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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
The Future of [R] Tournaments - The Minors and the Tour
by Mezir

GLN: Excellent. Moving on, let's talk about the Minors. Will the Royal Rookie Rumble, XFL and FUMBBL SMACKs undergo any changes, or will they remain as they are now?

Malthor: The biggest change to the Tournament scene in next year is the Tour. More about that later, but I see the RRR and SMACKs as being part of a 'rival' promotion to the official circuit. They work pretty well, so I see no need to change them. They will just be official [R]anked tournaments that are not part of the Tour. As for the XFL, Chickenbrain and Candlejack have done a great job of running the first series. However, there have been some coaches waiting for a very long time for their chance to play (High Elves and Undead for example) since the very first XFL Humans was played. The intention is to complete an XFL cycle (all 21 races) in a calendar year. Additionally, Candlejack has a surprise in store concerning the XFL which he will reveal when he is ready.

GLN: You've mentioned a "Tour". Certain officials of minor independent tournaments around the Old World have come to us saying they've been approached by FUMBBL officials. The Middenheim Summer Smash, for instance, claims that you've offered a bid to buy the rights to their name and venue, as have many other tournaments. Any comments or explanations?

Malthor: The biggest change I have planned for the [R]anked tournament scene next year is to implement a Tour of linked tournaments. The idea is to have teams playing in tournaments around the year (which will also lessen the time available for Elf-Bowling and cherry-picking). The hope is that teams will be playing in 'Minor' Tour events around the Old World, such as the respected Middenheim Summer Smash, the Kislev Icebowl or the Naggoroth Night Challenge. These [R]anked Minors will provide teams with the preparation for the Majors. The incentive for coaches to play in these Tour Minors is that a Tour is a year long event with prizes at the end of the year for those who do well in the Tour, including possible invitations to a year end Masters or Champions League event for 8 teams - more reasons to play in the tournaments!

Sure there can only be 4 winners of the Majors and one of the Invitational, but there are other prizes to compete for, such as '2007 FUMBBL Tour Necromantic Champion' for the Necromantic team that scores the most Tour points during the year, and similar titles for the other 20 LRB teams. I am also hoping that Christer will have time to support a Tour only Awards system. You know the new feature where you can see your achievements, such as 10, 50, 100 TDs, 10 wins etc. Well a Tour only version will really tell us who the good coaches are! Anyone can carefully pick 10 low CR coaches and pick up a 10 wins in a row Award. Try that on the Tour where you can only play those who turn up on the day, not a carefully picked opponent. Now someone who can pull off a 50 Tour wins Award or 10 Tour wins Award will get my respect.

There are also a whole lot of other things I would like to be a part of the tour, but I can't reveal all that just yet, as some of it still needs approval by the Overlord.

Malthor makes an obscure blessing sign.

Malthor: I will certainly reveal more as time goes on.

GLN: When can we expect to see the first signs of this new Tour?

Malthor: November.

He makes the same sign once more.

Malthor: That is when we will start some Minors to gauge level of interest and work out how many we need each month. The Minors will be a combination of weekly KOs, by TR min/max, and possibly even a Swiss or mini round robin. The basic premise is that each Minor will be a 16 team weekly event. That's the starting template anyway. From there we add in things like a TR 200 cap for one Minor, a TR 200 minimum for another, a Minor that has at least four human teams (the Altdorf Cup gives wildcards to local teams) or at least 4 Amazon or Lizardman teams in the Lustrian Rumble in the Jungle.

GLN: Sounds very interesting indeed! I will jion you in hoping that our benevolent Overlord approves of these plans and orders them implemented.

Much as I have enjoyed talking to you, time constraints and the plaintive cries of my hungry scribe force me to cut this interview short. Thank you for seeing me, and perhaps we will speak again at a later time.

Interview by Alfred K├Ânig and the unknown halfling scribe.

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