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 Issue 5 - January 20, 2505
Miniature Gallery

This is the inaugural gallery of Blood Bowl miniatures. The following are submissions of real painted miniatures painted by real FUMBBL coaches - not entries in a computer database! The following minis are all entered into a competition which ends in the next issue of GLN (#6), excepting, of course, minis painted by FUMBBL admins like Christer. The winner of the competition will earn the right to heal one permanent injury on a player on one of his teams (not including death, of course!).

Coach: Christer
Horus, avenger of his father's murder and a dutiful son. Fairly simple paintjob. The bones have been painted with Bleached Bone, washed down with Chestnut Wash and a Bleached Bone highlight. The blue clothing is painted using Nauseating Blue on a Midnight Blue base and detailed using Enchanted Blue. The golden parts are Burnished Gold, Flesh Wash and Gold again for highlights. The base is sanded and painted with Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone for highlights. The markings on the base is the Hieratic representation of the model's name.
Note: Christer is ineligible for the prize, of course!

Coach: Dementor
This is only the third mini I did. I started with an Amazon Team by the name of Bloody Marys, which made red an obvious choice for the main colour but made it a little harder on the edges of flesh and red. The green is a nice contrast as I did not want to have the usual red/blue combination. The helmets from deer bones are not just plain white or yellowish but a little more green to give the team a rotten character. Hope I will improve further on, also the ground has still to be done..

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