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Post   Posted: Apr 09, 2024 - 16:42 Reply with quote Back to top

K, so I had an idea for the coach and team statistics pages. As-is, they seem unrelated, and it’s kinda unfortunate. I know Christer has bigger fish to fry, but I’m kinda hoping he’ll see some or all of this idea as low-hanging fruit for site improvement.

So, rather than coach stats and team stats, there’d be only one type of stats page, which would have four sections:

1) A header, the plus menu button for division as-is, but within a division, you would be able to sort by roster (aka “race”) or team. Being able to sort by group would be pretty cool too, so you can see how you fare vs your mates, or in Secret League, BBT, or whatever.

2) Basic data: number of matches, CR (for C), W/T/L, W%, and maybe links to graphs or something; possibly include current CTV in that case, which could replace the good ol’ “Show Development” link.

3) A stats section similar to the current coach stats section, with columns and rows as they are now, plus a line for Deflections, ofc.

4) A vs. roster section, unless on a coach's "all divisions" page. For divisions, it would appear as it does now; for roster stats and specific teams, it would appear as team stats do now: a list of rosters you’ve played, how many matches you’ve played against each, outcomes, cumulative scores, cumulative Cas.

That would be a lot more useful than the current situation, yes? But I don’t know if it would be a lot of work or not.

Put another way, the suggestion is:
a) make stats sortable within a division by roster, and also by team (maybe within a roster) and/or group;
b) put CR (if relevant) for selected matches, as well as WTL and W%, on the stats page (oh, and, ceterum censeo, Deflections);
c) include the coach stats box in team stats, and use the team stats box for roster matchups in roster/team stats generated by a), above.

Lude enixe, obliviscatur timor.
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