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 Issue 4 - January 3, 2504
Making it in the Small Time
by Kaz

Once a Blood Bowler has dominated Open, played every DivX team, climbed the Ladder, ruled the Factions, and played in countless tournaments, they begin to look for new challenges. Rising to answer this challenge is FUMBBL's own homebrew leeg, Stunty. Stunty Leeg requires a style of play different from all other divisions. Players have strength of 2 (or 1!) across the board. Big Guys work in pairs or threes. Passing plays are desperation moves. Block is almost nowhere to be found and injuries happen in droves. Both because of and despite all this, Stunty Leeg manages to produce fast, fun games.

The Short and Tall of it
Stunty Races

Stunty Leeg is composed of two classic Blood Bowl teams, Goblin and Halflings, as well as several new races. These races are:

Chaos Halflings: Halflings that have turned to the Dark Gods of Chaos. possessing Minotaurs, Trolls, chainsaws and physical mutations, Chaos Halflings (Or CFlings) are a carnage team.

Skinks: The little lizards grab a few Saurus buddies and head to the pitch to use their blinding speed to score touchdown after touchdown.

Nurglings: Halflings inflicted with Nurgle's Rot and accompanied by a pair of Beasts, Nurglings are a steady destructive force.

Snotlings: Very small goblins. With the right mix of players and a good coach their lack of strength can be offset to create a dangerous lasting team.

Fairies: Fast forest dwellers with a mix of skills accompanied by 3 Treemen, Fairies are fast, fragile, and dynamic.

Goblin Cheaters: A pack of goblins with many secret weapons. If they can avoid having half their team ejected, the Cheaters can quickly even the odds with bombs, chainsaws, and fanatics.

Gnomes: Smaller dwarves taking to the pitch and playing with mechanical ingenuity over brawn.

A Short Primer or What to Expect

Stunty games tend to be like stunty players: nasty, brutal and short. AV7 is considered to be heavily armored, so players die and get injured quickly. Also, the Stunty characteristic that your linemen start with adds 1 to all injury rolls, meaning casualties are more common. The Stunty restriction to passing (Stunty players pass as if going for one band further) makes passing more difficult and passing plays much less common. Most players have only access to agility skills, so normally common skills like Block, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pass, and Guard are almost non-existent in Stunty.

Despite all these drawbacks, Stunty players have a few abilities that add to the play. Almost every Stunty player starts with Dodge, meaning the impact of tackle zones lessens especially when combined with Stunty which allows for ignoring tackle zones when dodging. Prolific use of Throw Team Mate allows your Stunty to move about the field at express speed, since most Stunty teams have throwable players. Secret weapons are all over the field, making carnage reach new heights (for all teams involved). Stunty players are cheap, and you will often start with at least 13-14 players on your newly-created roster. Replacements come almost as quickly as players die, sometimes faster. Plus, after a few games, most players will realize that they don't really care if their players die.

Stunty is a fun league to try for beginner and expert players alike. It carries almost as many challenges and strategies as straight vanilla Blood Bowl. In the coming issues of the Grotty Little Newspaper, I will supply you with in depth information on each of the Stunty races, tips for building your team, and fun offensive and defensive strategies to cut your opponent's drive short and run the score up higher than your players can reach.

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