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 Issue 10 - August 13th 2510
SWL Advert

Fed up with frostbite pick pocketing in the Old World?

Bored of the short wintery days in the Badlands?

Well, maybe it's time to ask your underworld boss for a transfer to the Southern Wastes. Where the sun unnaturally shines 27 hours a day 57 weeks of the year!

The Southern Wastes League (SWL) is the oldest and one of the biggest of the global based leagues. The majority of the coaches are based in Australia. However it is open to and includes coaches from New Zealand, South East Asia and the Orient.

SWL games are generally played 7+ hours up on bb time (CET), but are open to coaches somewhere between 5+ to 11+ hours bb time.

For more information about the current season please visit here!

Also to find out more about SWL as a group, we have our own website. http://swl.servegame.org/swl/welcome.php

You may like to drop in for more information on our irc channel #swl, anyone in there will be more than happy to help you, or you can pm any of the SWL admins.

The first of two seasonal drafts are drawn towards the end of each season, this is an exciting time to be around the irc channel.

For a more detailed look at SWL and what is required go to the site guide.

New teams are required to play at least two trial games and a full first season (seven games).

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