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 Issue 4 - January 3, 2504
FUMBBL Classifieds: Obituaries/Valedictories

  • Revan, Lineelf for Sithspit
    In the face of death itself, the decision must be made whether to give away all the knowledge and hidden lore that a Sith Lord amassed during his life.
    Will he share the secrets with his disciple making him or her more powerful in the process?
    Will he vainly take them into his cold, dark grave?
    If neither is the answer,
    then a true Sith never dies.

    May the Force serve you well, Revan.
    As you served the Sithspit.
    You will not be forgotten,
    Coach Parallax

  • Quark, Troll for Orc Quarks
    After being really stupid for five games, the Troll Quark from the Orc Quarks had amassed massive amounts of zero-spp games. In the last turn of his fifth game, an opposing Chaos Warrior, Ogre and Beastman with razor sharp claws combined to hit the poor stupid Troll. He got killed, did not regenerate and the apothecary was so shocked it eventually failed, too...
    If there is a dog heaven, there has gotta be a Troll heaven. I hope you are not too stupid to find it!

    Coach Cwebb

  • gilly gopstopper
    The greatest goblin blocker in open league has passed away. his impressive skills...block, tackle, surehands, ag +, st+(lost to aging) will surely be missed. His 15 casualties had elves running in fear although it was a dirty little elf that did him in. The gobbo apoth fails yet again. Alas poor poor gilly. We shall miss you.

  • Commodus
    The best damn snotling in the history of Stunty Leeg, was sliced and diced by the hated chainsaw and then failed to pick up the remaining bits and put them back together. He will be sorely missed, but especially by Claudius as they, together, made up a fearsome partnership, despite the fact that Claudius would try and eat Commodus given half a chance. This brave little snotling will be remembered and the chainsaw wielding lunatic was given a broken jaw for his trouble.

  • Lou Brickation, top passer of 'The Rumbling Tums'
    He passed the ball well, but he passed on even better. After learning how to get the ball to someone else, so as to avoid being hit, Lou made the mistake of eating a celebrational donut, whilst standing near a ghoul. The ghoul, even had the rudeness of only eating Lou and leaving the donut on the field, much to the dismay of the fling crowd.

    Still on a brighter note, funerals always bring out the best cooks, and after 108 practise runs the Tums sure know how to celebrate death.

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