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Posted by: Purplegoo on Thursday, October 09, 2014 - 20:54

The NAF and FUMBBL are pleased to announce the Road to the NAF Championship 2015!

Beginning in January, FUMBBL will host the Road to the NAF Championship (NAFC), the first online tabletop resurrection style tournament sanctioned by the NAF. The winner will receive the prize of a ticket to the NAF Championship (worth £55)!
The NAF Championship is the biggest tabletop Blood Bowl individual tournament of the year and one of the five yearly NAF Majors. Held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK, the 2014 running of the tournament attracted over 170 coaches, and 2015 could be even bigger.

The Road to the NAFC will be contested on FUMBBL over 6 rounds of Swiss competition and will use the same rules as the NAFC (see the newly released 2015 rulespack here). Christer is working behind the scenes to get the FUMBBL ready for this form of Blood Bowl, and the Road to the NAFC is set to be the first of a set of ongoing online NAF sanctioned resurrection style events; hopefully allowing NAF members to track their progress via a new ‘online variant’ ranking system. This functionality will also be extended to user organised events similar those already running in the [L]eague division.

Full details will be announced later in the year. In the mean time, please discuss and ask any questions you might have in the forum thread to be found in the tournaments section! More information about the NAF, what they do and why you should join can be found here. I'm really looking forward to this form of the game coming to FUMBBL and the collaboration between online and tabletop Blood Bowl!
PeteW on Oct 09, 2014 - 20:59
I'm in!

This is all kinds of awesome.

Great work 'Goo and Christer!
SzieberthAdam on Oct 09, 2014 - 21:21
This is just WOW!
roante on Oct 09, 2014 - 21:44
Roland on Oct 09, 2014 - 21:59
    lemf on Oct 09, 2014 - 22:08
    Lost for words.........................

    Fantastic how awesome
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the_Sage on Oct 09, 2014 - 22:43
That's great! So if this is a NAF sanctioned tournament, does this mean it will be ranked to our NAF numbers?
    Purplegoo on Oct 09, 2014 - 22:48
    Hello! To do a cheeky copy / paste from the thread...

    I deliberately said 'hopefully' when referencing online NAF rankings. This is technically challenging, but we are doing our best to make this a reality for NAF members. I think there are many good reasons to become a NAF member, this is one more! I will bring you more news on this as soon as I can.

    Just to be super clear - we're aiming for an 'online variant', separate from current NAF rankings.
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    Joemanji on Oct 09, 2014 - 23:07
    The plan is for it to be ranked to a separate 'Online' variant set.
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    pythrr on Oct 10, 2014 - 08:00
    awesome! esp for those of us who can't get to many NAF tournys.
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Grod on Oct 10, 2014 - 00:17
Do i have to pay my naf fees to play? (I kind of tend to let them lapse until I enter a tt tourney).
    sann0638 on Oct 10, 2014 - 20:02
    I would very much guess not. But boo to the lapsing :)
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Cavetroll on Oct 10, 2014 - 01:13
Awesome! I think my NAF membership is up for renewal next month.
Jeffro on Oct 10, 2014 - 04:35
Wow. Just wow!! Brilliant. I love the collaborative effort to encourage folks who play either TT or online to play the other (or both!!). This is massively brilliant. And I know Cyanide did it already... but that doesn't count cuz I don't play Cyanide ;)
    eldritchfox on Oct 10, 2014 - 10:18
    Awesome Sauce on an Awesome Burger with Awesome Chips!!!
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    MrBloodweiser on Oct 11, 2014 - 20:47
    this is awesome guys!! thank you , this should be a blast when are you taking registration?
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      Purplegoo on Oct 11, 2014 - 20:55
      Not for a little while yet. Rest assured, you'll know when we do. ;)
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Cyrus-Havoc on Oct 13, 2014 - 13:10
What a good idea, lets hope it all works out.
Wotfudboy on Oct 14, 2014 - 13:35
    Topper on Oct 16, 2014 - 17:59
    Yes, yes yes!! This has been top of all my birthday and christmas present lists the last five years!
    It is awesome on the edge of pure greatness :)
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Niebling on Oct 17, 2014 - 10:15
O M G!

I think I have waited for this news for 4-5 years! I even wrote Christer about it some years ago, to see it comming to fumbbl at last warms my heart!

I think its time for a comeback!
PigStar-69 on Oct 18, 2014 - 18:34
I really like this. Just need life to calm down so I can get back to playing both fumbbl and tt
philipprocter on Oct 24, 2014 - 03:01
can't wait
Flix on Oct 24, 2014 - 16:02
I am doing NAF Games with the test:xxx Commands.

But that means that Fumbbl and FFB Client will support NAF Rules soon?

Will there be an announcing were we can test it?
    Joemanji on Oct 24, 2014 - 19:29
    Hi Flix,

    Yes that is the intention, for FUMBBL and/or the client to support NAF-style 'resurrection' tournament rules. As soon as we know exact details, we will let you know!

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giorss on Dec 24, 2014 - 16:05
any news about... I'd really like to participate :)