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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511
Letter from the Editor
by Ro

Hello once again from GLN.
As you can see it has been quite awhile since the last issue hit the stands. This has been mainly due to a couple of reasons which have delayed the issue. When I started the Revival of GLN, it was my intent to give back to the site and maybe get a little history up and running again for you all. So far the issues have been a good run and response has been positive, however, GLN needs help from you.

The first issue that is always tough is getting material for issues. The reason for GLN shutting down each time has been, in my opinion, frustration on staff part on getting articles. I have personally chased down stories and articles along with others on staff to bring you each issue. So here it is. Contact one of the staff of GLN or come to #GLNR or even post it in the forums. We dont care if you are new, old, orc, elf, or even undead. Pitch the idea and chances are we will run it.

Issue two for me has been time constraints due to other commitments. I have been unable to run down the material for the issue. With out that our excellent staff cant process it for publishing. Now as always we welcome any and all help for GLN. Proof readers, coders to help out, articles etc. So once again if you enjoy GLN stop by and lend a hand.

Now in this issue we corner the BOT named Woodstock for some insight on how to avoid the BAN HAMMER, a spot light on our very own code gobbo, a little free style from Calthor and much much more. So sit back enjoy the new issue and please think about how you can contribute

Editor in Chief

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