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Joined: Apr 27, 2012

Post   Posted: Oct 23, 2020 - 18:19 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi friends of Nuffle!

Time ago I thought in create the roster of Sigmarites, after several games, I based my roster on this:

Sigmarites Roster

    0-12 Sequitors 6 3 3 9 Purity  G   ASP  65k 
    0-2 Prosecutor 6 3 3 8 Purity, Leap, Sure hands  GA   SP  70k 
    0-4 Protectors 5 4 3 9 Purity, Loner, No hands  GS   AP  90k
    0-2 Retributors 7 3 3 9 Block, Loner  G   APS  90k 
 Re-roll   50k (100k after team creation) 
 Apothecary   Yes
Star players: humans.

Purity: This player can not make blocks unless he has more rivals than teammates in his tackle zone. The rule is designed for both block and blitz, if a player with purity start a blitz action he could not block in a position with more teammates than rivals in his tackle zone.

This rule is very tricky to control, because clever rivals will push your players and will let you with 1 or 2 available and favourable blocks. You must place your protectors very carefully and use her F4 for do their task, which is push and bring the oportunity to your linemen to block with advantage (guard).

I want to explain some of the positional for then hear your opinion about them.

Sequitors, their stats are better than orc and human linemen. These linemen are my headache in this team, because the purity rule on them is so restrictive, but finally I decreased her price from 70k to 60k. His role is give some assists for the rest of players. Edit: finally seted in 65k.

The prosecutors are the ball carrier, his jumps are for avoid the rivals and place them in the best sites for avoid being blocked and give assists to the rest of players.

Protectors as I said before, are the key player on this team, without them the team has not the strength nor the skill of the rivals. block and stay firm are perfect for them. Edit: guard removed, because in defense were too tough.

Finally the retributors are the "blitzers" of the team, they are the only who do not have purity, you must take advantage of his movement and do surgical blocks for clean the tackle zones for the rest of the team.

I used the Jarvis rules for guidance for costs.

I hope you will try this team and enjoy it, and give me some tips for the costs or abilities (also I accept tips about my english) Thank you!

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Joined: May 17, 2018

Post   Posted: Oct 28, 2020 - 11:26 Reply with quote Back to top

Looks cool, I love the Purity skill as a drawback and a way to keep costs down. The Protector having Guard is an awesome concept since theyd simultanously provide assists and cancel Purity. Leap on the prosecutors is a great way to represent the wings Smile

Also just cooked up my own if you're interested and wanted to steal some concepts. And let me know if you want me to delete and start my own post. I'm probably far less familiar with Stormcasr Eternals than you, just going off the models and going for overall team design Smile EDIT: Had a look at their AoS stats, and the only way to accurately represent them is to give everyone Mighty Blow I.e. not happening Very Happy

The Iron Hard Skin is meant to act as a counter to high TV claw spam to create more diversity in that meta besides elves and chaos kill teams, and the team as a whole is bash focused but with heavy pitch control instead of removal, and a lack of essential skills to make it more of a high TV team.

Priced Iron Hard Skin at 5k/regen/thick skull swap. Linos are costed against Imp Nob linos, Blockers against Flesh Golems, Blitzers against Slann Blitzers, Punters against Dorf Runner (On The Ball for the +Ma), and Dracolith against the Deathroller. Rerolls because good guys tend to get 50k rerolls :/ Starting lists have some difficult choices like most bb2020 lists, but you'd probably settle in 3 blockers, 2 blitzers, 1 punter, 5 linos and 2 rerolls.

0-12 Sequitor Linemen 50k (G-AS) 5 3 4+ 5+ 9+ Iron Hard Skin, Grab

0-4 Retributor Blocker 120k (GS-AP) 4 4 4+ 6+ 10+ Iron Hard Skin, Arm Bar, Stand Firm

0-2 Castigator Punter 85k (GP-AS) 5 3 3+ 4+ 9+ Iron Hard Skin, On The Ball, Hail Mary Pass

0-2 Proscecutor Blitzers 100k (GAS-P) 7 3 3+ 5+ 9+ Leap, Very Long Legs, Juggernaut

0-1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth 170k (S-GAP) 7 5 5+ - 10+ Iron Hard Skin, Claw, Mighty Blow (+1), Juggernaut, Frenzy, Loner (3+), Secret Weapon, No Hands.

Rerolls 50k

The other thing I'm thinking is beefing up the costs and armour for a better late game, and adding some cheap stunty no hands Gryph Hounds so you can actually afford a starting list Very Happy

Joined: Apr 27, 2012

Post   Posted: Oct 29, 2020 - 19:24 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi, Thank you for answer. I played with this team many times as I said before and the main advantage/drawback it is his need to stay away one from another. I did not know about "iron hard skin" and I like it.

Despite the fact your roster is not enough similar to mine, I like it. The only thing I do not like is the concept of non-humanoide creatures in Blood Bowl, this is the reason for not include a gryph-hound on the roster, hahaha.

I see in your roster (and the new ones) the costs are multiple of 5k what it could be perfect for the sequitors, who are quite cheaper for 60k and quite expensive for 70k. I will play taking it into account for possible changes.

And of course you can steal some concepts, I will be very proud to see what you can do with it. But not put mighty for all (it is a crazyness).

Thank you for your comments.

Joined: Apr 27, 2012

Post   Posted: Dec 18, 2020 - 13:22 Reply with quote Back to top

Hi, after ten matches against my roster played by a much better player, I feel it is too strong in defense.

Protectors are really tough doing or helping the square cage. Now, guard has been removed.

I increased the cost of linemans to 65k, this will force us to choose between RRs and almost all positionals.

In addition, retributors with strength access could turn the team in a direction I do not want for it, for this I pass the "strength" to doubles.

I edited the roster in the first post.
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