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 Issue 12 - February 9th 2511
Coaches Couch

GLN: Ugh. Bored of unchanged old skills, We are here to talk about new things. Block/guard/dodge are SO 2010. diving catch was mentioned earlier. Is it really now actually a choice instead of a joke?

jimmyfantastic: divine catch is still a joke but like TS is nice for players that start with it
JockMcRowdy: diving catch is no longer 'divine catch' the +1 to catch means you can still effectively use a passing game in a tackle zone and for certain teams that may run a HMP game it will be good, can see some khemri with diving catch
freak_in_a_frock: HMP with bombs will also be great fun
JockMcRowdy: can’t you diving catch a bomb?
freak_in_a_frock: would you want to?
turboraton: diving catch is really amazing now, with that +1 to catch

GLN: so. we're moving on again, time is against us and I have plans for this couch that don’t involve a large group of men. Let’s talk extraordinary skills. Stab. Is it as bad as the press it gets?

JockMcRowdy: assassins are the best thing ever, can’t believe DE got a bump, what did they need that for?
freak_in_a_frock: I love it, I just think it is used wrong, too many people forget it is optional
turboraton: stab is great vs that 7av carrying the ball with blodge and sidestep
jimmyfantastic: I love Stab and I love assassins
JockMcRowdy: when R gets moved and I can transfer team of awesome they will be getting 2 assassins straight away, used on the los on your drive they will be invaluable
freak_in_a_frock: remember even on an av9 LoS you have a 1/3 chance with 2 assassins of taking a player out. And if it doesn't happen the assassins provide the assist to block the player away
awambawamb: Ugh. Stab should have been a unique skill of Zara and Hemlock, not a skill on a regular player. Way too devastating against everything with Av less than 8
turboraton: I break assassins, I’m not afraid of em, free spp!
freak_in_a_frock: The fear factor is good to. Place an assassin next to a player on your own team, and that player virtually gains fend. Nobody wants to follow up into an assassin
awambawamb: Score twice with the assassin (not difficult with Ag4) and you have a chance to get Guard. OMG. Stabbing Guard.
JockMcRowdy: you have to use them right, all about positioning
jimmyfantastic: multistab assassin !
JockMcRowdy: just think of assassins as assists that will really annoy the opposition
freak_in_a_frock: people don't like to mark them either, which makes scoring that much easier

GLN: what about titchy? is the 'dodge into titchy tz's without -1' any use?

freak_in_a_frock: Titchy is like VLL. It was added to make snotlings work, not because it was a skill that was needed
JockMcRowdy: of course, but why would anyone want to use ogres anymore, I mean really, that were bad enough anyway, now they are the worst team by far
turboraton: well tbh, its more free spp for me
JockMcRowdy: how many calories are in a SPP turbo?
awambawamb: I liked the addition +1 on the injury roll with old titchy
freak_in_a_frock: I have actually seen people employing snotling cages, so I am not sure everyone is even aware of the rules of Titchy
jimmyfantastic: it’s interesting because they nerfed ogres because they were just a better version of goblins, then created underworld that are just a better version of goblins..
awambawamb: they're going to nerf Underworld too. Maybe with Decay
turboraton: gobbos have chainsaw and bombardier, can’t beat that
JockMcRowdy: bombs will be hilarious when they come in
turboraton: imagine throwing a bomb at that snotling cage!

GLN: decay, is that another one people rant even going to really notice?

awambawamb: Decay killed the Khemri Stars.
JockMcRowdy: decay is a bizarre one for me, not sure why they felt the need
jimmyfantastic: Khemri will notice that they have been demolished. And nurgle will notice that their linos are not the bargain that they appear to be.
freak_in_a_frock: Decay seems to be handed out at random too. Why guardians and not mummies?
JockMcRowdy: every player that has decay is a bit rubbish anyway why the double insult
jimmyfantastic: can't have teams being good that aren’t elves I think
freak_in_a_frock: I would have been happy to see decay expanded to all Undead. And remember I am a necro coach. I just feel that with the apoth nerf regen got too good
JockMcRowdy: decay would fit fluff wise nicely onto zombies and skeletons and mummies of course
turboraton: decay would be awesome on dorfs
awambawamb: It's the Dark Elves Era, let's face that.
JockMcRowdy: dark elves will rule all, they were second only to pro elves in the running game, but now they start with a dump off player so they can be better than pro elves, plus why not through in free armour rolls for good measure, if darkies don’t win everything coming I will be very surprised.

GLN: chainsaws don’t need to be started now. has that sunk in do you think? Isn't it a bit scary?

jimmyfantastic: chainsaws haven’t been a factor in any of the many games I have seen them in
freak_in_a_frock: chainsaws as stars are rubbish. Too often that first roll is a 1 followed by a failed loner roll, followed by said star cashing his pay check in the dug out
JockMcRowdy: chainsaws yes that sunk in when I had a los player die. but they still fall down and die easy, have to roll 2+ to try and maim you, and get sent off on auto, they are actually worse now
turboraton: guys what are you talking about? Chainsaws rule this game, on most of the teams it’s almost free due to inducements
awambawamb: Newbie’s that can't rely on tactics like to put better players on the same level by the Rule of the Dice, and so it went for the chainsaw. It's quite no braining
freak_in_a_frock: They are a liability, great fun but too random to rely on. For gobbos it is a different story, no loner makes them viable, but even then, no dodge means a dead Looney very quickly
JockMcRowdy: seen games lost purely to getting excited using the chainsaw getting 'kickback' and losing the turn

GLN: and it had to happen. We've all been as restrained as the Amish. But here we go. Piling On. It's shiny and new for CRP. What's your verdict? Does everyone need one (or five) now?

jimmyfantastic: yes 5 I love it
turboraton: even the coach needs Piling On
JockMcRowdy: I actually have no problem with piling on being good as it leaves your player prone, but when dirty player got nerfed to might blow getting rid of the po player suddenly became very difficult, so piling on is far too powerful compared to the other damaging skills
freak_in_a_frock: I think that piling on will be the choice of those that don't want to win. People will soon discover that having your players lying prone is not a good thing at all. If they had left Dp as +2 it would be seen for what it is a lot sooner
awambawamb: Personally, I wouldn't let my team can opener lay down on the grass, ready to be fouled. And I think I'm the only one that thinks that was better before, adding a strength modifier to the roll...
jimmyfantastic: because they nerfed DP but they replaced with a great way to kill players and get spps. lying on the ground now is actually safer than standing up vs a MB PO threat
freak_in_a_frock: I just specced a game where an orc team totally out guarded his opponent. The opponent had 2 piling on but the orcs had 5 or 6. The orcs guard was completely useless because no one was standing. The orcs got destroyed.
JockMcRowdy: obviously it needs to be used wisely to be good
turboraton: orcs getting destroyed? man where was I?
JockMcRowdy: but it goes back to the loss of fluff, why is falling on a guy 4 times more powerful than stamping on his face with studded boots

GLN: and finally. Anything we haven’t covered about and around CRP skills that you want to briefly mention?

turboraton: Diving Catch, remember it’s a +1 to catch now, you guys will have to search for another comedy option when new players ask you for doubles ideas
JockMcRowdy: the loss of traits was a stupid stupid idea
awambawamb: Big Guys? How about them? Big guys lost their ability to lose their negative traits on a double, that's bad. They just add randomness to the team
jimmyfantastic: I really HATE that they killed DP.
freak_in_a_frock: What happened to get wolves to fetch?

GLN: one last thing.... your chance to give respec', to put a shout out, to name drop your homeboy, who in FUMBBL do you want to 'big up' and why?

awambawamb: Spiro. He knows the truth. RNG IS BROKEN!
jimmyfantastic: I love Spiro
freak_in_a_frock: Big up to Cusi, coz I like to keep the memory alive. If you don't know or remember who he was take the time to find out
JockMcRowdy: id like to big up petew, purplegoo and pac, who got the WIL up and then running over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet all of them in person and they are wonderful chaps who have made my time on FUMBBL a great experience, also the chief Big C, and his minions who made the new client and transition possible
jimmyfantastic: yes christer etc
turboraton: I’d like to big up all the coaches that moved to LRB6 and didn’t feel the need to stay with an old rule set

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