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The Fox Meadows Sagas Season 3 A Fox in the Henhouse

Chapter 8 Facing our emotional Vampires

"So Fox tell me about your childhood" Madhead Magoo said softly.

"Mad head I just want to throw the ball about mate this doesn't feel like training!" Fox said in exasperation.

"Well I tell yer Fox to get through these play off you will have to face yer emotional Vampires sooner or later!"

Madhead was right the season had not been the success expected and some of the squad were looking beaten already. A full season in the Dibbl facing the heat of some of the biggest teams around and the heat of the media. Not to mention the constant Cabal replays of Fox being steamrolled by Morg had all but wilted the dreams of glory. The squad now had a run in the Hardy Sole, for the second time. Fox glanced at the empty dusty cabinet trophy Madhead had bought at the start of their run in the dibbl. Time to dust it off he thought.


The Madheads chose to receive, Fox quickly barked the oders out to the squad. We need to hit and hit hard. As the ball was kicked deep though here came spiraling through the air a brick from the crowd. It made direct contact with Vim Throt Picker and the Ogre was dragged of the pitch. Just what we bloody need thought Fox as he pounced on the ball.

The Vampires came hot on the attack Noah Beli and some on who looked like the tavern owner that Fox worked at brought the bash along quickly sending Bertie and Gogfanar to the Casualty box. Fox ran forward with the ball looking for Hotwing who was deep in the opposition half though marked by a vampires stooge. Fox backed up tucking himself behind a screen. The Sound of Helmut wulf struggling to start his saw up.

Out of nowhere suddenly a vampire battered into Fox but with his quick thinking he tossed the ball out to the edge of the cage.

The vampires continued to play hard ball but finally Fox managed to spin a trademark inch perfect pass out to the waiting Hotwing to make it 1-0.

With Vim well and truly knocked out Harold bravely took the field. The Halfling always entertained the crowds. The vampires were not keen on this spectacle and as they hit the wee fella there was an audible crack of his body.

As he was stretchered off he gave the thumbs up to Fox.

Too and fro the Madheads battled the vampires, a seemingly endless stream of players exiting the field. The vampires finally crossed the line.

The full time whistle blew and the match went into overtime.

"Right boys its do or die time!" Said Fox firing up the squad ready for the kick off. The ball went deep down the wing and the vampire covering back the field picked it up. Like a flash Hotwing and Barrilete tore down the wing pounding the vamp in the face stealing the ball and taking the win.

Fox ran to the casualty box!

"That is for you Harold, That one is for you!"
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