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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
Stars - Goblins

Stars. Tricky thing stars. Do you get value for money? Are they any use? Are they fun? What do they do, and how well? We tend to know our own players, but we hire in stars for single games and while we think we know them, do we really?

Here at GLN we thought it would be useful to ask some experienced coaches what they thought of the stars available to the teams they run. This issue, with the GLT fast approaching, we thought we’d kick off with the Goblin Stars. So here we go, with all the info you could ever want, and quite a bit more.

The coaches offering their opinions and scores for this issue are: PurpleChest, Mithrilpoint, Mossbeard, fenric, Motskari and Habeli. All veteran coaches and all bar one with a LOT of goblin coaching experience. The comments are their distilled wisdom, the scores (from 1 to 10) their average ratings.

'Ripper' Bolgrot
4 6 1 10 Mighty Blow, Throw Team Mate, Regenerate, Star 70000


High ST & AV. Troll with no negative traits and RR access. More bashing abillity for the team. Not a Secret Weapon, so doesn’t get sent off. Better armoured than your average troll. He can use rerolls. That makes TTM much more reliable. And ST 6, with a reroll, will give him 3d blocks against almost everyone with just one assist. And since he's not stupid, he can help your other trolls, which is nice. I like to hire him especially when I'm playing dwarves, since he'll soak up a lot of blocks that might otherwise go towards my fragile goblins.


Lacks block, Low MA. Quite high hiring cost compared to the Secret Weapon Stars on a team that rarely has spare money. Of course, with AG 1 and no break tackle, he's also easy to tie up.

Main Role:

To be hit. AV10 and regen mean he can take it. Brings more strength to the team, better TTMs without negative traits and also usable as main Blitzer. Good at tying up opposition players and Big Guys.

Special Features:

Goblin tosser without being hungry or Really Stupid and with rerolls. Regenerates. The LOS with three trolls is an awesome sight.

Value for Money: 7.7

Bargain end of the 'Big Hitters'. Adjudged cheap by most, but it should be noted that you can get both Nobbla Blackwart and Fungus The Loon with Rippers fee.

Overall Rating: 7.7

Nobbla Blackwart
6 2 3 7 Frenzy, Right Stuff, Chainsaw, Dodge, Star 40000


Chainsaw. Chainsaw. He’s got a CHAINSAW! A risk-free block or blitz with a nice +3 bonus to the armour roll. He's better against low AV teams, but he's still pretty good against AV 9. He is not stunty and has dodge, so somewhat durable. Really good at messing up low AV races. Also gets +3 against the armour when fouling.


Nobbla eats rerolls to get his saw started. AV 7 and chainsaw is a dangerous combination. No block also makes him very easy to take out, ref ejects him on Penalty roll 8+. That is quite often.

Main Role:

Chainsawing just about anything you want dead. Makeshift fouler. Blitzing wardancers and other blodgers and evasive players.

Special Features:

Has frenzy for surfing if the saw isn’t running, is a MASSIVE target for opposition drawing attention away from the ball carrier. Can be thrown despite not being stunty.

Value for Money: 8

A lot of high scores for fun factor and fear factor, but he isn’t reliable, and that costs him.
Overall Rating: 7.9

This deliberation considers the remaining 3 goblin stars on the next page

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