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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Sep 08, 2017 - 10:55 Reply with quote Back to top

Draft CRP

Hello all. Come say hi on Discord.

Draft CRP is getting on for starting it's second season. Current teams should meet their 1750 TV cap before any rules changes are considered (1770 Playoff teams, 1790 Runner Up, 1820 League Champion). Rules changes in brief in the 2nd post.

We're a weekly league, with split European and US timezone conferences, and with enough coaches possibly an eastern timezone one too. Looking for recruits to join our reasonably small, but dedicated group.

Teams are taken from a maximum 6 regular CRP player types, including the following.

1. Must pick a lineman (0-12 or 0-16).
2. Must pick a blitzer (ST 3, any blitzer, troll slayer, pestigor, wight, berserker, wardancer).
3. Must pick a baller (any catcher, any thrower, any runner, witch elf, ghoul, werewolf).

4-6. Open Picks, anything. Extra linemen picks are 0-4.

We recommend strength, agility, and CPOMB potential somewhere. You may take less than 6 if you wish, beware of further roster limits below.

Each player type may use up to their normal maximum number allowed, except Big Guys (base ST5+ players) who all gain Loner, and change number to 0-1, with exceptions for special teams below.

Rostered player limits. These are players purchased to the active team, including drafts, followed at all times.

Up to 3 special players with one or more base skills including; Claw, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner, Regeneration, Secret Weapon (including Ball & Chain, Bombadier, or Chainsaw), or Stab. Special teams may ignore this in part.

1 Player at least of each type you picked should be hired to the roster if possible, up to the normal position limit.

1 Loner space for a Loner if you have any.
2 Blitzer spaces for your Blitzer pick.
7 Open spaces for any player, including more Loners or Blitzers. This is for your 80k plus players.

Unlimited Cheap spaces, Linemen and other players up to 70k price may fill the team and replace all but 1 of each other player type as you like.

Player types may have number allowed reduced to meet these limits at player request, to avoid accidental overbuys or improper mercenaries.

Special teams!

Undead! (Skeleton or Zombie primary lineman). No Apothecary! Gain Zombies (or Skeletons, boo) via Necromancer. No limit on Regeneration players. All Big Guys lose Loner (except Secret Weapon). May take 0-2 Mummy or 0-2 Tomb Guardian as one pick, or 0-4 Tomb Guardian as two picks, up to any 4 in combination.

Stunty! (Halfling, Skink, Runt, or Underworld Goblin primary lineman). All Big Guys lose Loner (except Secret Weapon). May take 0-2 Troll, 0-2 Treeman, or 0-2 Ogre as one pick, or 0-4 of any as two picks, or 0-6 of any as three picks, up to any 6 in combination. Halflings only may induce the Master Chef for 100k.

Cheater! (Goblin primary lineman). No limit on Secret Weapon in team. Secret Weapon Big Guys only lose Loner. May take 0-2 Troll, 0-2 Treeman, or 0-2 Ogre as one pick. May take any two 0-1 Goblin team positions as one pick. Goblins may induce Bribes for 50k.

Thrall! (Thrall or Hobgoblin primary lineman). No limit on Regeneration or Hypnotic Gaze. Note: Vampires may feed on any lineman (except Regeneration, Stunty, or Decay) in any team, this team just allows all six of them to turn up and do so, as well as other combined Regeneration/Apothecary concepts.

Nurgle! (Rotter primary lineman). No Apothecary! No limit on Regeneration players. Gain Rotters via Nurgle's Rot. All players of 80k or more value gain Nurgle's Rot. Note: Nurgle's Rot does nothing outside this team and will be removed from positions that normally have it.

New and returning teams.

Some changes are pending to troublesome Draft players from S1, should be announced all at once.

New teams begin with 1250k to buy 11 to 14 players, plus they'll get a couple draft picks for free, and a click-through game to get an MVP and thus a skill on a presumably useful player.

Old teams also get a click-through to clear MNG, and coincidentally an MVP. Pre-season training at it's best.

The draft!

We're looking at changes to the Draft, but the theme is it's not a proper CRP team without a few doubles stacks and stat freaks, so we'll just see if teams can pick themselves a good one. Plus, look at all those fancy players in that Stunty Leeg and Secret League and Simyans and everything! We've already got Slann after all. Very Happy


These rules have been modified fairly heavily from season 1, we needed to deal with a few unforeseen problems that were somewhat disruptive and on the way to getting worse, such is life in a new concept league. We have hopes it's no more than small tweaks needed from here on out. As always we look forward to hearing of problems and ideas for fixing them from our current players, such as if these rules are terrible, or brilliant! But PMs preferred about the terrible side of it. Wink

Updates: Thrall! can have any regen positions. Wording clarification on team limits and requirements, thanks for questions here and elsewhere.


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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Sep 08, 2017 - 10:59 Reply with quote Back to top

S2 Changes.
Limits on rostered players, these are players hired to the team at any one time, we're happy to cap each player type lower than normal, as you like, to prevent accidental extras or Mercs.

No limits on big guys (ST 5+ base), but you can only have 0-1 of each, except for the stunty or undead teams, and they're always Loner and almost always have a negatrait.

Set Limit on total unusual players: any starting with Loner, Regeneration, Secret Weapon (including Ball & Chain, Chainsaw, Bombadier), Stab, Claw, and Hypnotic Gaze combined.

Draft players Replace any position player on your team if already present.

All current teams should fit within this, or nearly so, we should be able to change players on your roster to something similar, and potentially grandfather in something if needed.

RR cost to 70k for season 2.


Joined: Jun 23, 2009

Post   Posted: Sep 09, 2017 - 15:49 Reply with quote Back to top

Looks good.

Quick question - will season 1 players get any extra cash to adjust their rosters to help fit the above?

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Sep 13, 2017 - 04:34 Reply with quote Back to top

Plan is we'll zero out the cost of any players that are purchased to fit the new rules, give or take a touch for more expensive ones as an upgrade or losing skilled players.

We can also change players in place, so a Beastmen might become an Amazon or whatever is needed, it works in client though looks a little messy on the team page.

Working on finalising what we're doing with the Draft before we know exactly how we want to bring the older teams across, but we're aiming for reasonably small changes where we can figure it out. Draft changes should make a few rules a bit simpler above.

Couple of updates in the original post, mostly to clarify the wording a little. Finalising some Draft changes and we should be good to get on with serious recruitment.


Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Sep 17, 2017 - 10:34 Reply with quote Back to top

The Draft!

We are changing up the draft a bit. It's a bit more like other league's drafts, while retaining our unique options. Every team will have 3 draft picks. All drafted players are 0-1, and when they die or are retired, you wait until next draft for a new pick.

There's two main options to choose from, New Players (secret weapons, secret league guys, stunty leeg, entirely custom players, whatever can we think of), and Skill Packages for something on your team that get you a new one of them with a few doubles and stats already to make it a proper CRP team.

You must take at least 1 of each main type, for 1 New Player, 1 Skill Package, and the 3rd pick from either. Old teams will be informed individually how their previous drafts fit in for updating them.

Skill Package drafts must come with an appropriate type of player, one rookie you can normally take in your team, with those skills extra will be added to your roster, they still count as a player of their base type and so for instance a new Ghoul with a Skill Package still takes an unlimited cheap spot in the team.

Stunty: A player with the Stunty trait.
Lineman: A Lineman pick from your team (not Stunty, also for CD Blockers, DE Assassins, and Renegades).
Blitzer: A Blitzer pick from your team (ST 3, any blitzer, troll slayer, pestigor, wight, berserker, wardancer).
Baller: A Baller pick from your team (any catcher, any thrower, any runner, witch elf, ghoul, werewolf).
Blocker: Any ST 4 player (also Longbeards and CD Blockers).
Big Guy: Any ST 5+ player (also Vampires).

New players have types too. A reminder each squad can roster 1x Loner, 2x Blitzers, 7x 80k or higher value players (including more Loners and Blitzers), and any number of additional players of 70k or lower value, these New Player picks use those same slots.

The base nature of players is what counts, a Skill Package that raises the player's TV or changes their stats or adds normally restricted skills does not cause them to take a different slot in the team, the limits on teams are for base players.


Drop Bear          60k  5 2 3 7  A(GSP)  Claw*, Dauntless, Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty
Halfling Punter    60k  5 2 3 6  AP(GS)  Dodge, Hail Mary Pass, Kick, Right Stuff, Stunty
Lil Big 'Un        50k  6 2 3 8  A(GSP)  Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty
Nurgling           20k  5 2 2 7  AM(GSP) Foul Appearance, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy
Slave Rat          40k  7 2 3 6  AM(GSP) Dodge, Stunty

Dwarf Junior       50k  4 3 2 9  GS(AP)  Block, Thick Skull
Half Orc Kicker    60k  6 3 3 7  G(ASP)  Hail Mary Pass, Kick, Tackle
Simyin Bonobo      50k  6 3 3 7  G(ASP)  Extra Arms
Daemon Cultist     50k  6 3 3 8  GM(ASP)


Border Rogue      100k  7 3 3 7  GA(SP)  Dodge, Shadowing, Stab*
Cheater Pogoer     80k  6 2 3 7  GA(SP)  Dodge, Leap, Sprint, Very Long Legs
Chorf Thrower      70k  5 3 3 8  GP(AS)  Pass, Sure Hands, Thick Skull
Half Elf Thrower   80k  6 3 3 8  GAP(S)  Pass, Strong Arm, Sure Hands
Halfling Carver    70k  5 2 3 6  GAM(SP) Chainsaw, Dodge, Secret Weapon*
Norse Dwarf Runner 90k  6 3 3 8  GP(AS)  Dauntless, Sure Hands, Thick Skull
Valkyrie Catcher   60k  6 3 3 7  GA(SP)  Block, Catch

Araby Eunuch       80k  5 4 2 8  GS(AP)
Fianna Fimm       100k  5 4 1 9  GS(AP)  Multiple Block, Prehensile Tail
Squig Hopper      110k  6 4 3 8  A(GSP)  Bloodlust, Juggernaught, Leap, Pro, Sprint, Two Heads, Very Long Legs

Zombie Ogre       130k  4 5 1 9  S(GAP)  Loner*, Bone Head, Mighty Blow, Regeneration*, Thick Skull

Note that players 70k and under value are a bit easier to place in your team if you've filled up on expensive ones already.


"Sneaks"          +70k  -(-)  Dirty Player, Wrestle, Fend

"the Third"       +50k  -(-)  Regeneration, Stab, Weeping Dagger
"Grim"            +60k  -(M)  Dirty Player, Horns, Wrestle
"Rosemont"        +90k  -(-)  Guard, Kick-Off Return, +AG
"Bobby"          +100k  -(-)  Sure Hands, Wrestle, +MA, +MA
"Funny"          +110k  -(-)  Dodge, Piling On, Strip Ball, +ST
"Blackstone"     +130k  -(-)  Dirty Player, Frenzy, Grab, +MA, +ST

"Brickheart"      +40k  -(-)  Juggernaught, Pro
"the Cursed"      +70k  -(M)  Disturbing Presence, Sprint, +MA

"Hopper"          +50k  -(-)  Dirty Player, +MA
"Rallegh"         +60k  -(-)  Juggernaught, +AG
"Rocket"          +90k  -(M)  Prehensile Tail, Regeneration, +MA

"Eliza"           +50k  -(M)  Frenzy, Horns
"the Mutant"      +80k  -(M)  Prehensile Tail, Tentacles, Wrestle
"Tusk"           +110k  -(-)  Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Sprint, Sure Feet

"Tremors"         +20k  M(S)  Fan Favourite, Grab, Regeneration
"the Stubborn"    +30k  -(-)  Dodge, Stand Firm, Take Root, -negatrait
"Slayer"          +30k  A(S)  Stab, Stakes, -negatrait
"Master"          +30k  -(-)  Leader
"Bloodfury"       +70k  M(-)  Disturbing Presence, Side Step, +MA, -st, -negatrait

M(S): this means Mutations on normal skills, Strength on doubles, changing what the original player allowed for Mutations and Strength skills. Unmentioned skill categories are not changed.
-negatrait: remove any one negatrait you don't want.

Feel free to put a skill package on a new player type you just grabbed. If we get a few more coaches than expected, there'll be more draft options go up.

Each draft pick removes that New Player or Skill Package from the list, in order is losing coaches, new choaches, new teams, old teams, winning coaches, with extra rounds in the same order until each player has 3 draft picks in team and drops out. I one or the other runs out, I'll add some more later. Very Happy

Drafts who die or are retired from a team may not be repurchased, they are a unique player with often tremendous potential for havoc, but you'll enjoy the next draft more if they don't self-replicate. Smile


Some dates.
25th Sep. Current teams finished updating.
2nd Oct. Recruitment finished, draft begins.
9th Oct. Preseason draft and MNG-clearing games due. Season Kickoff!
16th Oct. Round 1 due, weekly rounds, 5 game round robin, finished up before thanksgiving.

December. Open-RR for a couple of inter-division game opportunities.

mid-late January. Second leg of the round robin begins.

Finals sometime late Feb, early Mar. We'd like to hear what suits for some of those later dates, but it'll be a season with a few gaps into next year, as there's not quite time to pack it all into this one.

There's a PM on the way to our current teams detailing some options for the current crop of recruits to make sure everyone's on an even playing field. Minimal changes for the most part.

Small edits to help the fluff and clarity, modified one thing slightly to simplify a bit and give people more options.

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