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 Issue 7 - May 8 2506
FUMBBL's New Division - [A]cademy

24th March 2006 saw the launch of a new division here on FUMBBL, [A]cademy. This division was set up in an attempt to assist new coaches in learning how the client works, how to create and manage teams, familiarise themselves with the site rules and division specific rules, and so on. It also allows the veteran coaches out there to play around with teams and skill choices that they normally wouldn’t take. Hopefully we will see some strange combinations soon... Maybe a Leaping Saurus vs. a Frenzy Gutter Runner...

This division was named after the initial Academy set up by some of the coaches here to help new coaches start up, as a thank you to them for their time and dedication to this site. The new [A]cademy works slightly different to the original Academy, as follows:

[A]cademy works like this:

  • You may have up to three (3) [A]cademy teams.
  • Your win/draw/loss statistics are not updated by games in [A]cademy.
  • Your CR is not affected by games played in [A]cademy.
  • Teams are not playable in [A]cademy above TR 150, once at that TR you can trim your team down or you can choose to transfer them to [U]nranked, where they can continue to grow and develop...

So come on people, let's play for playing's sake - no effect on stats, just fun and blood (and more blood, of course...)! What more could you ask for, except maybe for a decent beer and more playing hours in a day...

A big thank you to Christer for coding and implementing the new division to work the way it does.

To date, 618 teams have been created and 543 games have been played (correct at the time of writing). Lets make it 10,000 created and played. Hey, I can hope, can’t I?

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