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 Issue 10 - August 13th 2510
FUMBBL Classifieds: For Sale

Wanted: brave and talented goblin players to form a team. Ball handling skills appreciated. Fame guaranteed. Reasonable wages. Death and injuries a possibility. For more information, inquire at the GLN headquarters under 'PROJECT M'.

Block & Dodger is looking for a new public relations manager! After a failed sponsorship, Block & Dodger is facing bankruptcy and needs a new scapegoat for the next scandal. Inquire under 'B&D'.

Wanted: Team to play for. I (Strong Snotling blitzer, touchdown tornado and team captain) feel that I am too good for the all-Snotling team I am currently playing for. Any reasonable offers accepted. Inquire under 'SNOT'.

Wanted: Professional assassin to murder a famous Minotaur. Substantial reward offered. Inquire under 'REF'.

Do you feel like your skin suffers under the bright sun? Expecting to play in Araby soon? Recently turned into a Vampire? Contact us for a free sample of one of our WARPBLOX products! Inquire under 'WARP'.

Goblineer Balloon Company is looking for a new pilot for their 43rd Balloon Observer for the upcoming season.
The reactions by a new pilot in training: "It was love at first flight!", "Incredible!", "Fantastic!","I still haven't come down!"

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