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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511
GLT Winner Interview
by Ro

GG_Gobberson: First of all congrats on winning the best Tournament on FUMBBL. How does it feel to have won the GLT?

maysrill: it's a weird perspective, being the winner. I've never considered myself a top coach. I always go into major hoping to do well, but usually my target is qualifying once I got to the finals round, I went into each game expecting to get eliminated, but it never happened.

GG_Gobberson: Was there a time you thought "I could win this all"?

maysrill: I mean, as the later rounds approached, you always think "if I beat this team, then I'll face this one, etc". I mean, it all seems plausible, but unlikely. I don't think I felt like I had a real shot until the final game

GG_Gobberson: It must have been a great feeling when you knew you had it in the bag. You are the third US coach in the last year to win a major. Do i see a trend forming?

maysrill: There are plenty of good US coaches, but I don't think there's a trend. Plenty of the top coaches are still east of the Atlantic. I'd chalk it up to coincidence.

GG_Gobberson: So no secret conspiracy then. Tell us about your Orcs and their run thru the GLT. Who was your toughest game, funnest opponent that sort of stuff?

maysrill: Well, they were eligible for every qualifier except the Forlorn, so I had to consider where I wanted to play.I picked Old Teams in the hope that I could avoid those newfangled clawbombers, and play some fun opponents. I drew CDs and undead in the qualifiers. the CDs were old school (no claws yet), and we were just bigger and bashier. Pythrr's undead game me a heck of a game. I dominated start to finish it felt like, but he hung in there so tough, pulling off play after play to stay with me.We won in OT, and just barely

GG_Gobberson: Thats the best part of FUMBBL. The caliber of coaches always seems to push you to your best.

maysrill: Well, once you get past the luck of the draw to start off, you start seeing nothing but top coaches.Luck only gets you so far, the rest is team-building and coaching

GG_Gobberson: Speaking of team building. How do you like the changes to the LRB? Alot of new stuff to deal with.

maysrill: Well, to some degree, orcs are still orcs, same as ever. I use PO more than before, and SF isn't quite what it used to be, but I think orcs changed less than almost anyone. The biggest thing was the clawbomb scare, and we thankfully only dealt with 2 Claw teams

GG_Gobberson: It seems to be the current buzz word on site.

maysrill: It is, and I don't know how it's going to affect future majors I suspect that they're too vulnerable to elves to truly dominate. You'll see 1 or 2 do well, but sooner or later they'll get elfballed out, or two will kill each other off

GG_Gobberson: It will make things interesting. I think R will not see the flood of them as B has simple because not getting games.

maysrill:At the lower TVs you'll see them a bit, but once you start looking at major-sized teams, most won't take a clawbomber game close to tourney time

GG_Gobberson: Have you decided whats next for Legion of Orgrimmar

maysrill: We're headed straight for the LC. We came through the GLT in fine shape, and don't see a need for prep games. I'm waiting on the delivery of my new player to sign up

GG_Gobberson: Care to tell us what you chose?

maysrill: So many options, so many different ideas on what to add to the team, and so many people chiming in with opinions.I went with the dark elf renegade from the pact

GG_Gobberson: Solid choice. Mutation access is a definate benefit on a DE

maysrill: My team's biggest weakness is a lack of AG4, and a DE can do so much to help win games in ways we don't have available right now. I think it easily outweighs animosity to get that M access

GG_Gobberson: I agree. With what you can get for mutations and your ability to protect him, he should do great things for you.

maysrill: well, durability was a factor too, sure. Those goblin secret weapons would certainly have been fun, but they'd have only lasted a few games. I hope to keep my dark elf alive a good long time (please Nuffle!)

GG_Gobberson: Long enough to win another major?

maysrill Of course I'd want to, but I'm still going into them hoping to qualify.Like I said, I still don't see myself as a top coach, I had a good team and had a fair bit of luck helping too but I think the team is going to be stronger than it was going into the GLT

GG_Gobberson Any advice for coaches entering Majors? Or even on playing on FUMBBL in general?

maysrill I still think "big" teams have an advantage in the majors.Those high TV teams can take the ups and downs better, and are most resistant to getting short-manned. I also think elves are the best way to go if you don't have a favorite team. You'll never see a major without elves at least in the top 4.

GG_Gobberson Any final thoughts for the unwashed masses?

<maysrill: Play to win. If you don't give up, you've always got a shot. Heck, if I won, just about anyone can Smile

GG_Gobberson: This is GG Gobberson saying thanks to maysrill on winning the GLT and giving us an interview. To the rest of you.. PAY YOUR DAMN SUBSCRIPTION FEES!! I need a new back scratcher. Good luck in the Lustrian

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