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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
Grotty Little Tournament
by G.G. Gobberson

The Grotty Little Newspaper is proud to present the Sixth Annual
Grotty Little Tournament

  • The best FUMBBL teams competing for the coveted Grotty Little Trophy
  • Several weekends of exciting live Blood Bowl action
  • Autograph signings from members of the FUMBBL Hall of Fame

Buy your tickets today and support this exciting fundraising tournament, so that we can keep delivering you FUMBBL's most exhaustive Blood Bowl coverage free of charge.

Well, Blood Bowl fans! It's that time of year again. Goblins have invaded and taken over the tournament scene. Rumors abound about where and when they will show up and what will happen when they do. In past years, they have snuck on to the field during the very finals causing chaos and fun.

Past winners of the GLT have included Fleetfoot's Revenge, Dandelion Eaters, Krautrock, Athel Loren Guardians and catenaccio.
Who will have what it takes to win the prize this year?

This years prize will be as follows:
The championship team will be given prominent coverage in the Grotty Little Newspaper (+5 FF) as well as a NEW player of the winners choice from any roster with a value no greater than 70K. This player will arrive with the Pro skill.

Now you are asking yourself; how do I get to be part of GLT. It's simple, there are four ways to get into the GLT.

Each group wil cap off at 64 teams and have a floor entry of TR 175. This should provide for a good round of teams and some great competition.

The only thing that could marr the greatness of the day is the ugly rumor that teams are trying to bribe their way in. When confronted with this, Director PurpleChest scoffed and said a team would have to pretty much empty a well-filled treasury for him to even consider letting them in.

Good luck to all in the GLT!
G.G. Gobberson

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