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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
A Gobbos Tale -- Part 6

Tough Break

This is a tale of a time long ago, before Blood Bowl fell into oblivion, a tale about a little goblins amazing career. All characters and events in this story are totally fictious and any similarities to real life and/or FUMBBL characters are totally unintended. Furthermore the author admits that the abilities of some characters in this story may not be in consistence with any of the official or unofficial Blood Bowl rules known - this is just a story

What happened so far:

Gnot was kidnapped by G'morg to play for the famous Blood Bowl team "Da Deadly Raiderzzz". Against his will he was forced to join a team, where some players threaten his life. After surviving the first tests, he now has gone through the tough training phase.

After ballhandling Gnot now get's to know the feeling of ballbeing.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" The ground was approaching very fast and no matter how loud Gnot screamed, he knew it would not stop. Instinctivly he put his arms and legs beneath him and closed his eyes, praying to Mork so he would save him. The impact was not as excepted, no hard, splattering noise when his bones got crushed when hitting the ground, instead it felt more squishy and "splorty". After a bit of struggling he popped his head out of the mudpit and once again everyone was laughing at him. He got scared to death and all he gets are jokes at his cost and he didn't even ask to be here. He did not dare to think about whether it was just coincidence he landed on the only soft spot in this area or that Noreg knew what he was doing. After a few more minutes of struggling Gnot finally had solid ground under his feet again, where in the meanwhile the others of the team did walk up to him, still smiling. "Nice landing style" or "Look at t'is dirty bird" were only a few of the things he got to hear. Luckily the coach did call it a day after this and training was over.. for now.

The following day did not start much different from the previous ones, waking up after a night with not too much sleep, having breakfast, getting taunted by the other players and the usual humiliating arrogant looks in the locker room. After running, passing and "being passed" this day's lesson was called "blocking" and G'morg was nice enough to choose Gnarshik as Gnot's sparring partner, the very one Gnarshik who tried to break Gnot's neck at their first encounter. With a nasty grin the muscle pile bullied up before Gnot, "'it me, if ya can" and that all got rounded up by a cocky self laughter. Oh yeah, he would hit that nosey prick of a Black Orc, he would hit him harder than anything else had every hit him before. Gnot took a few steps backwards just to suddenly rush onto the green wall. That would indeed hurt this big ugly guy, he would be truly surprised. Gnot imagined Gnarshik's painful and unbelieving look when he took of to hurl the worlds hardest shoulder smash on his target. "BAMM!" Gnot's head started to ring when he just bounced of the muscular belly and fell to the ground like a wet bag of sand. Slowly Gnot stumbled back on his feet to see how bad Gnarshik got hit and was not only suprised but also imensly disapointed when he realized his oh-so-mighty attack did not have any effect apart from amusing those who did watch him. But he was not willing to give up yet and launched some more strikes, restless but also useless, until he was too exhausted to continue.

More laughter, almost hysterical now and Gnarshik even started to taunt "Is t'at all ya got? I've had mosquito sticzes t'at 'urt more!" This was such a painful experience for Gnot, he felt like crying but for some reason he did not. Instead anger and rage started to grow within his heart and suddenly he felt a strength and bravery he never knew before. All this did remain unnoticed, while the orcs stood around laughing and joking about the pitiful blows the Goblin did deal. But suddenly Gnarshik screamed out loud in a very high tone and fell down on his knees while clinching to his crutch. Finally he fell over onto his face whimpering and whining. And where Gnarshik did stand only a few seconds ago they saw Gnot with his face red from anger and his steel capped foot right where Gnarshik's loins just had been.

Everyone went silent at once, noone had expeceted anything like this quite shocking experience. One of the hardest players every to set foot on the pitch brought down by a midget that sneaked up on him and landed one single hit in the right spot. But then they started to cheer on Gnot and his ruthless stealth attack something they never would have expected but that made it even more impressive to them. This was the last day anyone did laugh at Gnot's mistakes.

To be continued...
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