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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511
An Interview with a Newscaster

Well after reading so much and witnessing the mass devastation caused by the Angry Newscasters on the Bloodbowl pitch, I decided I had to see the brains behind them in the coach Carlo_Pellegatti (Formerly known as Nazcul) and his relentless quest for additions to the throne of bones. I knew the only way I was going to find the true thinking behind it I knew I would have to sacrifice a rat or two, so I challenged him to a game

the_cursed_one: What was your favourite part of playing the Angry Newscasters under LRB4 rules?

Carlo_Pellegatti: HEY! I'm the Newscaster, i do the questions! Err, sorry... Can you repeat the question please?

GLN: What was your favourite part of playing the Angry Newscasters under LRB4 rules?

Carlo: Does it need an answer? The favourite part of playing Bloodbowl!Killing!

GLN: Well we all know you have a lot of skulls, how many are you aiming for, or is it one of each position?

Carlo: All of them!

GLN: That’s a lot of skull you have to collect.How many a day does it take to keep you happy?

Carlo: 16 would be nice, but 15 is good to.

GLN: Moving away from the dead players, as I see my team crumbling around me, what was the worst part of playing in LRB4?

Carlo: Nothing much, we just enjoyed getting skulls.

GLN: Moving with the times, what are you finding good and bad about CRP and the new Khemri roster?

Carlo: Well skills such as Grab are more useful to bashing which is Khemri’s main domain, but the new Tomb Guardians no general access on singles and losing MB is a real hindrance.

GLN: Being a more dedicated coach than I to the new rules for Khemri, have you got any tactical advice for players?

Carlo: Go for the ball and protect it.

GLN: So the good old fashion cage and grind?

Carlo: Yup.

GLN: Well thanks for your time Carlo, and enjoy the two new skulls this interview cost me.

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