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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
The Death of Richard Cage

The mist was covering the field on what was to become a day to remember. The sun was slicing through the dark clouds and the wind was causing havoc to the last tree standing on this barren wasteland. The two teams had decided to take this game outside the arena, playing it on the same field that had drunk the blood of a thousand warriors of the past. There was a foul smell in the air; a smell of death and decay mixed with the sweet smell of sweat. The players knew that this was to going to get ugly.

From early dawn, spectators had been coming in from lands far away to watch this game, expecting an orgy of blood and mayhem.

They were not to be disappointed.

The two teams finally took to the field. Narcissism Incarnate, coached by the feared anti, stood proudly at the sideline just waiting for the chance to rid the world of some evil humans. But they were not alone. zerkalo had his troops ready for combat. The sight of anti's foul disciples made the humans drool with bloodlust. It was time.

zerkalo had somehow gotten his renowned Human Blitzer, Richard Cage, ready for the game. Who knows what kind of dark magic he used to get this living Legend ready for the task at hand? Richard Cage was an awesome player. He held the league record for most games with consecutive kills. He was the all-time greatest Human blocker and overall the third best Human player in the game. For sure, a force to be reckoned with.

But his name was well known throughout the Blood Bowl community. Several coaches had had their share of run-ins with this mean blocking machine in the past. Topper28, the world's greatest Human coach, played zerkalo's Men Without a Past, in one of the nastiest games Topper28 ever led a team into. That game saw the birth of something only whispered about in the past. Bounties! Topper28 - annoyed by this player - knew the magnificent human would become the greatest ever if he didn’t end this reign of terror. On a quiet night, in a murky room, Topper28 drew up the papers for the first bounty of the league. The price for ending Richard Cage's life was never mentioned, but Topper28 let the world know that he would pay generously when the great Blitzer was laid to rest, never to torment the fields again.

The Kingpin, a usually calm Flesh Golem, but with debts up to his drenched elbows, had heard about the bounty and decided to see if he could earn himself some extra cash. He had never kicked a prone player before, but his economic situation had made him desperate.

Richard Cage got hit hard. He went down, and he didn't look like he was getting up any time soon. The Kingpin saw his chance. He rushed the great human, and with a surgeon's precision, he delivered a devastating blow to the throat, crushing the Adam's apple and breaking Richard Cage's neck in two different places.

zerkalo called for the Apothecary, disregarding the rule about medics only having one attempt to aid a player. No use. Richard Cage was dead. anti, being a necromancer, used his powers and raised the dead Blitzer to serve his own team as a Zombie.

It seemed Richard Cage got a second chance in death. zerkalo, filled with rage, gave the last order of the game: "Forget the ball! Concentrate on destroying!" And so they did. In fact, Richard only had a few moments on the field for anti's team before another well-placed boot was landed on the grotesque Zombie body, crippling him. For the second time that game, Richard was out for the count. He did not get up. zerkalo was seen tipping his hat at anti with a smirking smile as the broken Zombie was carried from the field.

Yet another great player was no more.

Evidently, the bounty was paid and Topper28 was last seen shaking hands with the Flesh Golem near the field after the game. He had a nasty smile on his face when the small envelope was handed over to the Kingpin.

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