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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510

Blood Bowl Sevens is Back and as Strong as Ever!

Do you like fast-paced, quirky games? Want to play any time of day? Do you like to see players skill quickly? Are you ambitious to build a squad to compete for the yearlong championship?

Group Background

Many professional Blood Bowl leagues exist throughout the Old World and beyond. However, not all players started off on a pro team. The majority of players started in BB7's leagues. BB7's teams tend to be highly disorganized! Players have individual talent, but teamwork is somewhat lacking! To promote the interest of the sport, Cabalvision has started a BB7's league to find players worthy of the pitch.

The Yearlong Championship

BB7s features a yearlong schedule of Mini Leagues (open round robin) and Special Events. Teams earn League Points based on games played. BB7s features four divisions separated by TR so new teams do not oppose experienced ones. In January 2011, a team is crowned the BB7s Champion and earns a very special prize. Mini League #2 starts April 19th and runs until May 17th.


  1. Teams may only have a maximum of 7 players at a time.
  2. No ReRolls may ever be bought!
  3. Star Players, Wizards, and Master Chefs will never show up to a game!
  4. As there is no way to show a roll for the player being scouted/srafted by a professional league, the aging roll will be used. If your player ages, you must retire him to represent the fact that he has been scouted to the big leagues.
  5. Handicaps are banned!
  6. This is a fun, easy-going league. Can you handle that?

Team Creation

**All BB7s teams must be new, transferring is prohibited. Make a [L] team and simply drop four players and extra gold.

  1. As money is scarce in BB7s, teams can’t afford expensive stars. To represent this positional limits are halved, with the exception being base players (0-12 or 0-16 types). This rule doesn’t apply to Halfling and Goblin teams!
  2. Big Guys are not allowed to participate in BB7s.
  3. Teams must be LRB compliant teams.
  4. Leader is allowed to be picked on a Skill roll, as well as Pro!

When using IRC, check out the bb7s channel! Use command /join #bb7s or search the channel list.

Please check out the Group site and read the rules

Welcome and Good Luck!

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