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Joined: Mar 23, 2006

Post   Posted: Aug 16, 2015 - 11:57 Reply with quote Back to top

With the World Cup Warm Up a little over 24 hours away, it’s time for excited analysis! I’m not sure if this qualifies (read: gibbering nonsense?), but here anyway is Purplegoo’s Purple Picks – Team Challenge edition!

The Team Challenge concept seems to have sparked the imagination, with 15 hardy groups of 4-6 coaches signed up at time of writing. This week, we’ll take a breathless rundown of each team, look at their key men and why they might win it all, and then as the tournament moves on, we’ll profile huge individual matches between teams. Sound good? Well, if it doesn’t, you’ve a tin ear / taste / something better to do. Perhaps unicycle knitting. So, in sign-up order, here we go:

Waterbowl – captain Joemanji, Leipziger_Waterbowl, Sizzler, Lucifer (Podfrey), mubo, Purplegoo

We begin with the men from Manchester (these days: the men who approximately know where Manchester is on a map, sort of, is it in the north?). Key man Leipziger is the Waterbowl grande fromage, he’s been herding these cats from actual Manchester for years now. Skaven are a boom or bust race, and if they come good, they could really elevate the Waterbowl’s score come round six. If nothing else, Leipziger is sure to bamboozle opponents with a series of puns, each more spectacular than the last.

Why they’ll win it all: Huge administration fraud on my part / cock-ups / fat fingered button presses.

The Titchy and Stunty Show – captain Kam, m0gw41, easilyamused, Zed, Jopotzuki, mrt1212

The TaSS are my favourite team without me in it. Six hardy Stunty warriors banded together in the pursuit of Team Challenge glory, or glorious failure, a real asset to our tournament. Zed is your one to watch here. Underworld, all Goblins, with Glart, Nobbla and a Bribe locked in for all 6 games. This outfit are going to claim a big scalp somewhere, I can feel it! In general, the TaSS are one big banana skin, watch yourselves! A cap is doffed to our six; for those Stunties about to get crunched, we salute you!

Why they’ll win it all: We will all award them walkovers for their bravery and attitude. Blood Bowlers do that, right?!

Latino Lovers - captain Tripleskull, Tourach (Miss Sweden), Socrates (Tank), Topper, KFoged, Jaqra

This is one serious team! For those not in the know, these moustachioed hunks of meat comprise the body of your NAFWC ’11 runners up, and they could easily have won it all. A couple of these names will not be familiar to FUMBBLists, but let me assure you that their business is serious. Captain Tripleskull has been tearing up online NAF events with his ‘Opping Wood Elves, and I see no reason he won’t score big here (with more Wood Elves), ably backed up by the remainder of the Danish terror.

Why they’ll win it all: They’re really good, and it’s about damned time they won one (in-joke detector goes wild)! Wink

Team Reroll & Friends – captain Twyllenimor, Junior84, Verminardo, Steffon_Baratheon, Cubefarmer, Lauth

A team with a continental European flavour, team Reroll and friends have come to the party with some pretty good rosters. Steffon_Baratheon’s Undead are of the 13 man / 3 Ghoul variety, and as I skimmed down his skills, I nodded in improvised sage agreement. I think he’s a big scorer here, as perhaps is German stalwart Lauth. The skipper here has taken on Chaos, displaying a real set of cojones that every proper captain needs to rally his troops. A good looking sextet!

Why they’ll win it all: A roster of six that doesn’t strike a single bum note. Will be a contender!

Joe le taxi – captain Azzroag, Geggster, Bucks, Simon_MLF, Nathaniel-fr, Felix_le (darkstorm)

Groovy baby, indeed. These French are exceptional Blood Bowlists, and what’s worse for everyone else is that they’ve recruited Geggster with a particularly fetching beret. Any one of these fine coaches could be my one to watch, but I’m plumping for Simon_MLF, a man who makes Norse sing in a way I thought impossible. I’ll be watching those replays and making copious notes! As his rampaging Mighty Blow Snow Troll cuts through your team, remember you heard it here first. But don’t blame me. Well, blame me, but I won’t listen.

Why they’ll win it all: Geggster will utilise all of the NAF treasury to buy the administration team a holiday in Blackpool. We will let them win so we don’t have to go.

Legends in Their Own Lunchtime – captain Bobbfettesmum, Lemf, Dalfort, Radster, BlocknRoll, Russo

A lovely team of veteran FUMBBLists and semi-southern English tabletoppers here. This team don’t want for experience or the right attitude, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on. If anyone is familiar with this sort of thing, it’s Russo. A long time league, stables and anything-else-going stalwart on site, he’ll have seen this all before. Amazons for our man this time, a timely choice following their triumph in the Online Dutch Open. I’ve picked Russo out because his racial choice and team is pretty sensible. When was the last time Russo was sensible?! I need a lie down…

Why they’ll win it all: Experience makes you wise. Also, I’ve seen the size of Lemf, and he could take us all at the same time.

SWL Window Lickers – captain Grod, cdwat, DustBunny, Toonie, Luohghcra, Barre

It is a pleasure to see men of the SWL join the fray. The Oceanic group is traditionally the keenest and fastest moving of all the online NAF sections (challenge: prove me wrong this time!), so they’re my favourites. I can have many favourites, don’t judge me! I’ve selected DustBunny as my one to watch here, Dwarves can be a tough gig, but when you get them right, they’re a really tough nut to crack. Should the Window Lickers make the final four, the Bunny will be a vital cog in the machine. Our Aussie / NZ friends play in a timezone that keeps them away from a lot of general FUMBBL play, but let the Urn (where they beat the WIL every year) remind you, they’re not half bad when we do see them.

Why they’ll win it all: They’ll come up on the rails whilst we’re asleep and BAM. Victoly.

USFL – captain DarkOrk20, Father_Gailus, OTS, Delevus, Grither, Rodney_Dangerfield

From down under to North America. This is a team preparing for the TT World Cup (I fancy?), led by DarkOrk, who is my man to watch. The TT WC ruleset gives Humans a boost with two more skills day one (one of which is a double), which your humble columnist thinks makes them proper tasty. Here, the skipper must play without his immediate Block Ogre, and it’s a much tougher gig. How the Humans fare early will dictate where they finish, and what contribution the captain can make to the overall score. Interesting! Overall, practice makes perfect, and I quite fancy these guys to make some waves stateside.

Why they’ll win it all: All six can contribute, and I always find it difficult to pick against an American juggernaut.

les Azes – captain NicoDaz, FXIII, G16, Zoul

You inaugural NAF World Cup winners, right here. les Azes are another tip top French outfit, and they have the success in the bank to show for it. NicoDaz has the pleasure of leading this talented team, I’m going to be watching his Necromantic games for tips. I can’t quite get my head around Necro in this format; they seem loved and loathed on the continent in equal measure, and I have to say I fall into the latter camp. I want to be convinced! FXIII needs no introduction to FUMBBLists paying attention to coaches tearing it up in the last couple of years, and if G16 and Zoul are good enough to play for les Azes, they’re good enough for me.

Why they’ll win it all: French, successful, handsome, wait, too far? Smile

Team Fantastic – captain JimmyFantastic, Endzone, Malmir, PeteW, Wreckage

Here we go, then, the summoning of FUMBBL powerhouses has brought us to Team Fantastic. Like the Avengers fighting for Dick Dastardly, I don’t know whether to be excited or saddened this group of excellent mercenaries have banded together to play under Jimmy’s black banner. PeteW has answered Jimmy’s bat signal with Dark Elves, and I’m pretty sure he’s used them before somewhere? All of the right skills are in all of the right places, and he’s going to be a problem for whoever he’s drawn with. Is there a weak link here? Someone find me one, please! I need to believe!

Why they’ll win it all: Online home turf, all mens will be killed. Buff rowdy. PeteW to wave his shirt around his head, like a helicopter.

Six Pistols – captain giorss, Slauz, BoneDrow, riky_deka, Xawier, Principatius

I think this team represents what we’ll see a lot of in Lucca; Italians (?) with names not immediately familiar, but they’ll become very familiar when they play great Blood Bowl and do very well. I’ll focus on giorss because we know of his online exploits; the skipper has gone with the Necro here, another one for me to watch and learn from! Like NicoDaz, Block is king on day one, and that as we all know is pretty darned sensible. The Necro train continues to chug along, let’s see how they’ll do. Maybe I’ll become a believer…

Why they’ll win it all: Because it’ll make for ideal preparation for a home World Cup!

French BB Touch – captain Thot, Phags, Elyoukey, Sebco, Tristelune

If you were a betting man, how would you put cash on this tournament? I would look for: French (check), recent victory in an online NAF tournament (check), excellent FUMBBL records (check). So, is this as good a place as any to spot a victor? I’m going to be watching Elyoukey here, he has Lizards, and has gone for the less fragile 12 man, 2 RR, Leader on day 2 variant roster that I’ve been toying with (here I’ve plumped for 11 men, 3 RR, Bloxigor day 2 and getting all of my resources on the pitch, hoping they don’t die too quickly). I’m not saying his performance here will influence my World Cup roster, but I’ll be watching with interest how the ‘other’ one gets along! Thot is flying high following the Dutch Open, all signs here are great.

Why they’ll win it all: See above! All boxes ticked.

Team Hellhound – captain Jokaero, Oventa, Strider84, Flix, Kithor

Another great team that did very well at Amsterdam ’11, Team Hellhound features names that should be familiar to anyone who has even a cursory interest in BB, online or on TT. Perhaps an advantage Hellhound has here is their wealth of FUMBBL experience? I’ll pass over Jokaero for my one to watch (mainly because Necro again, I can only bang on about the curious choice for so long!) and look at Oventa, who has the job of splitting the Guard / MB on his Dwarf team. Interestingly, here the second Blitzer Guard doesn’t come until day 3, leaving Blockers to do the job, and a single MB is present (day 2). How many Guard is enough? If a Dwarf falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Enough rhetorical questions, this is a serious business.

Why they’ll win it all: Snazziest logo in Blood Bowl. I’m going to make that first tie breaker next time.

Sorry Aboout Blocking You, eh – captain Manco, Randobot, uhaultaxal70, K-wet, trebling

Since they started it, we’ll get stuck right into fun Canadian stereotyping. I’m not your buddy, friend. I’m not your friend, pal. I’m not your pal, guy. Is that just South Park? I learned all of my Canadian knowledge from that show, so I’m going to assume Terrance and Phillip is a documentary.

When not wrestling grizzly bears, our flappy headed friends will be terrorising the North American Blood Bowl group. Manco is leading the way with Amazons, and he is so confident of success (or nice) that he’s only going with two Guard. Pah, who needs Guard, guy? I don’t need Guard, buddy! Ahem, enough of that. When not playing bigger, stronger races, the two Guard roster might actually prove to be a huge challenge. Amazons with a plan B. Really? A new Blood Bowling experience.

Why they’ll win it all: Maple syrup, Mounties and other such wonderful national heritage.

Los Jamones – captain Sonrises, Confucionist, Shirakov, DUBitatv

I think we’re off to Spain this time for fun in the Blood Bowling sun. Sonrises has bought together what looks like a very decent, if violent, group. DUBitatv, for instance, is not messing around. Undead, day one, MB Wight. Boom. DP Zombie? Bash. Kill all mens? Whallop. We all know the funny thing about these skills is that we shouldn’t be that afraid of them, but some games, they just go mental and we curl u, rocking slightly, praying for it all to stop. DUBitatv isn’t going to be listening, he’s going to be making lovely wind instruments from the insides of your Elf. Mmmm, sticky tuba.

Why they’ll win it all: Sun and violence. A delicious mix.

North American Fellowship or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NAF – captain happygrue, Azure, Stimme, pizzamogul, Kryten, Lorebass

Another FUMBBL Avengers team, but weirdly I see this gang as the goodies, rather than the baddies (Boo! Team Fantastic, boo!). A North American team led by the ever successful happygrue, you look down those names and think that business has picked up, don’t you? Stimme is my man to watch here, a textbook great coach who loves a challenge, in this case we have Underworld with Glart and Skitter. The race is so cheap that he can fit the stars in with a half decent skeleton already in place, and you’d really not want to play them if you could get away with it. Azure isn’t messing about with a choice of Undead, happy seems to own the NA group, Kryten knows his way around a board, pizzamogul knows any Elves he faces inside out, Lorebass is no mug at all… Cripes, they’re coming, aren’t they?! Just don’t move to Europe, OK?

Why they’ll win it all: A team of tip-top FUMBBLists banded together, looming over the NA group. Every chance of a winner, here.

Mongrel Horde Beta – captain goldbaek, magictobe, Dementor, hissa-lives

Last, but by no means least, we come to the beta release of the mongrel horde. Goldbaek leads from the front with Skaven, and what I like here is that he’s completely played up to their boom or bust nature. Consider his day one skills: Kick (that’s 6 games of possible Blitz! winnage), Strip Ball (more than half the time, he’s in your cage, then you’ve got issues) and Wrestle (got Sure Hands? Pah!). If Skaven are to win against the traditional powerhouses, one of those gimmicks will need to go well, so why not have all of the gimmicks? The rest of the team looks solid as a rock, magictobe especially knows the format very well and his Dwarves will be dangerous in the extreme. A good group to end on!

Why they’ll win it all: Why the devil not? Like everyone else, they look good, don’t they?!

So, that's it! Get ready, we are GO tomorrow! Very Happy


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You don't know how excited and disappointed I was with the 'Miss Sweden' bit...

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Actually a handsome man, sadly for your mental image. Smile


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"Like the Avengers fighting for Dick Dastardly" Lol, thanks Very Happy


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Round one is absolutely off and running! \o/

Each week, we’ll focus on one game yet to be played from each timezone that immediately screams ‘must spectate’, and as time goes on, we’ll look at clashes between high flying teams vying for those Team Challenge playoff spots. I’ve already watched some hum-dingers played out over the last 48 h, cracking BB is being played left, right and centre. So, without further pre-amble, here are just three of the clashes worthy of your attention this week:

Oceania TZ – Relezite Nafantastic Image Team Fantastic V SLOBB Image So long as you got your elf lolvenom

This is a really interesting one to start. Oceania’s representative in the Online Dutch Open playoffs, Relezite, has gone Norse this time out. Snow Troll-less Norse, at that. I’ve never really ‘got’ Norse, such a glass hammer, and they don’t seem to sing when passively coached. Relezite has got numbers and a MB Beserker, so I feel he’s going to try and use his muscle and attrition as a tactic. lolvenom is one of many in the tournament with some variant of a 2 RR Darkie roster, which always seems light to me (others swear by it, your mileage may vary!). In this case he has 4 Blitzers and no extra Dodge for the game, with two Wrestle Witches and some Sure Hands as skill picks. As the Norse come in, will an early dodge fail lolvenom can’t afford to re-roll mean the DEs are removed from the field in double-quick time? Or will the AV7 simply be destroyed or evaded? One way or another, I feel one team in this contest will go down like an Aussie batting order (oh yes, I’ve been wanting to do that gag for a while, as I’m sure you can tell!), and this game will be decided as a contest early. Blink and you’ll miss it Blood Bowl!

North America TZ – K-wet Sh0rt But Usefull Image Sorry Aboot Blocking You, eh V North American Fellowship or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NAF Image NAFty Crafty Menz Lorebass

Let’s go all Canadian with an all Block affair. Lorebass’s Norse, this time with the Snow Troll, will try to live with K-wet’s Dwarves. The Norse perhaps do not have the best skill picks for this matchup, Dodge on a Runner won’t be as effective as usual, and they’re restricted to one Guard. What’s interesting on the Dwarf side is that it’s not subtle. Two MB Troll Slayers, one Guard. The lack of Guard around and the MB on Frenzy players here is going to make this a tough battle within which to effectively position. Remember the Snow Troll isn’t going to be overly controllable, and there’s copious Frenzy madness elsewhere, making blocking a minefield. I don’t think this match will be as simple as ‘MB trumps AV7’, I think there’s going to be a lot more subtlety involved in deciding our winner.

Oh – it was played as I wrote this section! 1-0 Norse, I’ll give it a good watch and see how it went down. Smile

European TZ – Endzone Jurassic FantasticImage Team Fantastic V The Itchy and Stunty Show Image Stunty Iz Az Stunty Duz easilyamused

Our second focus on Team Fantastic (Jimmy loves the attention, so he can have some this week Razz), but mainly a first look at everyone’s favourite Stunty collective. easilyamused’s proud Gobbos sport a Fanatic, a Pogoer, a Bombadier, Fungus, Bribes, Diving Tackle and about every other gimmick known to Goblin kind. When this stuff works, it really, really works, and it’s always a frightening boom or bust proposition for an opponent. Win and you’ve beaten Goblins, good job. Don’t win..? Endzone’s Lizard roster is interesting in that it looks ‘online’ to me (that’s not a synonym for ‘wrong’, by the way!) with a 12th man over the Apo, Block on every Saurus and a Kroxigor that hasn’t been trusted with a skill through the whole tournament. Will be interesting to see how his six games pan out, but in the immediate future he’s heavy favourite here with three Block, ST4 monsters hunting Goblins, unless all of the toys work. And when they work… Well, the Lizards might go away very quickly! Some of the best online NAF games so far have been plucky Stunties doing the business, could we see an upset here?

Next week: We’ll look at the early movers and shakers, ignore Team Fantastic and profile some more interesting stuff. What games have stood out to you so far? Join the conversation! Smile


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Be ready for that third game. Come and cheer for the Titchy and Stunty Show! Very Happy

GLN 17 is out!

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Everyone's favourites! Gogo! Smile


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Game is on now!


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Looks it was quite one sided with 5 casualties for the Lizards. Interestingly the Krox resisted hitting stuff with only 2 blocks thrown.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”

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Time for round 2. Things are already hotting up in the individual and team events, so let's look at some interesting matches yet to play! This week, I'm having a look at some coaches looking to put an indifferent start behind them, for one reason or another.

Oceania TZ – The_Demon Hkemir Image All Brawn, No Brains! V SLOBB Image So long as you got your elf lolvenom

I hope sticking with lolvenom isn't seen as cruel and unusual punishment, but once again his game sticks out to me. His Dark Elves were overcome by Relezite's Norse in game one, which is no disgrace. However, at time of writing, SLOBB are dead last in the current standings. So, he could do with a win to lift the group's spirits. In round 2, the DE face some lesser spotted Khemri, coached by multi regional bashlord captain The_Demon. In a case of same again, the DE (2 Wrestle WE's, Sure Hands) are facing Mighty Blow, but in this case, also strength. Expect lots of bones to get stuck into Dodge-less Dark Elves early. Do they get away around the corner? If they do, expect a Dark Elf win. Does a Lineman fail early? Well, then we're into whether Khemri can avoid 1/9 block fails. Fascinating stuff here, management of dice rolls will be everything, as will Khemri positioning. Subtlety versus brute strength, can't wait to see it.

North America TZ – DarkOrk20 WCWU Humans Image USFL V Sorry Aboot Blocking You, eh. Image Stygian Blueskins Randobot

We'll now check in with USFL captain DarkOrk20 and his Human beings. He's playing Randobot in a US / Canada derby, and having lost his first game, I'm sure the last thing he wanted to see is Lizardmen. I think this is one of the worst matchups for Humans, but what drew my eye to this fixture was the differing builds. Randombot's Lizards are the definition of standard. 11, Apo, Block everywhere. The Humans? 3 Catchers, an Accurate Thrower and two MB Blitzers! Whilst this is not standard, it actually might help in what can at times be a one sided fixture. Perhaps playing conservative or 'standard' BB is not going to get it done for the Humans, as they're slowly ground down by their stronger opposition. Here, we're bringing in more randomness, more boom or bust. If a couple of MB hits or a decent length pass work, the Humans might just get a result. It's interesting because it's different, and because our captain in this fixture is looking to eek out a result and get on the board. Humans are always fun, let's not kid around. I have to admit, I'd love to see the big passing Humans get a big touchdown. Smile

European TZ – Nathaniel-FR Dark Joe le TaxiImage Joe le taxi is in V Hellhound Image Dark Legion of Hellhounds Kithor

I always like to watch, but not be in, these games. Such is the nature of Swiss that two coaches you'd expect to do well get a bad break, lose, and then somehow find each other in game 2. The likelihood is that only one of these two has any playoff hopes remaining, but which one? Dark Elves / Undead is a proper tier one game, proper tier one coaches who have both represented their nations at Eurobowl... Yummy.

The Darkie version of our dark matchup has one RR, Leader and has skilled both Witches. The Undead have gone 13 men / 3 Ghoul, Tackle Wight, Blodge Ghoul, Guard Wight. I often don't know who wants to receive in this game. Do the DE want to kick, to attempt to hold up the Undead and win the game, or do they want to receive, try and score with 11 and know that they may lose a few, making defending tough? As rhetorical as a BB question gets. Nothing that draws you in from a roster or skill point of view here, just the narrative of two good coaches trying to get back on course. Brilliant! Make sure you look this one up...

So they're my choices, what are yours? Where is the big boy Blood Bowl this round?

Next time, 'day 2', and those doubles come into play. That's bound to throw up some big boy Blood Bowl.


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I'm sad to say that I just wrote an absolute monster of a post profiling each team, where they currently sit and the big games of the round. Sadly, my computer then ate the two hours of work I put in!

Suffice as to say, there is a lot of cracking, top quality BB happening this round. Every team I looked at had some brilliant fixtures, and it's rather vexing that my long winded advertisement has disappeared! Perhaps if I get some more time I'll re-do it, but until then, check out the standings, check out the next games of the contenders, and drink in the BB. I recommend that you watch the games page and jump right in, it's getting huge! Smile

I hate my laptop, but I love the WCWU! Back to profiling massive games next week as we move ever closer to deciding the top 4 teams.


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Here we go, then. Round 5, representative of the business end of the World Cup, day three where our World Champions are to be crowned. Excited? You should be! We’ll call this Purple Picks the ‘Undead Edition’, because we’ll look at some Undead rosters from across the groups that are moving and shaking up at the top. All are differently built, all are so far effective. Which is your favourite?

Oceania TZ – Dunenzed NAF Suboptimal Participants Image Individual V SLOBB Image Veg on Toast bmilner

This may seem a bit of a funny one to pick with Dunenzed team-less, but it is a big game at the top of the Oceanic group, and bmilner is trying manfully to lead an understaffed SLOBB away from the foot of the Team Challenge table! Also, as ever, the Oceanic group are super keen, and they tend to get most of a round played before I get a chance to write a column. Wink

Undead V Human should be in the Undead favour, and it is here too. However, I have an inkling it’s not going to be a cake walk for the deadies. 4 Ghouls here, with a day one Wrestle an interesting choice. 3 Guard, with both Mummies awaiting a skill until day two. The Humans are more conventionally skilled than those we looked at above, with an interesting day 2 kick Thrower, and day 3 Side Step Catcher. The Ogre with Block is just going to be massive in this fixture; if, supported by Two Guard Blitzers, he can get to where he needs to go and three dice some things, the Undead might suddenly find themselves either men down or positionally men down, as the Ogre traps 2+ Zombies (or better, maybe a Wight), leading to an overlap elsewhere. If the Block Mummy simply seeks him out and deals with him, it could be a longer day for Humanity. I think it’ll be a good one, and you just never know. The Oceanic rosters are always interesting to me, they see to have a different meta to that we see in Europe. Maybe better, maybe worse, let’s see!

Textbook Oceanic efficiency, this was played after writing. I was right, it wasn't a cake walk! 1-1

North America TZ – pizzamogul Feathers Keep Us Warm Image North American Fellowship or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NAF V USFL Image AFC Undead Father_Gailus

A fixture here between two of the big North American teams pushing for a playoff spot. These Undead are of the 13 man, 3 Ghoul variety, and all of the Ghouls saw love on day one (Block x 2, Wrestle). In this case, we have a lesser spotted day three Break Tackle Mummy. On paper, that might not seem standard, but can you imagine, in a tight tier one fixture, a Mummy suddenly appearing in your cage, looking at your ball carrying Skink? That is a proper problem, right there. Pizza has gone for 12 men, no Apo. The Lizardman ‘how many men, do I Apo, do I live with 2 RR early’ is a question that there seems to be no answer to at the moment, but that early Saurus KO is a real problem in big fixtures like this. I wonder if we’ll miss the Apo here, as a Skink sits on the bench, watching on. Interestingly, Pizza has gone all Block, but 2 Guard on day 3. The 4 Block + 2 something else (BT, Tackle, Wrestle, Guard…) is a well trodden path. Is Guard for Wood Elves to protect Skinks, or is it to generate bags of dice on Zombies and shut Mummies down?

Both coaches need a result here. The Strangelove team are defending a top 4 position and have Azure and happygrue playing off elsewhere, and Father_Galius is looking to push USFL up there. Lizards / Undead is a game I can’t seem to pick a winner in very often; it is a genuine 50/50. In the end, if the Lizards position effectively, it is mighty tough to punch through them, even with two Mummies. That Mummy positioning, how the Saurus cope, is going to be the key. If Pizza can marginalise one or both, the Krox can do his thing elsewhere. If not, those Skinks might take a whooping.

European TZ – Strider84 [WCWU] Team WoodhoundImage Hellhound V Waterbowl Image [Waterbowl] Boogie Beans Kithor

Is there anything not to like about this fixture? Not only is it vital in determining the course of European Group 1, it features two great coaches, two great races, two great rosters and is one of two games this round between the Waterbowl (looking to hang onto a top 4 berth) and Hellhound (chasing the top 4 down hard). Could this even be a business end, day three World Cup fixture, never mind the warm up?

Joe has gone for the four Ghoul variant on his Undead (added mobility should be a boon here), and has decided against Sure Hands. It would be wrong to boil this game down to ‘Strip Ball Wardancer versus Guard placement and Ghoul ball retention’, but that is doubtless a part of it in the back of the mind. Will Strider play passively, or aggressively? Two Dodge Linos give us an inkling he won’t be getting stuck in too early. Can Joe pin down the Woodies and get a numerical advantage? A Block Mummy is a wonderful thing, and he will likely be looking to get stuck into Elves for three dice at every opportunity. A Guard WE Catcher gives Strider options; and if any chink of light should appear on the Undead drive, the mobile Guard should help crack the code. The Tree may be key – not for doing anything of note, but protecting the Elves for long enough for them to win. Would you kick or receive, here? As which race / roster? Even that decision is interesting. In the end, it will be a game decided by small margins.

It’s just going to be a brilliant game. My only hope is that we don’t have any kickoff / weather shenanigans, and that we have a proper contest. Good luck to both, and obviously in a biased way, go Waterbowl. Wink

So, there we go then, Round 5. I have increasingly noticed brilliant games all over the draw, and it’ll be good to watch them as they come up. I recommend you do too!

Next week, a look at playoffs, Stunties and the end. See you then!


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For the Euro game my money is on Joe. He faced my very similar Wood Elves last round. Before I even took a turn I had recovered the ball and taken out a mummy on a BD/cas/regen fail and I felt lucky to get the draw. Smile

Obviously from my perspective, let's go tie!

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Predictions, and rampant self interest, all welcome here! Very Happy

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