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Post   Posted: Sep 03, 2018 - 00:17 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome sports fans to the end of another breathtaking season of NCBB Blood Bowl. The final week of the season was filled with some spectacular highlights, including an end to Duke's bid for perfection, and the elves at U-Dub blowing their shot at a National Title came against some upstart chaos dwarves from some mostly nameless university.

So, let's get started looking at the Season 29, Totally Random Top 5. This is THE poll where the top 5 teams in the nation are selected randomly by luck of a thrown dart.

1: The top team, as chosen by dart, is that wonderful program known as Karak University (1-4-3). Well then, that's something. The best team in the nation this season is Karak University, which, incidentally gives them their second win of the season, for the first time since the Clinton years. This perennial McNurgle competitor is made up of some mean looking dwarves who are more bark than bite. Perhaps this #1 finish will set them on their way to legitimacy in season 30.

Biggest Win: Not that it can truly be called a win, but the 1-1 tie against Pepperdine can be viewed as Karak's greatest accomplishment in season 29. Sure, they defeated Ol' Miss the following week, but ny tying Pepperdine, they cost the Slaves any hope of a National Championship birth.

2: According to the darts, Duke Blue-Green Devils (8-1-0) is our second best team. In a season where 3-4 teams could legitimately claim to feel shafted by failing to make the National Championship, Duke is the only team that is a shoo-in lock for the title game. Look at that beautiful zero. Not a single team managed to defeat these insanely roided lizards.

Biggest Win: All of them? Duke faced nearly every team in the BCS top 5, and failed to lose to any of them.

3: Clemson Terrors (3-3-3) has to have done something special. They say good things come in threes, which is something Clemson knows all about this season, with a perfect 3 wins, 3 ties, and 3 losses. There's gotta be some kinda irony that having perfected the Art of the 3, they would somehow rank 3rd in the nation this season. If that's any indication, then Clemson should win the National Title, in season 33.

Biggest Win: No win is bigger than defeating a rival. U-Dub being that rival makes it all that much sweeter. Until the final week of the season, it looked like U-Dub vs Duke was an inevitability. Clemson can take pride in knowing that they played a part in keeping their rival out of the Title game.

4: Um, G'olden Go For Its! (6-1-0) come in at #4 in the nation. In a surprise, this Non-AQ human team finishes as one of 2 unbeatens. There is no question that this team deserves a shot at the National Championship, but Non-AQ has a long history of being snubbed as a conference.

Biggest Win: The Howlson Tigers played to a tie. The win here is that the Golden Go For Its! maintained their unbeaten record. Both of these are up and coming teams that should be legitimate NC contenders next season. It's a shame that neither will even get a Top 5 nod in any of the major polls this season.

5: The Pepperdine University Slaves (5-2-2) fill out the top 5 in our dart throwing experiment. This Dark Elf team is a one trick pony that seems to pull bull *%^& out it's ^*$ on a regular basis. With a "Just throw elves at it" game plan, they seem to have found a formula for success by leaning heavily on their lone star, a freak of a Witch Elf who does everything the team asks of her, and has a legitimate shot of joining the elite Legend's Club before graduation.

Biggest Win: What in the hell is wrong with this poll? Three teams can count a tie as their greatest victory of the season. And Pepperdine's tie against Duke certainly does deserve it. Being the lone blemish on an otherwise perfect season, is an accomplishment. Doing it in the final week of the season, is simply the icing on the cake. Sadly, poor Duke will to win their tainted National Championship without a 9 win season, but I'm sure no one will cry for them over that.

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Post   Posted: Sep 03, 2018 - 00:37 Reply with quote Back to top

These darts must have been rigged. How could they miss TCU... five times?!?!!!

Besides that, nice write-up. Wink
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