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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510

A biased report by biased individuals.

The OBBA is unarguably the most beautiful League in the Old World. There isn’t another quite like it, and if there is then we don’t want to know about it lest it bruise our egos!

When I was approached by the GLN to write an article about the OBBA in less than 400 words I scoffed... 400 words couldn’t do this league justice. It certainly couldn’t validate the illustrious awards ceremony that the League hosts every season, it couldn’t possibly quantify the scores of players that die on the field and it couldn’t even begin to rationalise how close the competition is... In fact, 400 words can barely satisfy this rant for being allocated 400 words!
... I bet they give the WIL 500!

So, with ink at a premium I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little about the league and one of its most decorated teams.

The OBBA was founded over nine seasons ago and has gone from strength to strength amassing a large subscribing following and attracted some of the finest coaches from around the Old World, coaches such as PurpleGoo(recently emo’d), Gritter, DukeTyrion, Rijssiej and Chewie... Okay, maybe not the latter.

The league hosts three tournaments throughout the season, the Divisional Tournament (contested over 5 tiers) and the concurrent OBBA and OBBA League Cups.

Currently at the top of the Premiership (the very finest of all divisions) are the Bristol Reavers. A band of Orcs that have shunned the trends of typical Orc society and play ball much more akin to Goblins, with an embarrassing CAS differential of 11 in over 70 games!

At the helm of this troop is The Duke. An abomination to all Orckind. This team captain has scored three hat-tricks in his career, has killed three other OBBA players and has procured one MVP of the Season award. He is also the lucky beneficiary of a healing potion. However, his style and flair have not gone unnoticed. The Premiership seasonally wager on who will obtain fame and fortune by being the one to end his career and this has earned him many a boot... But this charmed player has not fallen afoul of a foul just yet!

Will Season 9 be The Duke’s last? Will the Reavers finish as Premiership Champions?
Will I complete this before using up my 400? ...

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