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Post   Posted: Sep 27, 2014 - 13:12 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi I'm Mignus Mignusson of Cabalvision today the owner, manager, trainer, captain and star blitzer of the Irrepressible Quarriers Arnold Schwartzwald the Division 2 Runners Up took some moments to answer a few questions.

You must be pretty disappointed to lose the title to the Miragliano Red Pox? Especially seeing as they only played 2 official games this season. One of which was loss to you.

Ah, mister Mignus... you need to understand the soul of our noble game. The strain of muscles as two strong beings do their very best to push each other out of the way. The fine touch as the ball sails nobly and peacefully just over the tip of an opponents fingers to land safely in the capable hands of your catcher. The graceful dodge as the catcher evades the grabbing hands of an ogre opponent. And not the least, the moments when you as a manager look down the field across bodies in all sorts of conditions to meet the eyes of your running back who just scored the deciding touchdown. That's why I couldn't stop playing." Arnold discreetly emphasises his pinned-up sleeve.

Your Division was plagued by drop outs, mysterious disappearances and many other underhanded tactics. Do you anything you would like to say regarding Lord Borgia and the TGC and the rumours that they are only in this for their own gain?

Dropouts, yeah, sure, It only goes to show that our owners look upon this as business. They don't have the heart for it, even if us players and coaches do. Philistines, all of them! And to cite famous Albion play writer Billiam Slackspear; The Pox on both their houses. Smile

There has been talk commenting on how good your teams offensive play has been this season. At the same time however you have been lacking in Defence. Is this something you are looking towards improving for next season?

You know, we played a lousy season. Just downright lousy. And as you pointed out, it was our defence that let us down. But I will still say this, my team plays with a true heart.

Finally I'd like to congratulate you on bringing in Monette "Croaker" Tardini to the team. She has proved to be integral part of the team this season. Many of the other teams have been commenting about how many female players you have on the team and are seeking a ban on having them take part in Grind games. What do you have to say about this?

Arnold becomes slightly more agitated: This thing about females, though. THAT gets me riled up a bit. Tell you what, I suggest that the discontents gather together and build their own team, and I promise I will play with all my females in the line-up, and I am sure we will beat the shit out of them! Just see if we won't! Or maybe it's getting smacked around by girls that they don't like? Is it somehow offensive to their tender nature? Maybe for the spite of it, I will hire even more of them. It's not like they aren't among my best players anyway. Smile

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

This has been Mignus Mignusson and that's all for now.
Back to you in the studio.


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Hi I'm Mignus Mignusson of Cabalvision proud sponsors of Grind.

I'm here today with Lord Borgia who has taken a few moments out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Lord Borgia, thanks for taking the time. I'll start with an easy question. How did you find this season of Grind?

Slow and frustrating Mignus, slow and frustrating. I've informed each regional director that we won't be standing for such nonsense in future season and punitive fines will be handed down for any delayed games. For administrative costs and such...

There have been rumours that you have been meeting some traders from the north and that we might be seeing some teams from the frozen wastes of Norsca joining Grind next season, is there any truth to this?

I can neither confirm or deny that I've been meeting with cheap, willing, foreign mercenaries. I think whether the acceptance of teams is expanded depends largely on the ability and commitment of our current crop.

Division 2 was hit by many strange disappearances and some say some rigged games. Suspicions have been pointed towards your very own TGC. The Chief of Trifles, Theobald Eck in particular. Who may have laid down a large amount of money on Miragliano Red Pox winning the League. Do you think there may be any truth to this and if so will there be an investigation?

This matter will, of course, be almost totally ignored. Officially of course there will be some nominal investigation but frankly as long as the money is all going to the right places then the TGC will continue to live on a big mountain and drink fine Bretonnian champagne.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.
That was Lord Borgia of the TGC.

This has been Mignus Mignusson from Cabalvision proud sponsors of Grindball.
I'll wrap things up with this.

The prizes to this years league winners will be handed out in due time. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the control of the TGC, the majority of the prize fund has been absorbed into our new Cabalvision foreign sports contract. This move was made to improve exposure and for the betterment of the league and those in charge.

Back to you in the studio.


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Hi I'm Mignus Mignusson of Cabalvision proud sponsors of Grindball.

I'm here today with Blackpaw of clan Vinshqueek, the Head Coach of the Blighted Marshes Brawlers and the Division 3 Winners.

Congratulations on the winning the league. How did you find your 1st season in Grind?

As a rookie team in the league, during the first off-season games we had a lot of trouble against the more veteran teams. However, when we kicked of the current season, especially after the match against the Ironfist Nomads, who will eventually suffer our wrath for the damage inflicted, things got into motion and we did what we do best. Grab the ball and RUN!

You must have been especially please with your teams performance in the 6-0 win against the Monte Castello Stuffers? That will be a hard record for any team to beat in the coming seasons.

The match against the Monte Castello Stuffers was a truely blessed one for the Skaven. Where they had trouble handling the ball on various occassions, the Skaven (partially thanks to no less then two blitzes) had nothing that could go wrong during that game. Of course, it does mean that other teams will pay attention to our progress and what that might mean to them.

How important to the team is you team captain Rirkz the Claw? He was a pretty effective hitter all season taking a casualty in every league game this season. Not to mention he even bagged a touchdown for himself against the Stuffers.

What more can you say about Rirkz. He is the heavy hitter. The monster. Against the more 'heavier' teams such as the Humans, Orcs and Dwarves, he is the one that can punch through their defense with relative ease and definitely did so this season... Leaving room for the Gutter Runners to work their magic!

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. I hope to see some good things from the Brawlers in seasons t come.

This has been Mignus Mignusson and that's all for now.
Back to you in the studio.


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11 Orcs stand in the marketplace eying the bustling crowds with suspicion and barely concealed hostility. The hulking black orcs squint at the surround buildings as if unsure of their purpose when they are not on fire.

One slightly less hideousness green skin asks in halting common tongue the directions to the stadium. Waving a scroll like a flag he points to the words 'all comers' 'new teams' and 'bloodbowl'. Pointing to himself he grunts 'Wroag' and gesturing at the other 10 ocs 'Warg Warriorz'.

Eventually they make their way, seeking out other teams to play and prove the dominance of their people in the only game they ever played back in the squalid huts of their youth.


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Welcome to the first ever episode of
On The Grind
sponsored by Cabalvision

-"I'm Barty Silk and this is Thundgrim Ironside. And we'll be bringing you a weekly round up of all Grind games throughout this years off season."

-"That's right Barty. And what an off season we've got. Looks like we've got more teams than ever competing in this years off season. Lets start by looking at my kinsmen the Dwarven teams. who have doubled in numbers this year as a second Dwarven team has joined the Grind ranks. This team hail from Barrak Varr and seem to be looking for some revenge on the Tilean nation."

-"It will be interesting to see how they fare, it took the returning Ironfist Nomads a few games to get used to this new style of play."

-"I'm sure they'll pick it up quick enough once they've pounded a few faces into the dirt Barty."

-"Next up lets look at the Orc teams, the Wraog Warg Warriorz are the only new Orcish team to join Grind for this off season and they look eager to get out on the field and do some bashing."

-"Indeed they do Barty, they join the Monte Castello Stuffers and Unguths Vilesons making that three Orc teams. Although the head coach of the Monte Castello Stuffers hasn't been seen for a month now, leading to speculation that the team may end up in liquidation."

-"Unguths Vilesons look like they could cause some damage this year Thundgrim with as strong a defensive line I've seen yet in Grind"

-"They sure do look menacing out there Barty. Next up is the Elves and we have a few returning teams from last season. The most accomplished being Mora Pro Asur although we may end up seeing a change in their line up soon if Eurysthenes takes any more knocks."

-"He does look quite frail Thundgrim. Also returning are Prince Eärfalas's Advance although the Prince has been MIA since the start of Grinds second Season. So it doesn't look likely they will be returning to field any time soon."

-"Than there's a few new Elven teams seeing if they've got what it takes on field. There's the Luccini Corsairs, the Pavona Belladonnas and the Ulthuan Debt Collectors and the Verezzo Lightfoots have turned up again, lets hope manage to find there way onto the field this year."

-"We'll take a look at the Skaven now. Looks like there's no new Skaven teams joining up for the off season this time round. Thundgrim who do you think are the ones to look out for?"

-"Well there's the Blighted Marshes Brawlers with the impressive Rirkz the Claw and the Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers look like they are adapting to Grind ball very well."

-"I agree, both of those teams will do well this off season. There's also the Castello Cabolleros who have yet to show real promise and it's still too early to tell if the Skurvy Buccaneers have what it takes.

-"Very true Barty, they were thrown in at the deep end last season as a last minute replacement for the Galloping Gunners."

-"Finally we come to the Humans where we've got the reigning Champions the Sartosa Shipwrecks looking as good as ever. They're new assisstant coach Rocco Napolitano is looking to bring in some changes to the teams gameplay with some innovative new ideas."

-"And don't forget last years runners up Barty, the Pavona Parole Program who narrowly missed out on the title. With star Catcher Raffiano Adoldo and Ogre Blasio this team are one of the ones to watch out for"

-"There are some strong Human teams out there, the Irrepressible Quarriers have some talented players as do the Miragliano Red Pox and Miraglianos Hope."

-"Talking of Miragliano there seems to be a new team made up of the local ratcatchers the Miragliano Madratters joining the league."

-"They're not the only new Human team joining Grind this season Thundgrim, there's also the mysterious Black Company of Remas."

-"We also have few more returning Human teams the likes of Tobaro City Guard and the Galloping Gunners but what part they'll play this off season has yet to be determined."

-"And not to forget the Blended Men Of Tilea and Caragio Fighting Clams whose coaches have not been seen for a while."

-"Let's hope they finally find there way back to us Barty."

"Well that wraps up our pre season round up. Stay tuned as we bring you weekly updates throughout. I've been Barty Silk."

"And I've been Thundgrim Ironside"


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The Truth
Episode 1

-"Welcome to The Truth with me Mignus Mignusson
Until recently I was a honoured journalist covering all aspects of the new game Grind ball for Cabalvision. I asked the questions you wanted answered.
That was until the TGC bought a stake in Cabalvision and tried to have me silenced. They took away my job they took away my home and they tried to have me imprisoned.
But I said no! Enough is enough! I will not be silenced.
Over the course of this show I will be getting you the people, the answers you have been looking for. I will find you The Truth!
Did you find last years Division two to be a complete balls up?
Do you think it was just chance that led to this?
or was it something else completely?
Today I will be showing you the interview Cabalvision tried to have deleted.
And the reason for my dismissal.
Today I bring you an interview with Chief of Trifles, Theobold Eck."

Cut to some static, after a few moments Mignus is on the screen in front of the TGC building.

-"Are we live? Are we live?"

-"We're up and running."

-"Hello Tilea, I'm Mignus Mignusson reporting for The Truth and I am here outside the TGC headquarters. In any moment the Chief of Trifles, Theobold Eck will be coming out of the building. Where I will be..."

-"Mignus, Mignus, there he is now."

-"Theobold, Theobold Eck! I'm Mignus Mignusson from The Truth and I have some questions for you. Is there any truth to the match fixing allegations for last seasons Division two?"

-"Ah, greetings. I am sure you have already been informed that this matter has already been addressed by Lord Borgia. I am sure that everyone involved believes that I, of course, had nothing to do with Coaches disappearing into the unknown. Or that there was any match fixing going that would have resulted in profitable circumstances."

-"How do you explain away the disappearances?
Was it just a coincidence that Prince Eärfalas disappeared shortly after a visit from a TGC envoy? Who has since mysteriously disappeared himself!
Was it a coincidence that the many hordes of the Blended Men of Tilea disbanded after they received a large sum of money from an unknown benefactor?
Was it then coincidence that Mora Pro Asur were waylaid by one of those Hordes on the way to play Miragliano Red Pox?
I put it to you that Prince Eärfalas paid you to help him disappear so he would not have to pay off his large debt!
I put it to you that it was you who paid the hordes of the Blended Men of Tilea to disband!
And I put it to you that it was you who then sent those Blended Men to impede Mora Pro Asur!
All this was done so that you could make a vast fortune on a bet that Miragliano Red Pox would win League Division two.
What do you say to this?"

-"I put it to you that you put your puts away dear sir!
Rumours and more rumours. You will see nothing but honourable actions here..."

*Theobold starts to wriggle and become flustered

In the distance a Senior looking official steps out of the TGC building with four mean looking security officers.

Two of which start to herd Theobold off while the other two confront Mignus and his crew.

-"Sorry sir but you'll have to leave the area immedietly."

-"You can't do this, I have my rights."

-"Sir, if you do not leave the area immediately you will regret it."

-"I will not be silenced, I am Mignus Mign..."

The screen cuts to black

Back in the studio Mignus sits behind a desk with a serious look on his face.

-"So you tell me, is Theobold Eck a man to be trusted?

This has been The Truth and I've been Mignus Mignusson.

Until next time, fair citizens of Tilea."

Roll End Credits with funky retro soundtrack


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After wandering 'lost' for several weeks with only the plethora of taverns across the poor district of Remas to sustain body and mind the Honourable Guild of Pest Controllers reach the great stadium they were destined to grace....

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Post   Posted: Oct 10, 2014 - 12:48
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Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, my name is Ravenheart.

The TGC for too long has taken advantage of the people it has sworn to protect. They have become corrupt and a pox on the once great region of Tilea. Consider yourselves put on notice, if you stand in our way you will fall. We will not be stopped. The revolution has come to Tilea and we will make the TGC rue the day they strayed from the path destiny had set them.

If you see the 'End of Days' coming you have two options. Surrender of prepare yourselves to step into the cold embrace of Death. Tilea will once again belong to the people.


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"Th' Shipwrecks pull off a mighty fine win, yet again.

Decidin' t' kick th' Shipwrecks set up fer defence. But th' pesky rats easily got behind our defensive line t' score an early touchdown.

Th' Shipwrecks hit back hard takin' out one o' them fast skinny ones. Then th' team expertly broke through th' Rats defence allowin' Pipes t' score th' equaliser.

Some shoddy positionin' from th' lads in th' second half allowed th' flea ridden vermin t' steal th' ball away. 'n it looked real bad fer a moment until some mighty fine dodgin' allowed th' lads t' retrieve th' ball 'n smuggle it t' safety. Pipes scored his second o' th' game 'n picked up a new skill in th' process."


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Welcome to
On The Grind
Sponsored by Cabalvision

-"I'm Barty Silk."

-"And I'm Thundgrim Ironside."

-"Lets take a look at the Videprinter for a look at tonights action"

Barrak Varr Ironclads vs Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers
Barrak Varr Ironclads vs Unguths Vilesons
Ulthuan Debt Collectors vs Black Company of Remas
Pavona Unlawfuls vs Miragliano Madratters
Skurvy Buccaneers vs Miragliano Madratters
Blighted Marshes Brawlers vs Skurvy Buccaneers
Skurvy Buccaneers vs Sartosa Shipwrecks

-"What a show we've got for you tonight."

-"That's right Barty and to start things off we have the Barrak Varr Ironclads vs the Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers."

-"And what a game it was, the Ironclads didn't know what hit them, the Prowlers were running rampant putting five past them. Azhak the Unbreakable put on a particularly fine performance scoring two of them himself, he's improving every time I see him."

-"On a plus note the Ironclads did show some promise with their bash game, but no real damage was done. What I would have given to be out there with my kinsmen pounding those Rats into the ground."

-"You were a sight to behold in your day Thundgrim. Shame you lost the use of both of your legs when you fell of that Dragon. I told you many times Dwarves aren't meant to ride Dragons."

-"Aye that you did. Next up was the Ironclads again. Got to give it to those lads they are eager to play, lets hope they don't tire themselves out. This time they were up against the hard hitting Unguths Vilesons who lived up to their reputation, sending three of my Dwarven brothers to the injury box."

-"The Ironclads had a better go of things this time holding the Orcs to a draw, one touchdown apiece."

-"And so they should, any Dwarf worth his salt wouldn't be able to hold his head high if they were to lose to some greenskins."

-"We have two new teams to Grind coming up next. The Ulthuan Debt Collectors against the Black Company of Remas. It started of pretty slow with both teams getting a feel for things. The Elves had a chance to sack the ball carrier early but a slip by one of the Elven Blitzers left the back filed open for the Black Company to stall out a Touchdown."

-"The second half led to a comedy of errors by Elven thrower Selasan which left the Elves no chance of a comeback. It was quite a sight to behold Barty, I've not laughed so hard in a long time. Not since the night where that lady ogress took a fancy to you."

-"Emm, yes. Well the less said about that the better Thundgrim."

-"Hahaha, I'm still in contact with her if you'd like to see her again?"

-"On too our next game I think."

-"Another good game here Barty. Two more new boys the Pavona Unlawfuls who have just recently joined up against the first of those Miragiano teams to get a game in the Miragliano Madratters."

-"Started of well for the Unlawfuls with a Ratter needing to see the apothecary straight away. But some bad positioning later in the half allowed the ball to be knocked free by the Ratters, after which a scrum for the ball occurred from which neither team capitalised."

-"The second half was a different affair as the Ratters received and ran in a quick touchdown. And things were looking good for them on defence again until Head Ratter got himself into a bit of a pickle and ended up on the mortuary slab. Needless to say it was simple enough for the Unlawfuls to equalise. End result was fair, one touchdown apiece."

-"What do we have next Thundgrim?"

-"Next up we have three games from the Skurvy Buccaneers. One against the new boys out of Miragliano the Madratters. One against their Skaven kin the Blighted Marsh Brawlers and one against Grind champions the Sartosa Shipwrecks playing their first game of the off season."

-"Wow, those skaven sure move around fast."

-"They sure do Barty."

-"The first game against the Ratters was a feast for all Grind fans seeing seven touchdowns scored between the two teams. The Buccaneers came out on top in the end winning four touchdowns to three. Shice of Black Chasm managing to score three of them himself. It was a relatively tame affair in the blocking department as rarely a player left the field. But what a game it was."

-"You don't see many games like that Barty. Next game the Bucaneers didn't fare so well as they were resoundingly beaten by the Brawlers four touchdowns to one. And they took quite a beating as well as their injury box was almost over flowing with players. They did manage to get in a good hit in themselves killing one of the Brawlers Linemen."

-"Sounds like they had a torrid time of things there Thundgrim."

-"Aye, it wasn't a pretty sight to see."

-"Lastly they took on the Shipwrecks in a repeat of last seasons game. This game the Buccaneers put up more of a fight, making it difficult for the champions. A last gasp blitz by the Shipwrecks managed to retrieve a lost ball and put the game safely away. But it was touch and go there for them for a while. Final score two touchdowns to one to the Shipwrecks"

-"That's all we've got time for. We'll be back soon to bring you all the action from this weeks Grind."

-"I've been Barty Silk."

-"And I've Thundgrim Ironside."


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That be a right fine display from me lads. We be introducin' them thar' Elves t' a real Grind team.

Although Rocco did be meetin' up with th' Elves before th' game 'n may have slipped them a mickey. Cause they sure be playin' like they be three sheets t' th' wind.

Pipes be scorin' three out o' our four touchdowns. He be provin' t' be a right fight player, 'n he can hold a mighty fine tune.

After th' game we found ourselves with a purse full o' booty 'n we showed them thar' elves a good time down at th' local tavern. Although them thar' Elven milk maids really can't hold thar' grog 'n be passed out in th' corner before nights end."


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Another fine four nil win fer t' th' Shipwrecks. Th' Ratters out o' Miragliano not be knowin' what hit em. Pipes managed all four o' them thar' touchdowns on this fine game. 'n he be improvin' ever more.

Th' Ratter did manage t' bring me ships surgeon int' play. As he be fixin' up Constante who took a big knock from Bill th' Enforcer. 'n it proved t' be a shrewd move as Constante proved his worth many times after in this here game.

We convinced th' Ratters t' join us at th' tavern where they be able t' draw all over some of them thar' elves that be passed out in a corner."


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Welcome to
On The Grind
Sponsored by Cabalvision

-"I'm Barty Silk."

-"And I'm Thundgrim Ironside."

-"We've got a great show for you tonight."

-"Lets take a look at videprinter to see what games we've got lined up for you."

Scourge of Sartosa vs Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers
Blighted Marshes Brawlers vs Miragliano Red Pox
Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers vs Miragliano Red Pox
Blighted Marshes Brawlers vs Scourge of Sartosa
Miragliano Madratters vs Luccini Corsairs
Sartosa Shipwrecks vs Luccini Corsairs
Black Company of Remas vs Skurvy Buccaneers
Sartosa Shipwrecks vs Miragliano Madratters
Miragliano Madratters vs Pavona Parole Program
Ironfist's Nomads vs Castello Cabolleros
Scourge of Sartosa vs Black Company of Remas
Unguths Vilesons vs Vercuso Pearls

-"Looks like we're in for a treat Barty."

-"First up it's the new boys from the North, the Scourge of Sartosa vs the Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers. The Scourge have joined Grind with something to prove and boy did they do that."

-"They sure did Barty, they'll be cleaning rat blood off of their boots for weeks to come. The Prowlers were left reeling after a brutal pounding from the boys from the North. Two players dead and even Azhak the Unbreakable got broken as his skull got shattered."

-"The Prowlers can hold there heads high though as they didn't allow the Scourge to walk away from the game fully intact, as they suffered a couple of serious injuries as well. But it wasn't enough to stop the Scourge walking away with the spoils. Final result two one to the Scourge."

-"Next up we have two veteran teams the Blighted Marshes Brawlers vs the Miragliano Red Pox. Red Pox had the better of the blocking this game but it wasn't enough to contain the speedy Brawlers. Morbaag one Paw put in a particularly fine performance scoring all three of the Brawlers touchdowns. Brawlers three, Red Pox one."

-"Wanting to redeem themselves after their poor display against the Brawlers the Red Pox went on to face another of our Skaven teams the Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers. They managed to hold things together a bit more here Thundgrim."

-"Aye, they did at that Barty. Drake Mendoza was a big influence in todays result knocking those skaven down a peg or two. Unfortunately the Red pox couldn't do enough to secure the win. Game ended one touchdown each."

-"Again we have the Blighted Marshes Brawlers this time against the Scourge of Sartosa taking to the field for the second time. And what another brutal game this turned out to be."

-"That's the way I like it Barty. I'll be keeping my eyes on the Scourge as wherever they go blood will follow."

-"Although the Brawlers dished out more pain than they received against the Scourge. As last seasons top blocker Rirkz the Claw led the Skaven charge. End result was one all draw."

-"We have two of our new boys now the Miragliano Madratters playing there third game of the campaign vs the Elven Luccini Corsairs in their first Grind game. And what a trial by fire it was."

-"The Ratters really went to town on the Corsairs killing two and injuring another. Final result two nil to the Ratters securing there first Grind win. Alnolfo di Cambio scoring both touchdowns for the team."

-"The Corsairs bravely took to the field again after that drubbing to face Grind Champions the Sartosa Shipwrecks. The Shipwrecks had a field day running four touchdowns past the Corsairs defence. Grinds golden boy Pietro 'Pipes' Petrelli scoring three of them himself."

-"The Corsairs can take one posivive from the game Thindgrim."

-"And what's that Barty?"

-"They didn't suffer any more causalities and left the pitch with a full squad. Final result four nil to the Shipwrecks."

-"Next up we have the Black Company of Remas starting their second Grind game vs the experienced Skurvy Buccaneers. And it went quite well for the new boys as they managed to bash their way to victory."

-"The Buccaneers had a bad time of things, as the Black Comapanies Ogre Salvatore brought the pain. Final sore two one to the Black Company."

-"Another game for the Shipwrecks now and the Grind Champions were at it again. Another four nil victory this time against the Miragliano Madratters. 'Pipes' Petrelli scoring all four this time."

-"That boy has sure got some talent. He'd better watch out though as he has a big target on his back."

-"The Madratters had a slightly better time of things next as they played the Pavona Parole Program playing their first game of the off season."

-"If you call losing one nil a better time of things?"

-"Well it's better than four nil Barty."

-"Ok, well I can't argue with that."

-"Giuliano Grassi scored the only touchdown of the game and is improving all the time."

-"Lets hope his back problem doesn't cause him too much problems in furture games."

-"Two more veteran Grind teams faced off next as the Ironfist Nomads took on the Castello Cabolleros. And what a brutal display my brethren put on smashing those pesky rats to a pulp. That's how you play Grind ball right there. That Crazy Olek really lives up to his name. The Ironfist Nomads can expect a crate of Bugmans heading their way as can the games referee."

-"Those poor Skaven really never knew what hit them. It will be along time before we see a bloodbath on that scale again. Final score two one to the Nomads."

-"Two of the new boys squared off next. The Scourge of Sartosa vs the Black Company of Remas. Both these teams have had promising starts and it was a game I was looking forward to see."

-"Unfortunately for the Black Company the Scourge were on top form. With Demon Laird putting in another fine performance, he's a player to keep your eye on Thundgrim."

-"Aye, he is at that. The game was all about the blocking and the Scourge got the best of things and overran the Black Company in the end. Three touchdowns to one."

-"Next we have veteran Orc pain givers the Unguths Vilesons taking on one of our new Elven teams the Vercuso Pearls who play their first Grind game."

-"Ouch, is all I have to say to that Barty! The Vilesons did what they do best and dished out the pain, two Elves lost their lives in this encounter and a few more were inured. But it was all too late as the Pearls had already scored two quick touchdowns in the first half. Two one to the Pearls, who need to patch themselves up after that win."

-"The bodies have certainly been piling up in Grind this week Thundgrim, and most of them have been Elves."

-"Which isn't a bad thing if you ask me Barty."

-"Well that's all we've got time for tonight. We'll be back soon to bring you all the action from this weeks Grind. I've been Barty Silk."

-"And I've been Thundgrim Ironside."


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Another victory fer th' Shipwrecks. This was a hard fought game by a tricky opponent.

Th' game started with th' Shipwrecks receivin'. Some bad positionin' from Pipes allowed th' Pearls t' get a hit in on him, which knocked him out fer th' rest o' th' half.

Some fast manouverin' 'n th' Shipwrecks were able t' make thar' way t' th' Pearls end zone. But a some crafty defendin' n' some bad blockin' allowed th' Pearls t' stop th' score.

Th' second half saw th' Shipwrecks move fast t' make up fer th' mistakes o' th' first half. Pipes created 'n openin' got behind th' Pearls defensive line allowin' him t' pick a pass out o' th' air fer th' Shipwrecks first interception. Pipes quickly ran th' ball in fer th' first touchdown o' th' game.

Th' pearls tried t' make a break fer it down one o' th' flanks but th' quick feet o' Pipes and Constante knocked th' ball int' Constantes hands. Th' Shipwrecks made thar' way t' th' Pearls end zone where Lazarus put th' game out o' reach."


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"Th' Shipwrecks take on another new Grind team. 'n take th' victory as th' Cap'n expected.

Th' Shipwrecks be movin' fast 'n Pipes be securin' him 'n early touchdown. After that th' Shipwrecks be puttin' some pressure on th' Black Companys offensive drive. Which saw th' ball dropped int' th' crowd n' then thrown back int' th' middle o' th' pitch. Both teams be scramblin' fer th' ball but in th' end no one be able t' capitalize.

Th' second half saw th' Shipwrecks steal th' ball away from th' Black Company a couple o' times t' allow Pipes t' run in two more of them thar' touchdowns. Puttin' this here game well out o' th' Black Companies reach.

This be another easy victory fer th' Shipwrecks. Not takin' anythin' away from th' Black Company as they be tryin' thar' best, but they just not be havin' th' players with th' skills t' deal with th' Shipwrecks."

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