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Post   Posted: Mar 31, 2015 - 23:36 Reply with quote Back to top

College GamePlay: NCBB Season 21 Preview Edition
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Hello once again, college blood bowl fans. It has been quite some time since our show has aired, but we're back and better than ever. Our first show will be dedicated to previewing the new NCBB season. Let's meet our analysts, former California standout Anthony Killer and former N.C. State thrower Tyler Brosius.

Anthony Killer: It'sss good to be back, Chrisss.

Tyler Brosius: I swear my chair was more comfy before, guys. Did we change sponsors or something?

Fouler: No, we're still sponsored by the Gnome Depot.

Brosius: Then did they get cheaper because of the economy?

Fouler: ...anyways, as I said, we're here to preview the new NCBB season that has just begun. Since we've been off air, there has been a changing of the guard in the NCBB. Once upon a time, programs like Oregon, UCon, and California won multiple national championships. Recently we've seen newer schools rise up and stake their claim in NCBB lore.

Brosius: That's right, Chris. The first ever back-to-back national champions were the Wisconsin Honeygrues in seasons 17 and 18. Their program is currently suspended until further notice, perhaps because they are still celebrating this great accomplishment. And who could blame them?

Killer: No one at all. Given their absence, a veteran NCBB program finally got over the hump when Missouri won the ssseason 19 championship. Last year a group of young, upstart ratsss from TCU won a title, and now look to do ssso again.

Fouler: With that being said, lets take a look at some of the top contenders this season.

College GamePlay Presents: Preseason Top 5

5. Old Dominion Monarchs
Brosius' analysis: The Monarchs enter the final season before their first graduating class with a group of seven seniors, tied for largest in the league (with another team to be listed later on). Their inaugural season saw them win the Goober Bowl, and last year they turned it up a notch and won the Fiesta Bowl. They'll have to find a way to at least split their conference games with Oregon and Rolla Gold (spoiler alert: both are further down on this list) if they want any chance to make a title run. Their squad mostly relies on causing casualties, led by a trio of seniors including Keshawn Henderson. They also get bonus points for being humans.
4. Texas SnM Aggroes
Killer's analysis: the past three ssseasonsss, the Aggroesss have won five, five, and sssix gamesss, yet they haven't quite reached the heights they ssseek. Thisss junior-heavy sssquad has the potential to improve a lot during the ssseason, and they play in the relatively elf-friendly conference. Even if they don't manage to finally get to the championship, they could set themselvesss up for a great chance next year with a ssstrong sssenior class when the NCBB likely movesss to a playoff format.
3. Rolla Gold Diggers
Brosius' analysis: these norsemen won the Rose Bowl last season and have a six-member senior class desperate to take the final step before they walk across the stage (and likely to the NBFL draft). With two hard-hitting players, including the terrifying A.J. Warmonger, leading the way for the ground game, Rolla Gold's two runners have combined for 34 touchdowns in their careers. However the team isn't very deep right now so they could use a couple of freshmen to supplement the team. And they play in the dreaded FBC with two other Top 5 teams.
2. Oregon Waterfoul
Killer's analysis: The 'final boss' of the NCBB, the Waterfoul have been in ssseemingly every championship game sssince the league revival, claiming three trophiesss along the way. They have lost in the title game the last two ssseasonsss, however, leaving their five-duck sssenior class with sssome unfinished businesss. They don't alwaysss have flashy playersss, but their ssscheme and sssupreme coaching make them a virtual top 5 lock every year.
1. TCU Horned Rats
Brosius' analysis: the reigning champs took down mighty Oregon to claim their first title and their seven-rat senior class now desires to be only the second program to ever go back-to-back. Fortunately their conference looks to be the weakest of the three this season, thanks to a key rival in Alabama having just graduated a huge chunk of their team. In fact, the rest of the Smack 7 combined has only eight senior players, leaving the Rats as easily the most talented team. Nothing is guaranteed in this sport, and they certainly have a huge rebuilding job next season, but right now, these rats look to be the 'big cheese'.

Fouler: ...the big cheese? Seriously?

Brosius: An accurate statement, much like my passes.

Fouler: ...so Anthony, give us a team outside of our top 5 that could surprise us and make a run at a championship.

Killer: Well I don't know if they're quite ready to claim the belt, but watch our for Arkansasss from the Big Beast. They have a whooping eight juniorsss on the team, and could become the new 'Fresno Ssstate' of a few yearsss ago: a viciousss chaosss team that broke a lot of bonesss trying to win a title.

Fouler: How about from you, Brosius? And please, no more bad jokes.

Brosius: This might be the year that the Clemson Terrors rise up like the undead that they are reclaim the glory they had in their early campaigns. Someone has to challenge TCU in the Smack, and I think a team with three seniors, four juniors, and six sophomores has the potential to do it. If they can get their ball-carriers a little more experience, they just might have all the pieces to the puzzle.

Fouler: And finally, we'll take a quick look at the Out-of-Conference games. There's a slightly different format this year, and I think most people would agree that the three games between Oregon, Clemson, and Texas SnM are probably the 'must watch' of the early season. But is there another group that catches your eye?

Brosius: Nope.

Killer: Way to contribute there, Brosius. I actually think the trio of Hawaii, Rolla Gold, and my alma matter, California, ssshould have sssome really good gamesss. The Golden Lizardsss didn't go to a bowl game for the first time in our school'sss history last ssseason, and they'll have a lot to prove with five underclasss sssaurri. But a trial-by-fire against two very respected programsss can help a young team tremendously.

Brosius: The man asked my opinion, and I gave it. It doesn't matter if you don't like it.

Killer: Fair enough, I sssuppose.

Fouler: Well that's all that we have time for today. I hope you enjoyed the return of College GamePlay, built by the Gnome Depot. We'll be back to review all of the great NCBB action...eventually. Until then, enjoy the games!

A big thanks to FRSHMN for his excellent work breaking down all the teams by their player classifications

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: May 01, 2015 - 05:37 Reply with quote Back to top

Texas celebrates a 2-0 win in a truly charmed game over U. Conn. The Necro Huskies hired a Master Chef, and stole 3 of 3 RR's 1st half, and 2 of 3 2nd half, but somehow, despite using that 1 RR early in the 2nd half, DElf magic kept them from failing even once the whole game - not a single 1! o.O

More, they enjoyed Perfect Defense twice (as did U. Conn. once), including a timely T16 to avoid the bash with all their LoS fodder off the field, and an Apo save of a RIP'd 17 spp Blitzer, denying the Huskies yet another Texas transfer.


This is their 2nd in-Conference win, moving them to 2-2-0 for the season.

However, we feel obliged to report that U. Conn fouled 5 times in that game (and was setting up for a retributive T16 6th). The undead have neither shame nor pride, clearly, so all teams be advised.

Good game, tho'!

Let's go A.P.E.!

(...and what exactly do you think they do with all those dead players?...)

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Post   Posted: Jun 13, 2015 - 19:03 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi gang!

Sorry to impose, but we're looking for more NA coaches to join us in the Online Dutch Open. Check it out!



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Post   Posted: Jun 13, 2015 - 19:06 Reply with quote Back to top

Hard to see it as an imposition when you're basically doing some thread necro Wink

Tell me about this Dutch Open. Does that mean you're paying for your half before we go back to my place?

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Post   Posted: Jun 13, 2015 - 19:10
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hardy har harrr

But good idea Goo, if anything we need to use this thread more often again!

Yar you dorks, join the OPEN!

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Post   Posted: Jul 16, 2015 - 02:28 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome, college blood bowl fans, to the second installment of the All-American Team Selection Show – brought to you by Warpstone Dew. Once again, we steampowered our analysis gadgets, evaluated those millions of weekly statistics and put together a team of upcoming super stars. These guys are the best NCBB has to offer, and talent goes hand in hand with an indomitable will to perform.

I’m S’Natchem McDuff, and I’m your host for the upcoming All-American Team Selection Show. To get this thing rolling, let me introduce to you the All-American Team Offensive Line:

From the Tennessee Volunteered: Coleman "T-stash" Thomas and Butch "Evil Smile" Jones,

as well as from the Florida Rotting Gators: Rick Casares and Larry Smith.

Coleman "T-stash" Thomas has had a hell of a freshman season at Tennessee. He played 120 turns and his 67 blocks resulted in 7 casualties, which put this young player at the Top of the Volunteered.

Junior grade Butch "Evil Smile" Jones, hasn’t had that impact, but where “T-stash” is brute force, “Evil Smile” brings some advantages to the field when it comes to positioning. But don’t get me wrong: With 62 blocks and 3 casualties, he’s still a hell of a guy to deal with at the Line of Scrimmage.

From Florida we get to see a different approach to THE perfect Offensive Line player. Seniors Rick Casares and Larry Smith do not only rely on strength but bring some versatility to the show.

Larry Smith played 118 turns, his 47 blocks resulted in 4 casualties. Besides this, he also managed to score 3 touchdowns and even completed a short pass. His performances throughout the season lead to an average of 5.13 turns per Spp… a good value.

All this is topped by his college teammate Rick Casares. His 30 Spp are unchallenged all over the NCBB and consist of 6 casualties, 4 touchdowns and a single completion alongside an MVP. This all leads to an astonishing ratio of 4.03 turns per Spp… a very good value which only a few NCBB stars can top.

So this is it, the All-American Team Offensive Line. Two oldschool brute force towers of pain matched with two jack-of-all-trades.

Join our next segment, when we take a look at the rest of the All-American Team Offense.

Until then, let’s have a word or two from one of our sponsors:

Hi, I’m Hulk Hagen, latest reinforcement to the Hearthstone Hexens.
I love a good bash and I generously serve my Mighty Blows with the big spoon.
So do the guys who pay for this advertisement. My favorite post-game ice cream:

Häagen-Bash – Pain is the path to joy!

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Post   Posted: Jul 16, 2015 - 16:36 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome back, college blood bowl fans. We will complete the All-American Team Offense with this segment. Brought to you by Warpstone Dew - Warpstone 'til you're prone!.

I'm your host S'Natchem McDuff, and today I'm backed up by the wonderful Jackie "Oh my gosh, did she just really do THIS" Darling. Hello Jackie, nice to have you here today.

DARLING: A pleasure to be here with you. Hey, S'Natch, better keep those sticky fingers off my knee.

McDUFF: Sorry, Jackie, fingers are passing in transit, heading a bit more north.... AAARRGHH!

DARLING: You've been warned, Sweetie. Okay, after having claimed my turf, let's start this show. We're looking at the All-American Quarterback now. And surprisingly, there was one outstanding chuck who lets all other contenders look like feeble wimps.

McDUFF: How right you are. Back in the days, when I was running for THAT OTHER CATCH, I would have given my left arm for such a quarterback in my team.

DARLING: Absolutely. But enough of this teenage flirtation, here he is. The winner of this year's Golden Bomb - Best Quarterback - Trophy, from Univercity of Hawaii: Max Wittek.

McDUFF: And he came in like a wrecking ball.

DARLING: Really? Miley Virus reference?

McDUFF: 22 completed passes for 70 clicks, an alltime record of 114 in our internal Quarterback-Score. Got more to say, Jackie?

DARLING: Only one word: Awesome!

McDUFF: Who's flirting now? But let's move on. Who should receive his passes?

DARLING: Our experts come up with three top-notch Wide Receivers. Without further ado, here they are.

McDUFF: From Tennessee Volunteered: Reggie "Bean Kick" Juin.

DARLING: From Western Illinois Leatherbarks: Fredson Salomon.

McDUFF: And from Clemson Terrors: Banks McFasty.

DARLING: Those three are the leading scorer in NCBB with 7 (Juin, Salomon) or 6 (McFasty) touchdowns and 151 (Juin), 81 (Salomon) or 58 (McFasty) rushed clicks. Congratulations, sweeties!

McDUFF: Speaking of rushed clicks. No team can win without excellent rushing game.

DARLING: So true, S'Natch. That's why we have one more category to look at. And these following studs are the creme de la creme of Running Backs.

McDUFF: From Karak University: Thompson. Rushed for 157 clicks earning 25 Spp throughout Season 21.

DARLING: And from Rolla Gold Diggers: Anthony Mooredeath. Rushing 117 clicks, which earned him 28 Spp. Congratulations to you as well.

McDUFF: So here we have it. The complete Warpstone Dew's All-American Team Offense Season 21. Want to see them all together. Have a look here.

DARLING: Next up on our show: The All-American Team Defense. Until then, stay tuned.

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Post   Posted: Aug 01, 2015 - 05:26 Reply with quote Back to top

Here we are at least, bowl season! It's been a long time coming but the end to our campaign is near, but not before we have some awesome matchups, scores settled, and lots of blood and beer. Oh and something about a 'shmampionship' game or something.

McNurgle's BowlImage

Western Illinois Leatherbarks (1-1-6) vs Arkansas Laserbacks (0-1-4)

Not much to say except that here's one more shot at an illusive-win.

Killer Lite Bowl Image

Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers (3-1-3) vs B U Tear-iers (4-1-2)

Our Big Beast 'champion' from Missouri gets a chance at conference redemption against the best Non-AQ squad, a feisty Baylor squad. As bad as the conference was this season with only one bowl eligible team, a loss here would sink the Big Beast to new lows. No pressure, Mizzou.

Tossitos' Fiesta BowlImage

Arizona Girls Gone Wildcats (3-1-2) vs Alabama Green Tide (3-0-4)

Two teams from the Smack 7 meet up once again, as the 'Girls try to maneuver their way around some muscle-y green orcs in a battle of the sexes. Whichever side gets less distracted by the other should win.

DedEx Orange BowlImage

TCU Horned Rats (3-2-1) vs Tennessee Volunteered (3-3-2)

TCU fell back a bit after taking home the big cheese last season, but still manage a respectable campaign. Likewise their conference rival from Tennessee wants to cap off their year with another win to springboard into the offseason.

Uluthan's Rose BowlImage

Rolla Gold Diggers (5-2-1) vs Clemson Terrors (4-2-1)

The third place team from the FBC (all of whom finished 1-3 in the polls) face the champs of the Smack 7 conference in the illustrious Rose Bowl! The Diggers have a lot of seniors that want to leave with one final trophy for the shelf, but they'll have to get past a physical and methodical Terrors team to do it.

BCS Title GameImage

Florida Rotting Gators (7-0-1) vs Oregon Waterfoul (6-2-0)

Just like last season, Oregon has an unbeaten campaign resulting in a title game appearance. However this time they don't face an unknown up-and-coming bunch of rats, but a fierce and powerful division rival. Oregon won the matchup a few weeks ago, so the Gators have even more motivation to win this game.

It's going to be a clash of styles; it's an all-FBC championship game; it's gonna be awesome!

So there you have it folks: the bowl games have been announced, and the matchups are going to be great! It's been a long season with several delays, but we are finally going to finish it off with style. Best of luck to everyone involved, and be sure to post when your games will be played.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Aug 23, 2015 - 03:54 Reply with quote Back to top

DARLING: Hello Sweeties. Welcome back to the Warpstone Dew All-American Team Selection Show. My name is Jackie Darling, and alongside me, there he is, my co-host S'Natchem McDuff.

McDUFF: Co-host... pfff. This used to be my show, but those *peep*heads...

DARLING: Hey Snatch, watch your tongue. We've got kids watching.

McDUFF: ... and then they hired this Barbie and...

DARLING: Okay, let's get this show started, what do you say, S'Natch?
The bowl games have been played and the new season is about to start. Buzz has it, that we will get to see some changes... or maybe not. Anyway, there's one thing to do so we can let go Season 20 and look forward for the blocks to come: Completing the All-American Selection by telling you college enthusiats who made it into the Offense and Special teams.

McDUFF: ... bunch of *peep *peep* pile of sh*peep*. I hope they go to hell and the devil himself cuts of their *peep**peep*ies and crams it into their *peep* hole of a mouth. Ah, man, that had to be said, I think.

DARLING: If you say so. Not sure if that will make you any friends among the show's directors though. Anyway, let's have a look at our first category.

McDUFF: These guys are known for the big hits. For the position of Linebackers the following bruisers have been selected. From the Univercity of Hawaii, with 79 blocks and 9 casualties: Brenden Daley.

DARLING: I guess, in his senior year he wanted to impress all those NBFL scouts coming to Hawaii. And with 9 casualties, he showed them a league wide top performance.
Our next nominee is, from the far south university of the ITBA Tinkerers, Matt D.B..

McDUFF: The player earns these honors for the second year in a row. Not very hard to guess he'll be one of the hottest players to keep an eye on during next season.

DARLING: One more player made the cut for this position. Runner-up with 8 casualties, from the Texas Chornian University, Senior Jonathan Anderson is our third Linebacker. He really showed some development during his college years, starting 14 spp in his first season and improving constantly from there, with 33 spp in his last year.

McDUFF: Time to start another category. For Strong Safety, we proudly choose to give the only spot in this category to A.J. Warmonger, big guy from Rolla Gold Diggers.

DARLING: A Big Guy in the All-American team selection show. I didn't even know how versatile these guys can be.

MCDUFF: Well, he didn't qualify through a math test. He cleaved 8 heads open. There even was a player, who tried to get him banned for using secret weapons, but the referee sticked to the rules and said: If it's real, it is allowed.

DARLING: How right you are. Let's have a look at the next position we'd like to fill: Cornerback. A Tinkerer again... wow, this young college really did a good job in training young and hungry hotshots. As said, a Tinkerer, P. Pancini and from Missouri, Laine Palendant. These two guys are a threat to any risky passing game, catching the ball out of the air and running it in to call it a day.

McDUFF: Okay, fans, so far, so good. We'll make another short stop here. Stay tuned, as we'll get to see the grunts from the first row sooner or later this weekend.

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Post   Posted: Aug 24, 2015 - 14:45 Reply with quote Back to top

DARLING: We're back once more with the Warpstone Dew All-American Team Selection Show. My name is Jackie Darling, and for this segment I am accompanied by Dirty Drew Dickson. He jumps in for my good ol'mate S'Natchem McDuff, who currently undergoes some mental health treatment in Saint Butcher's Hospital. Welcome abord, Drew.

DICKSON: Thank you, darling. It's a great pleasure to be on this show. You know, this is the best thing that ever happened to me since I got an invitation from the Oakland Elf Raiders to take part in an open spring training.

DARLING: I didn't know you played for the Elf Raiders, Drew?!

DICKSON: I never did. I went on a club tour the night before and totally overslept the start of the tryouts. When I finally woke up, I suffered a hangover that bad that I couldn't say if I wrestled that Ogre lady next to me or...

DARLING: Okay, okay, too much information, Drew. How about we get this party started again?

DICKSON: That’s funny, because that’s also what she said. But as you wish, my dear. We still have to complete the defense selection with the line players.

DARLING: That's true. These guys know how to take a hit... and how to return it to sender.

DICKSON: From the Old Dominion Monarchs two players made it to the All-American team: Daniel Appouh and Brandon Addison. Both of them "scored" 3 CAS on roundabout 50 blocks.

DARLING: Not that much, if you ask me.

DICKSON: Don't forget, their prime task is to bring down the opposing quarterback, so they usually save up some power at the line blocks in favour for another try at the ball handler.

DARLING: That is a good point. Although I doubt our next candidate ever saved up the smallest part of his blocking powers. From the Clemson Terrors, another back to back nominee... Da'Quan Biters!

DICKSON: That's a hell of a road block. Honestly, if I'd met this guy in in the lockers or on the pitch, I would piss myself into delirium. These are far more than 350 pounds of meat, muscles and killer instinct. No way! Not even if I got to smuggle some of my dirty little secrets with me on the green, NO *EFFING* WAY!

Darling: I have to admit, I have a soft spot for those de facto Big Guys. By the way, last year Clemson had 4 players in the Show, but the competitors never sleep.

DICKSON: Not until our next nominee knocks them out. Stephone Attacker, like the one before playing for the Clemson Terrors. Rumor has it, he found his calling to study Soils and Sustainable Crop Systems when burrying his first casualty six feet deep in the ground.

DARLING: Ah, come on, that sounds like one of those stories you guys tell each over a beer or two.

DICKSON: Hahaha, maybe that's pro'ly true. But you know what? We're done with the All-American Defense Team. 10 heroic and outstanding individuals, hopefully forming a team that can stand whatever an offense is able to throw at them.

DARLING: Except for maybe our All-American Team Offense. That would be kind of a clash of titans. But we're missing something, are we?

DICKSON: You're absolutely right, my stalwart beauty. We're still missing the best part, at least when it comes to me: The All-American Special Teams.

DARLING: They kick, but not always the ball… or not a single one at least.

DICKSON: Absolutely. They can be as deadly as big guys can be, but they operate in silence and under the radar.

DARLING: From the Old Dominion Monarchs, with twelve confirmed shots in the guts, Goodwin.

DICKSON: Don’t get trapped by his name, this guy has a mind as dark as the deepest shadows. Not a sparkle of goodwill in this body.

DARLING: Our next nominee isn’t much better when it comes to the dark tactics of blood bowl. 11 fouls throughout the season, or let’s better say this is the number our cameras could verify. And he is nominee the second time in a row now: #33 Jaden Oberkrom (PK), you make TCU proud of you.

DICKSON: And finally, someone who really kicks balls. For the position of Kicker, Chris Killard of the Rolla Gold Diggers.

DARLING: Kicked balls, you want to say. Killard died only a few games short of graduation. With this post mortem nomination, Warpstone Dew, Häagen-Bash and all other sponsors of the show want to honour those who died for the sake of this sport. Your sacrifice won’t be forgotten.

DICKSON: I have nothing to add to these last words. Thank you for watching this year’s All-American Team Selection Show. For a complete team picture, take a look here.

DARLING: Have a good night, sweeties.

VOICE FROM THE OFF: The Warpstone Dew All-American Team Selection Show was brought to you by Warpstone Dew – Warpstone ‘til you’re prone! Don’t forget to try our latest flavour: Warpstone Glow – Enjoy the show until you blow! Our hosts have been outfitted by Warmani – It’s to die for. and Fruit of the Doom. Coroner, Killer lite and Warpsteiner beers are official sponsors of NCBB. Drink and thrive responsible! Thank you for watching the Warpstone Dew All-American Team Selection Show.

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News story out of Rolla:

The Rolla Gold Diggers just had a rough season get harder. After playing Clemson in the postseason and graduating a handful of seniors, the team started the season with only 10 regular players. The coach scrambled for walk-ons, but with no money to offer for a scholarship, the students at Rolla have opted to focus on their studies. After just 3 games in the season, Rolla has suffered 3 serious injuries and 3 more deaths, half of those again by Clemson. The team starts next game with only 7 rostered players, while Coach Sutherlands has been heard speculating about saving up all scholarship funds until next year when they can hire a fresh class.

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Seriously Injured Issue#122 Out of conference schedule part 1

Season 22 marks the return of SI's quarterly magazine which will be broken down as follows: The finished OoC schedule, finished conference play, and the bowl season and predictions. In this weeks edition we will be taking a look at each BCS conference and give our in depth analysis and predicted order of finish for each conference in a 3 part series. We do not do an analysis of the Non-AQ until those schools enter into a major BCS conference. So with our further udo....

Big Beast Conference

1. Arkansas Laserbacks

Coach: Miyuso
Race: Chaos
Players: 1 Freshman, 1 Sophomore, 3 Juniors, 6 Seniors
OoC record: 0-1-3

This is a very experienced Chaos team. They have 6 seniors and 3 juniors coming back this season with something to prove after a disastrous season last season. They finished last season with a 1-1-5 record with their only victory last season coming in the annual McNurgle's bowl. This season seems to be repeating much of last season's problems as they tied a single game against Clemson and lost the rest of their out of conference games.

Strengths: CWs Brandon Burlsworth and Bud Brooks are the bookends that a program can build on. Both of these monsters come in with a +str increase and block with Brandon having MB as well. But this Chaos team is not one dimensional at all. They have several players with +agi including CW Jimmy Walker who could become one of the more dominant ball carriers in the league.

Weakness: The lack of a dedicated ball carrier with Sure hands means the ball can be popped loose fairly easily against agi teams who specialize in that sort of thing. Throw in the fact that they are carrying an weakened (-str) Minotaur by the name of Patrick Arinze and this team is carrying dead weight (170k worth) and this team will be giving up inducements that it does not need too.

X-factor: This team is one of the most heavily stat increased team in the entire league. This means the Laserbacks should be in every game they play with the opportunity to win them.

2. B U Tear-iers

Coach: Lorebass
Race: Norse
Players: 2 Freshman, 11Sophomores
OoC record: 2-0-2

This young Norse team is fresh out of the Non-AQ from last year. As such they lack any senior or junior players on their team. They finished last season with a 4-1-2 record which was good to get them into the Killer Lite bowl against the Mizzou Tigers. Unfortunately they did not win the bowl game.

Strengths: Two solid blitzers one with guard (Gregor "Grigorian" Grogson) and one(Charles Hamwell) with guard and MB. Lineman Quip "Q" Henderson could be an ace in the hole with his +agi. Both runners have skilled and because of their speed will provide match up problems for opposing teams.

Weakness: Being a new university in this league of course brings a certain amount of undeveloped players. The lack of a 2nd Ulfwerener hurts against the strength teams in the conference. Carrying an injured Cave troll (-av) will hurt down the road.

X-factor. There is a fair amount of speed on this team with 3 players with 7 MA a piece plus all the linoman are 6 ma. Throw in a lineman with +agi and a young thrower(Kanley Hismal) and this team looks like it has the tools to catch people unawares with it's downfield passing attack.

3. California Golden Lizards

Coach: ex-convict
Race: Lizardmen
Players: 5 Freshman, 1 Sophomores, 4 Juniors, 2 seniors
OoC record: 0-0-4

The Golden Lizards come into season 22 with a wide range of players but a pretty sizable freshman class. Coming off a 2-1-4 last season with no bowl appearance they look to improve on their disappointing 3rd place conference finish from last season and return to a bowl this season. The loss of their best Saurii (Erik "Smokin A" Blunte) and special team's expert (Jack Austin) to graduation will be hard to replace.

Strengths: As with all lizard man teams they have an abundance of team speed and strength. Senior Krox Marcus Manley in particular will cause lots of problems with his +ma and guard skills. Skink Drake Whitesnake with SS and +ma is two pushes from being a OTS threat which could make a huge difference in close games.

Weakness: The lack of break tackle on any Saurii at the moment means they can be tied up with linos while the other team's blitzers go skink hunting. Throw in the fact that there really isn't a quote "super star" caliber player on the team right now means the Lizards could have some trouble stopping other team's ball handlers since they don't have a single tackler on the team.

X-factor. Right now none of the team's Saurii have BT or tackle. How soon coach ex-convict addresses these two issues will determine how successful the California Golden Lizards will be this season.

4. ITBA Tinkerers

Coach: Garcangel
Race: High Elf
Players: 2 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 2 Juniors, 7 Seniors
OoC record: 2-1-1

Coming into their 4th season this team didn't graduate anyone last season which means they are primed to make a serious run at the conference title this season as well as looking for a big bowl appearance which they did not get invited to last season.

Strengths: Having a whole team full of agi 4 or better creates some match up nightmares for opposing defenses. Throw in a dedicated thrower in one C. Lee with dodge and accurate who has 4 catchers to throw too with all being blodgers but 1 who's the wrackler of the group. Throw in Senior blitzer Matt D.B. with +Str, MB, tackle,and PO and you have best blitzer in the conference maybe even the BCS. Throw in the fact that they are seasoned and hungry to get to the big game and this team is going to be tough to stop.

Weakness: The biggest problem for this team is going to be the multitude of injuries the players are playing on with. This means there could be players missing during key games or players sitting on the sidelines nursing various injuries after a particularly hard hit on the pitch during any game.

X-factor: This team has one huge X-factor in the form of 3 guard players on an elf team. This means cages might not mean much when Matt D.B. comes looking to sack the ball carrier. Throw in +ma catcher M. David and there is solid potential for a OTS with a couple of pushes.

5. Miami (OH) DarkHawks

Coach: Nicodemus1
Race: Dark Elf
Players: 2 Jman, 2 Freshman, 7 Sophomores
OoC record: 0-1-3

This new comer from the Non-AQ comes in with a 1-3-1 record from last season. Coach Nico is a veteran coach of the NCBB however so don't let coming from the Non-AQ fool you. However this is a raw team with just a handful of players showing promise for the future. Blitzer Kenny Young "Gun" is a promising young blitzer with blodge and tackle already. Witch elf Crazed Cheerleader in NFL gear could cause serious headaches with SS and blodge already.

Strengths: The biggest strength of this team right now is the fact that they are elfy which means 4 agi across the board. Some blodge gives them a chance to successful get to endzone especially if their opponents do not have tackle.

Weakness: This team is dragging players off the street to fill their roster. This is not a good sign for long term success of the team. Coach Nico might need to talk to the boosters about improving the amount of scholarship money the university is giving his team. Also the lack of some positionals could hurt down the stretch for this team.

X-factor: The coach is the biggest X-factor on this team. Being the seasoned coach that he is means he knows what it takes to win and will try just about anything to gain a win.

Conference prediction
1. ITBA Tinkerers
2. B U Tear-iers
3. Arkansas Laserbacks
4. California Golden Lizards
5. Miami (OH) DarkHawks

Disclaimer This review was done without consideration for any conference games already been played. So if any players mentioned in this preview are no longer on their team it is because of that reason.

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Seriously Injured Issue#122 Out of conference schedule part 2

Season 22 marks the return of SI's quarterly magazine which will be broken down as follows: The finished OoC schedule, finished conference play, and the bowl season and predictions. In this weeks edition we will be taking a look at each BCS conference and give our in depth analysis and predicted order of finish for each conference in a 3 part series. We do not do an analysis of the Non-AQ until those schools enter into a major BCS conference. So with our further udo....

Smack 5 Conference

1. Alabama Green Tide

Coach: OTS
Race: Orc
Players: 3 Freshman, 5 Sophomore, 4 Juniors, 1 Seniors
OoC record: 0-1-3

This is a very diverse orc team. They have a wide variety of players with just a handful of freshman with most of those being red or grey shirted. They finished last season with a 5-0-4 record including winning The Tossitos' Fiesta Bowl. This season they seem to be starting out a little slow going by their 0-1-3 OoC record.

Strengths: Well being Orc you start out with a lot of natural strength with 4 BoBs and Troll. Throw in the AV9 that most of the team has and you have pretty good staying power on the pitch. Junior blitzer Bradley Sylve(MB, tackle, PO, guard) has a team leading 8 CSs in OoC play this year and looking to add to it as the Green Tide enters conference play.

Weakness: Bradley Sylve has a nagging injury (-agi) that limits his ability to get off blocks and attack the ball carrier which means he can be marked and limited in his ability to roam. Also a few players lack any defensive skills (block, wrestle, or dodge) and could be a liability in the blocking game.

X-factor: This team is tough and strong with adequate guard to cage up and smash the opposition into the pitch. They also have the ability to TTM to score a last desperate TD to snatch defeat to a tie or from a tie to victory.

2. Clemson Terrors

Coach: MrNomad
Race: Undead
Players: 7 Freshman, 1 Sophomore, 5 Juniors, 2 Seniors
OoC record: 3-1-0

The Terrors are having to reload this season after graduating both mummies and losing their senior wight in the last game of the regular season plus a few zombies. Last season they posted a 6-1-2 record last season including winning the conference and Uluthan's Rose Bowl. It looks like they have picked up where the left off last season despite losing most of their front line going 3-1-0 in OoC play this season.

Strengths: Having 3 ghouls well skilled and ready to play means ball control should not be an issue with this team. Throw in star wight Stephone Attacker (+str, tackle, MB, guard) chasing down the ball carriers or opening a hole for the ghouls to run through and you have a winning recipe for game day.

Weakness: Having freshman mummies and zombies on the team means that the blocking game will be a source of problems for the Terrors this season. The lack of guard that they are accustomed too could also spell trouble for the Terrors this season.

X-factor. Having 2 dedicated ball carriers minimizes using precious RRs on ball pickups. How fast the freshman mummies skill up could be instrumental in another conference crown for the Terrors.

3. Slam Diego State Smacktecs

Coach: JackassRampant
Race: Human
Players: 8 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 1 Juniors, 1 seniors
OoC record: 1-1-2

We at SI would like to welcome back the Smacktecs return to league after a few seasons hiatus. Since they were not in the league last season they do not have a record from last season. Going 1-1-2 in out of conference play this season does not look promising for the young Smacktec team.

Strengths: The core of any human team is it's blitzers and the Smacktecs are no different. Junior blitzer Willie Buchanon (MB, guard, tackle) provides much pain and good tackle technique. Sophomore sensation Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila(+str, MB) brings the hammer for the team.

Weakness: This team is very green right now with 75% of the team being freshman. Half the team currently has no defensive skills. The lack of any catchers on the team doesn't give the Smacktecs that home run threat on offense.

X-factor. JR is an experienced coach even if his team is not. He coaches very aggressively, which confuses the editors here at SI because he has the scholarship money available to recruit some quality catchers.

4. TCU Horned Rats

Race: Skaven
Players: 9 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 1 Juniors
OoC record: 2-1-1

Coming into this season the Horned Rats are very young. Last season they posted a 3-2-3 record including a bowl invite to the DedEx Orange Bowl which they lost to conference rival Tennessee and then graduated or lost in the bowl game both blitzers, 3 GRs, a thrower, and their special teams captain. That's a lot to replace this season.

Strengths: Team speed is the hallmark of any skaven team. Having 4 9 MA 4 agi players means you are never out of any game. Freshman gutter runner Kolby Listenbee (WR)(+agi,block) looks to be the rising star of this team and will be able to run through any cracks in the defense to retrieve the ball.

Weakness: The biggest problem for any skaven team is their low AV7. This translates into keeping players on the pitch and free of injury and missing the next game. Add in the fact that there are so many freshman on this team and blocking could be an issue. The lack of guard on the team will make knocking the ball loose an issue as well as protecting the ball carrier.

X-factor: This team has one huge X-factor in the form of Kolby Listenbee (WR). A 5 agi blodge player with 9 MA is just a few pushes away from OTSing. 3 MB players of their own means they maybe able to do a little player removal of their own.

5. Tennessee Volunteered

Coach: Jumboparagon
Race: Undead
Players: 4 Freshman, 5 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 1 Senior
OoC record: 3-0-1

Tennessee is another undead team that comes into this season after a very solid 4-3-2 season including a DedEx Orange Bowl invite and victory over conference rival TCU. Much like Clemson, Tennessee has picked up exactly where they left off after their bowl victory posting a 3-0-1 OoC record.

Strengths: The heart and soul of this team has to be ghoul Reggie "Bean Kick" Juin (block, SHs, +agi, SS) Already this season in out of conference play he has scored 5 times in 4 games with a pair of completions throw in. Sophomore mummy Coleman "T-stash" Thomas (guard,SF) provides muscle in the middle of the line that can't be pushed off the line.

Weakness: With so many underclassman this team has some blocking issues or rather a lack blocking ability. 8 of the 13 players have no block or wrestle. Junior ghoul JaRonda "Trickler" Toney (-ma) has lost a step or two over the past few seasons and could cost a TD with his lack of speed.

X-factor: The lack of blocking skills on this team could cause valuable RRs to be used up when needed for critical plays late in each half. This could be particularly the case with the mummies who neither have developed block skills yet and will most likely do the most blocking on the team.

Conference prediction
1. Clemson Terrors
2. Alabama Green Tide
3. Tennessee Volunteered
4. TCU Horned Rats
5. Slam Diego State Smacktecs

Disclaimer This review was done without consideration for any conference games already been played. So if any players mentioned in this preview are no longer on their team it is because of that reason.

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Not sure if this is the right place but I would like to join if you're still accepting teams. I'll represent some version of the CU Buffaloes.

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Ex-Convict is the guy to talk to.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.
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