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Post   Posted: Apr 21, 2022 - 21:29 Reply with quote Back to top

Only a low glimmer of light illuminates the tent, sent off by the low flame of the large hookah in the middle of the tent. The wind batters the outside of the tent, the sand slowly shifts inside the hut.

He lays on his carpet, huddled up in the corner, shaking, dreams of change, twitching from addiction and is always thinking of revenge.

The wind stops to blow and silence overcomes the tent. He is slowly drawn back to reality and he looks around, what is this?

From the cloth door over the entrance to the tent he sees light, low light at first and then is starts to glow with intensity. He staggers to his feet and slowly walks to the entrance and pulls back the cloth covering the opening. He is cautious though, things in the light are just as dangerous as those who come in the dark.

He stumbles back, amazed and shocked. The sun has returned, the desert dune he has been camped on glows with the radiance of the sun and heat. He leaves his tent and slowly staggers up to the crest of the dune. He gazes to the horizon and sees Khemri city, in all its glory once again alive, workers moving around like ants, the great pyramid shines and reflects the light of the sun, Khemri has been reborn!

The Prophet takes it all in, scanning every detail of the city, making sure it is not an illusion. A smile comes across his face. The KPL has returned, all is not lost, he can still take back the throne. He is giddy and reaches into his robes and pulls out a cube of warpstone dust, swallows it whole and says a prayer of thanks to the Changer of Ways.

Like a man who has woke from a deep slumber he now moves with purpose and motive. It is time to send out the call to all the coaches who will devote themselves to the Changer of Ways. Now is their time, now is not a time to rest or slumber. They will charge onto the Blood Bowl pitches of the KPL and show Settra and Nagash who is the rightful king.

The Prophet breaks camp and begins to move amongst the cities once again, in the dark alleys and basement pubs. Recruiting his army of Blood Bowl faithful. The time of reckoning is at hand.

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Post   Posted: Apr 21, 2022 - 23:51 Reply with quote Back to top

Is this 2020 rules - if it is i am back in!

shame i retired my KPL team thinking it was dead , dead

Joined: Mar 30, 2005

Post   Posted: Apr 22, 2022 - 02:13 Reply with quote Back to top

Couldn't PainState un-retire it?

[SL]2020 Rookie Rumble - New teams - ALWAYS recruiting!

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Post   Posted: Apr 23, 2022 - 00:10 Reply with quote Back to top

Darkness, total and a weight upon all who tread in it, a burden to bear. The only light in the vast throne room is a low dark green light illuminating from the obsidian throne. Skull and bone cover the room ankle deep. All who approach the throne do with dread, fear and anticipation.

There he sits on his dark throne, the traitor, the usurper of thrones, the destroyer of life and the lord of Undeath, Nagash. In his solace he dreams of the past, he dreams of the future but most of all he dreams of the golden pyramid of Khemir. A throne DENIED!!!! Hate, rage and despair is all he feels now. The despair is the one he fears the most, how could he of been denied? Loss, of the feeling of being defeated gnaws at his soul, gnaws at his “being” and leaves a dark void. He still sees in his ancient memory of a Warhammer descending upon his crown from Sigmar and then darkness. His body twitches, reacts just like it happened, a dark dream. Some one comes his way, he can feel their essence.

The wraith slowly approaches the throne, even in undeath he still feels the fear of death, a mortal “feeling” for sure but he feels it anyway.

The wraiths incorporeal form is reveled as Nagash slowly awakens and his eyes illuminate his throne room with the glow of dark green light from his eyes.

“why do you awaken my slumber servant?”

“My lord, the light of the kingdom has returned. The sun once again shines on the desert of our home land and the people stir once again.” He bows and slowly backs away.

Nagash grips his staff and the gem on top glows with a purple light. Moments pass, Nagash regains his bearings from his slumber and looks upon the world and it has changed. The Skaven are once again burrowing under his tower looking for their warpstone. The Empire of men and orcs are still waging war and far to the north he sees the warp. His true and only enemy Tzeentch, still lingers, ever with a watchful gaze. Tzeentch’s minion the “Prophet” has been mucking around and making mischief it seems in Khemri. Then his gaze turns to the capital of Khemir, hatred, anger and uncontrollable fury enters his mind as he sees Tomb King Setra upon the battlements of his palace.

The wraith decides to speak once again.

“My lord, Rah-ma has sent out the challenge of the KPL once again. He wants to know which teams will take up your banner and take……………………………..”

Nagash turns on the wraith in mid -sentence and lowers his staff, dark energy engulfs the wraith. He withers and screams in agony, his essence destroyed, banished to the void of un- existence. Nagash turns as fast as a cobra, with staff raised, as Tzeentch approaches and grabs the soul of the wraith and throws him into the void, a scream of agony, pain and rage towards Nagash can be heard as he is banished. Tzeentch smiles and withdraws back to the void, always cautious of Nagash and his insight.

Nagash now stands alone on his throne. He broods and contemplates. So, he thinks to himself, this is how it is going to be once again, that stupid KPL, FINE!!!!! I will recruit the best teams and beat Settra and the fool prophet once again on the field of Blood Bowl. He moves with alacrity into the catacombs of his tower to deal with the skaven vermin until those who will raise his banner and play some Blood Bowl in the KPL come to his tower to receive their dark gifts.

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Dynamix wrote:
Is this 2020 rules - if it is i am back in!

shame i retired my KPL team thinking it was dead , dead

Yes, KPL is coming back with a rebooted BB2020 ruleset and rosters.

Now, your former team....well, we will discuss that at a later date.


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Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: May 12, 2022 - 00:58 Reply with quote Back to top

Rah-ma stands on the battlements of the great city of Khmeri. Scanning the horizon and looking upon the great city. Khemri is once again reborn, the city has rallied and dug out all the sand. The city once again is vibrant and the people move around in their daily tasks. Rah-ma works day and night to get the KPL once again reborn, a task he underestimated, he is determined.

He stands there....his memories come flashing back....he has been here, right now, in this spot.....

Sir, word has returned from the King Settra, the campaign on the Blood Sea has been a success. His return will be in a few weeks with a trove of spoils and slaves. He commands you to inform the governer's and masters of his return and make sure all is in order.

Rah-ma turns to the tomb guard and smiles at him, assures him all will be in order when the king returns and waves him off.

affairs of state or KPL....Rah-ma thinks to him self....The old Gods have spoken to him, NUFFLE himself has intervened. Surely the KPL is the most important task he should address. Affairs of state should fall on other shoulders.

He gives a glace to the east. The grand stadium of Khemri in all its glory stands there. He can hear the fans cheering and booing, he can recall games of greatness and defeat. Yes, the Kings heart is about the KPL.

He turns and talks to his acolytes, they fall in line as they walk back into the great pyramid and go over the future of the kPL.

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Post   Posted: Jul 02, 2022 - 21:35 Reply with quote Back to top

Rah-ma is sitting in the gardens, going over all the sponsor's proposals for the upcoming KPL season. He thinks this is good, really good. The amount of money will not only cover the expenses of the league but allow some extra funds to be diverted to matters of the state and of course cover his stock options.

Sir! we have just received word that King Settra is on his way back. A very succesful campaign and he is hoping that the kick off the KPL will be one of the main attractions when he once again proceeds into the City with slaves in tow and then declare a festival, capped off by the announcement of the resumption of KPL play.

Very good, this is good news indeed!

Rah-ma waits for the sentry to leave and then goes into total panic mode. HOLY SIGMAR!!! only half the teams are converted, have not even started on the WIKI page yet to update and the main KPL page is so out of date that it is covered in dust right now. Calm down...all is good....just cancel the upcoming visits to the brothels and bars. Do double duty every day and night and get his lame ass staff out of the brothels and bars and we can have this "dicked" in no time.

KPL action is about to return.....Stay tuned.

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