselves on being an imposing, physical force that punishes you for playing. Their front line is similar to that of Atlatl in the fact that they've been playing together now for at least 17 games. They're just big, physical, and mean.

Having said that, there's no need to replace a saurus on this squad. Next place to look would be a Skink, and there's a player there that addresses a pressing need. Coach Duder knows that a reliable ball handler would go a LONG way to assist his boys in putting up Wins. It's the perfect pick for the very few needs that Houston has to address. A great pick.

CHEFCTER: Well, we're through 30 teams now. You'll really want to stay tuned for the next segment, as we deal with picks 31-35.

WIPER JR: That's right, folks. In that segment, we'll find last year's Super Bowl teams! Don't miss out on the fun!

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LOVE the tirade on the Jetz coach!! Very Happy Great stuff!!
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