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 Issue 7 - May 8 2506
A Gobbo's Tale - Part 5

Training Day

This is a tale of a time long ago, before Blood Bowl fell into oblivion, a tale about a little goblins amazing carrer. All characters and events in this story are totally fictious and any accordances to real life and/or FUMBBL characters are totally unintended. Furthermore the author admits that the abilities of some characters in this story may not be in consistence with any of the official or unofficial Blood Bowl rules known - this is just a story

What happened so far:

Gnot was kidnapped by G'morg to play for the famous Blood Bowl team "Da Deadly Raiderzzz". Against his will he was forced to join a team, where some players threaten his life. After surviving the first tests he now has go through the tough training phase.

When we last left Gnot, he was about to learn some ball handling...

"Okay l'il git, catch!" Th'arg caught gnot by surprise there, even though it was not a hard pass , just a gently thrown ball from a few meters distance. But the constant stress Gnot had been exposed to during the last few days made him almost panic when that ball, that had about the size of his head, flew towards him. He was too hectic to really get a safe hold on the ball and so it glitched out of hand a few times just to get grabbed again. In the end Gnot fell over, face first in the dirt, and the ball right next to him. With a deep sigh, Th'arg grabbed Gnot's neck and stood him up again "Gonna be some work for ya." Sad and embarrased Gnot looked downwards onto his feet, while he heard the smirking and joking from the others. But after a few more catch tries he became more and more secure and after about an hour he even managed to grab the ball safely and reliable which gave him a real good feeling. Suddenly Th'arg moved further away and hurled a pass in Gnot's direction. This morning he would have just tried not to get hit by such a projectile, but with his newly found self-esteem he stood steady to catch the perfectly aimed ball. With a loud "SPLOSH!" the ball hit Gnot's torso and literally knocked him off his feet. For Gnot it felt like an endless slow motion, when the ball hit his belly and he noticed that his feet were off the ground. There was no pain yet, until his back hit the ground real hard. "Ufff!!!" that's all what he could say when he landed and hard cough. It felt like a horse had hit him in the stomach and then trampled over him. As he looked up he say Kirok and Th'arg bent over him. Kirok looked at him and palpated the chest and neck. "Looks okay." he growled with his deep voice, "Just been a bit too 'ard. Better let 'im rest now." So Gnot spent the rest of the day in his bed and again he felt embarrased.

The next day Gnot was brought back on the training ground when G'morg approached him. "Betta try some running today, before ya get 'urt, eheh." But then something unexpected happened, Gnot objected. "No. I wanna try. I can catch." And when he saw G'morg's puzzled face he insisted, "I can catch!" "Heh, if ya really want." Th'arg replied and went off to a decent passing distance. The rest of the team was vastly surprised and everyone was now watching what would happen. This time the pass was not as good as the day before and came a bit off but Gnot took a deep breath and two steps to the left to await the incoming ball. And again "SPLOSH!" the impact almost made Gnot puke, but this time he stood his ground and held the ball in his hands. A jiggerish silence lay over the training ground, noone expected Gnot to actually get the ball or even to be still standing after this hit. But this silence was soon broken by loud bellowing and howling, which made Gnot actually feel good for once. The other players finally found some respekt for Gnot, only Tsork turned away in resentment. The next hours Gnot spent practising passes. Th'arg gave him tips how to throw, where to aim to and how to give the ball the correct spin. But it was very hard for the small goblin to throw a ball that was just too large and too heavy for him. Nevertheless he did not want to give up, he would not lose the hard gained respect by quiting again.

After a while Noreg came over to Gnot, who was still struggeling with the ball. "It's time for ball training, li'l guy, hehe." smirked the Ogre. Gnot did not understand, what was Noreg thinking he was doing all the day? Well, Ogres are known for not being the sharpest knife in the drawer but this really sounded a bit odd. "Am already doin'." he answered a bit unsettled. "Nono.. time to practise BEING ball." Noreg laughed a bit and Gnot got a bit scared when the Ogre grabbed him with his huge paw. "Don' worry. Landing is soft." Noreg whispered. Gnot was about to say "What?" but before he could Noreg already hurled him across the pitch and so the only thing he could bring forward was a screaming "WWWWWWAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" as he was sailing over the training ground.

To be continued...

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