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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
Coaches Couch - Part 2

GLN: If a new player came to [B], from outside FUMBBL perhaps, or just new to the division, what should they know/think about in regards to team building? Do starting teams differ from [R], for example? Do skill picks change?
Tobrane78: In the Blackbox, I feel a player with the skill Dirty Player is important early on, to take care of the opponent's Dirty Player or other harmful guys. At least you know what to expect and you can't go wrong skilling a guy with DP. In Ranked, sometimes you find coaches who don't bash at all and made me feel bad if I would bash the guy, while his foul record says 0!
Wreckage: I would just tell a new guy: There are more bashy teams than non-bashy, but on the other hand you will get a more or less fair matchup, so it is perhaps a good place for you to go.
Tobrane78: One thing to newer Box coaches though... If you want to play a non-bashy team you MUST know how to play your team to avoid a massacre.
Gunslinger: Yes, you pick skills that make your team survive or inflict damage.
Bullockist: So true, both.
Ultwe: I agree with Tobrane78.
Gunslinger: You need more Dirty Player and/or Mighty Blow as a basher and more Dodge if you are playing one of the elf teams.
Wreckage: What I don't like about telling people to play bashy teams is: The more we do that the more bashy teams there will be, and I'm not sure there really are so many of them in the first place...
Tobrane78: My advice would be: get a Dirty Player as soon as possible, and play with a team you know how to play or face disappointment.
Wreckage: And if a newbie goes with an AV 7 team, he will have exactly the same problems as in other divisions.
Tobrane78: Not understanding why and running back to Ranked saying: No More [B]! Insane carnage!
Bullockist: Does [B] have to be DP-central?
Tobrane78: Well, you definitely need a Dirty Player...

GLN: Is it perhaps true that with so many strength-based teams, playing a dodgy race would actually imply getting some easy wins?
Gunslinger: Of course, the dodgy team will have some easy wins here and there, but they will not last for 20 games.
Ultwe: Dodgy teams can win games, but run the risk of getting trashed.
vicius: Elves are the best race in my opinion, but could be massacred any match - doesn’t matter how you play or skill your players.
Bullockist: Hehm I thought so with lizards, got one easy win. After that I've been running uphill!
Wreckage: You will have to face Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves eventually or something else that messes you up.
Bullockist: I agree with Wreckage

GLN: Is it ever possible to rebuild in [B]?
Ultwe: Yes, rebuilds are possible, but they are slow.
Tobrane78: Yes! A big yes there! You can rebuild just fine.
Bullockist: I'm still trying to buy a Kroxigor after having played about 15 games...
Wreckage: TS adjusts properly, but losing key players is as harmful as everywhere else.
Gunslinger: It’s much harder than in Ranked of course. The risk of facing a heavy fouling team or bashy team the next match is very real in Blackbox, but yes, of course a rebuild is possible.
vicius: Yesterday my rookie ogres played against an elf team with seven players. Rebuild is possible? It was their second match, by the way.
Bullockist: I find it harder than in Ranked too.
Wreckage: I think Blackbox just requires a different strategy in teambuilding ... More players and less skills and you get along fine.
Tobrane78: I have sometimes lost about 50-60 TS in a game, took me three to four games to be back in shape. But that's also because my players have high AV and are cheaper than elves
Gunslinger: I'm really sorry to hear that someone has beat you up like that Tobrane78; my sincere condolences!
Wreckage: If you play with few players in Blackbox and start losing them, it's going to be a problem.
vicius: And how about making a rebuilding group? You can only join there once every five matches?

GLN: What has been your proudest/best achievement in [B]?
Wreckage: Becoming Number One at about BWR 175.
Gunslinger: Reaching 180 BBR.
Tobrane78: Proudest? It's a game, so no real pride there, but my biggest achievement: building a team to my highest TR/TS ever. In 98 B games, I've done better than in 300 R games!
Ultwe: My proudest moment: getting in the top 500 coaches, I value it more than getting in the top 1000 R coaches!
Gunslinger: I was also proud to get my Khemri tean all the way to 262 TR.
Wreckage: Seconded, Tobrane78! My team's also developed better here!
vicius: Skilling my Ogre team in Blackbox is easier.
Tobrane78: True too, Vicius.
vicius: 636 matches without a serious Ogre team. Now, in the Blackbox, I have one!
Ultwe: Well, Elves can't dodge your Ogres in the box, vicius...
Bullockist: Lol.
Tobrane78: Haha!

GLN: And your worst moment or memory regarding [B]?
Bullockist: Seeing half your team K0ed in the first half... In fact, it happened during this chat!
vicius: Concessions are allowed. Don’t know why in box they are and in Ranked they are not.
Tobrane78: No bad memory in the end. I've been smiling about every game I lost or players I've lost.
Bullockist: Concessions are for **bad*word**!
Wreckage: Probably some +100tr/+20 ts Khemri team... Seriously, if something is messed up about the scheduler is that it thinks it can compensate for high TS difference by Team Rating! That’s just wrong.
Gunslinger: Slow coaches; that is definitely the worst thing about box.
Ultwe: I don't think I had a truly memorably bad moment in the Blackbox.
vicius: Me neither.
Wreckage: Oh, and a really horrible game because my opponent never said a single word ... Not even a 'hi'.
Tobrane78: Slow coaches isn't a problem! I myself ain't fast at all. That's certainly because I don't play with the keyboard short cuts and also have "little" experience, only 400ish games.
Bullockist: That's the worst Wreckage, rude coaches are **bad*word**.
Tobrane78: To come back on concessions though: they shouldn't be allowed in the box! Too easy to get out of a match! Just two days ago, I RIP'd a 8 SPP longbeard in T1, coach said: "I'm conceding, don't want to lose more". It's Blackbox, not Ranked!

GLN: You have one wish for [B], uoi wave a wand and - presto! - it happens! What is the change?
Bullockist: NO CONCESSIONS and more dodgy teams.
Gunslinger: Bigger prizes in the tourneys.
Ultwe: BWR and BBR on the coach homepage, as well as monthly championship ratings.
Tobrane78: That I win all games?
Wreckage: I proposed this several times: Why not just modify the concession results? Give the winner normal money instead of double... And the loser maybe loses a random player on a 50% chance.
Gunslinger: Get The Ref! constantly.
vicius: SMACKs
Gunslinger: Oh yes, vicious, SMACKs!

GLN: Is the lack of diversity really an issue? Does it bother you?
Bullockist: YES! With my Khemri, it is tempting not to take tackle.
vicius: I prefer diversity, but never mind, I don’t need to skill my +MA Ogres with tackle and I am happy.
Tobrane78: Yes, lack of diversity sucks... Always facing the same guys over and over. Elves in the Blackbox should be cheaper to buy so their coaches can rebuild faster and thus be more inclined to play them knowing they can rebuild in less than twenty games.
Ultwe: Diversity must come from coaches, not powers-that-be!

GLN: Is there anyone, a [B] coach, that isn’t here, that you want to 'big up' and 'offer maximum respect' to? For example, I am always impressed with the style/attitude and tactics of coach BillBrasky.
Bullockist: Coach princevaliant for continuing to use insane team combinations.
Tobrane78: Coach Nyberg: for building a very nice Chaos team that totally ripped my Dwarves and did it with class and fun.
Wreckage: Hmm, my respects to circularlogic... I'm very sorry for fouling his Witch Elf on turn 16 ... He’s a nice dude... and…
Bullockist: Coach kypseli for getting me a three-day ban for saying "hi fatty".
Ultwe: I was very surprised, a while back, to play manbush's elves considering his reputation in Ranked.
Gunslinger: Laura for being okay with the fact that she is not the best coach around, yet still always being in a good mood

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