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Post   Posted: Jan 26, 2015 - 17:35 Reply with quote Back to top

Buccaneers fan base is shocked, some dismayed others saying it is about freaking time!!!


Blood Sea Buccaneers have traded away Gromstomp 'Limb Render' to Der Green Tide for a goblin and a undisclosed "favor". We have no idea what this favor is or what happened to the goblin. Once the goblin showed up at Buccaneers training camp he vanished. Furthermore we have no idea what "role" Gromstomp will be performing on the Tide, due to, well, according to the very strict rules of FUMBBL he cannot even play for them on the pitch.

It is a very strange move, for sure, but there is this sense of something very "fishy" going on between these two teams.


Gromstomp crests the hill overlooking the canyon of the Great Maw. He can see Krikack the Avatar of Destruction standing next to the Great Maw, having a discussion with the immortal presence that resides inside. He walks up with confidence to the Great Maw but he has a sense that this is very bad news indeed. Coming out of Krikacks hut are two of the biggest Ogres he has ever scene with a Ogre shaman. Yep, that sinking feeling in my gut is very bad news, he thinks to himself.

Krikack sees Gromstomp approaching and takes a step back from the Great Maw. Standing at attention, waiting for something.

*the immortal presence in the Maw is annoyed and disturbed**

"Gromstomp, you putz!! I just knew deep down that you were a chump. How you ever ascended to Legend is beyond me. Krikack here keeps telling me you just need some more time to get your groove on. Bah, to hell with that. You had 125+ games to prove yourself and you are lacking lad. Now do not take it very hard, not every Ogre has the mettle, skill and ferocity of Krikack and his lineage. You tried, I respect that, in fact Iam not just going to vaporize you as a bad after thought of disappointment and crushed dreams."

Gromstomp is very confused at this point, that sinking feeling in his gut is yelling at him to RUN!

"Grom, my boy, I have decided to trade you to Der Green Tide. A respectful goblin team with a coach with a golden tounge and he knows how to kiss some serious ass. Come forth you sniveling, low down gob."

Out of Krikacks hut The Great Gobo himself comes forth from the hut. Looking around at this confab of hulking ogres, a immortal presence in his midst who could vaporize him at any moment and looking around, no place to run and hide.

He gets on all fours, crawling towards the lip of the Great Maw, mumbling under his breath.

"Oh, stop that sniveling Great Gobo, you remind me of my former wife, always sniveling and cowering, crow a pair man."

With shaking knees and a quivering back bone The Great Gobo stands before a GOD.

"Ohsa grets one, Gretest of da Old Gods......."

"Oh,be quit you sniveling rodent. Most of the time I cannot understand you anyway. I have grown bored with your golden tounge. Here is Gromstomp, least of my champions but a God amongest your champions. Do with him as you will. But let me assure you, you greenskin stunty who I can sit on and smash into paste. He is still one of my champions, respect is due."

The Great Gobo thinks to himself. How can he sit on me? He is incorperal or some such, right? Is there even a God in that cavern? This could all be a trick to lure him in, take him out, end his life....he scans the horizon looking for a good place to run to.

"Trust me Great Gobo. I can manifest in any form. Take on your worst nightmare and then sit on you." The Great Gobo senses his presence in his mind and soul.

"You got to be kidding me, serious? Your greatest nightmare is getting killed by a goblin who is dressed up in drag, carrying a balloon in one hand and a troll sized dildo in the other?"

The Great Gobo turns purple in shame.

"Ok, that "tears" it. Iam about to blow you up into a billion atoms Great Gobo. Once again I will show great restraint. Our deal is done. You will take Gromstomp. I get a goblin cup bearer and that favor we discussed. When my agent shows up to collect on that favor, if you back out. Well lets just say there will be a goblin dressed in drag in your hut when you come back one night drunk."

The Ogre guards and the shaman stand around Gromstomp. The Shaman calls out a mighty spell. Gromstomp, the ogres and The Great Goblin vanish. Two seconds later a goblin, with a metal helmet, carrying a large golden goblet appears. He looks around and imediatly runs to Krikacks hut and ducks under the covers of his bed.

Krikack turns and looks at the Great Maw. "Are you &^%^#$ Bat $@%^@%@ INSANE!!!!"

"Yes, Kriakack, my genius maifests itself in insanity. I have a plan, a glorious plan. One that will rock the foundation of FUMBBL and that stupid Great Goblin will be the insturment of the rise of the greatest Ogre legend of all time! Come forth Krikack, we have much to plan and discuss."

Story to be continued in the forums with a glorious poll.

Comish of the: Image

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Post   Posted: Jan 26, 2015 - 17:38 Reply with quote Back to top

Crazy has bought himself a season ticket at Der Green Tide. He didn't know anything was that cheap.

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Post   Posted: Jan 26, 2015 - 17:50 Reply with quote Back to top

I ent sure wot iz goin on ere but I iz worried. Also dat big git iz gunna av ter sleep outside till we build somefin bigga fer im ter sleep in.
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