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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
Blood Sea Buccaneers VS Hellbound Charioteers: All Blood No Bowl

GLN: You want to talk about grudge? Well, here it is FUMBBL fans. Hellbound Charioteers VS Blood Sea Buccaneers. These two teams have locked horns on pitches all across the Old World. From the fronzen tundra of Norsca to the beaches of Lustria and everywere in between. They have played in front of packed stadiums in Altdorf. Back water pitches in the middle of nowere. Even a throw down at a crossroad inn in the middle of the Drakenwald. No matter what the venue the fans get their money's worth. This rivalry is all Blood and no Bowl. They just love to beat down on each other and lay the Dirty Player foul were it hurts most. These two teams have played 16 times now with the Hellbound leading the series 8-3-5 but for these two teams throw out the win/loss records, the animosity is at all time high. Milford had the pleasure of talking to two of the "greats" in this series. B "Clothes Line" James and DeMaio sat down with him and talked about this storied rivalry.

GLN: So, you two have battled each other numerous times on the pitch. What does this rivalry mean to you guys?

James: Oh I love to throw down with the Hellbound. It gets my "juices" flowing and I love to beat down some Charitoteers. I know the fans love it when we play each other and I know for a fact the Bucs love to play against them.

DeMaio: We just love the opportunity to follow the loud noise, crazy @$%^&% fans, and rip through whatever armor you're hiding behind, and show you what your trachea looks like.

GLN: Wow, seems to be a lot of love between you two.

James: Milford you dweeb. I was trying to be nice and all. Now I see how this is. Ok, I dont love the Hellbound. I hate them with all my heart and soul and want to kill every freaking one of them and then once I am done killing, kick their carcasses into a hell with a thousand suns.

DeMaio: And we love going to Hell, dragging the heads of Buccaneers with us the whole way. Been there, done it, and back again.

In fact, tonight I brought the head I collected off of a Human hiding in armor named Yo Ho Ho. Tell us Yo, who do you root for when the Chariots play the Bucs?

DeMaio moves the mouth and ventriloquists "oh....I cheer for the Hellbound Charioteers!"

GLN: Well your two teams have had some classic matches. Care to share a personal story about one of your clashes?

James: The coaches keep talking about getting Night Train Lane's head back and all. But for me I remember a match when Scumm-o just got under my skin. That guy laid a foul, a real nasty one on me and it just set me off. I chased him around the field all match long laying into him. But he would just not go down. We finally tackled him at the close of the match and sent in a 7 man DP pile up and sent him packing for the night with a broken nose, 2 teeth knocked out and missing one of his shoes. The look on his face was priceles, I will never forget that moment.

DeMaio: My favorite moment was when the Bucs brought a kitchen sink to the game and used it to foul our Minotaur...the ref threw him out. When coach Hicksey protested the call, the ref threw him out too. Then our DP, Nasty Neil, picked up the sink and fouled Fitzgerald straight into the boo boo box for a week. Ref throws out Neil. Coach Arktoris protests...and gets thrown out too. Clearly from that moment on it was a zoo stampede match. Just shear energy from 127,000 rabid fans.

GLN: Your teams have battled it out all over the Old World, what was your favorite match?

James: Although I was not a part of that specific match the fans of the Buccaneers always want to talk about the Rumble Down Lustrian match. They packed 110,000 fans on a beach to watch the two teams battle it out. Even though the Lustrian was going to kick off the next day. Both teams did not care if they destroyed each other before a Major, that fight had to happen. The fans think that is one of the classic matches. For me it was our last match-up, what the fans are now calling the Arch Blood Bowl Rivals match. It was a classic match for me and the squad. It really showed our heart and also our ability to inflict a lot of pain on the Hellbound.

DeMaio: I have two favourites, Milford. The first was when we crashed the H.A.S.T.E.; awards (Humans Are Superior To Elves) and completely made monkeys out of the Bucs. hehe, remember that one James? Oh nevermind, you were a kid back then.
My second favourite was when we sacked James here and niggled him straight into a wheelchair with a Juggernaut punch that could crush the balls of a stone giant. I don't have a link to that one yet...you see it's happening next game.

GLN: Well I appreciate your time with us. Any idea of the next match?

James: Well you read my mind Milford. Just sitting next to this guy has got my "juices" flowing. I think right after this interview we are going to have to lay down the smack right in the parking lot of the GLN. I cant stand these guys and just being around them almost sends me into a frenzy rage.

DeMaio: Sounds like I'm gonna have that second link for ya pretty soon Milford. James is about to have that Kmart helmet he's wearing fed to him, Hellbound style. ohhhhh noooo!

DeMaio slams James with a Santa Claus sack full of presents for the local boys orphan house. The presents go flying as the sack blows up in the face of James, he goes flying out of his chair and crashes into the wall. James fires back with a Mighty Blow to his nose and gets DeMaio in a half nelson. James stands firm as DeMaio is trying to get out of the hold and then James grabs him and pushes him out the window, the second story window. The glass shatters and James looks down into the parking lot. Stands in the window and leaps out, Aieeeeeee!!!!

Milford: Oh, it's on now.

Here is the history of the Blood Sea Buccaneers VS Hellbound Charioteers
First Contact
Battle for the head of Night Train Lane
Night Train part 2
Behind the woodshed
Rasberry jam
No one gives me the rasberry jam!
Rumble down Lustrian
Grudge part 2
Glory and Pain
Sucker punch
Brass Thumb Trophy of Suck
Wizard of Slaneesh lag storm
Arch Blood Bowl Rivals

Some interesting stats in this rivalry

16 games vs each other. 14 in lrb4, 2 in CRP.

Hellbound have scored 35 touchdowns and inflicted 56 casualities on Blood Sea
Blood Sea have scored 21 touchdowns and inflicted 46 casualities on Hellbound

However, Blood Sea Buccaneers have yet to lose a game vs the Hellbound since CRP began and have killed more Charioteers (3 bucs died vs 5 hellbound) to include a Minotaur. Buccaneers have yet to lose an Ogre to the Hellbound fury.

Deaths on Bucs:
Night Train Lane (the head that launched a thousand ships)
M "Mac Truck" Alstot
D "the Beast" Brooks

Deaths on Hellbound:
The Ax King
Harlen, Cip Avatar
Crystal, Dark Avenger Avatar (minotaur)
Heart Attack

Up until the ARCH RIVALS game (last one) both Hellbound and Buccaneers had done an equal number of permanent injuries. 6 vs 6

however, last game saw 4 more perms done to the Hellbound which are currently unanswered.

D "Night Train" Mcfadden (-ma)
R "Killer" Barber (-av)
"Prime time" (-av)
3 deaths


Evil Bert (niggle)
5 deaths

+ last game of

Ro Warrior (niggle)
Candle Jack, DeMaio Avatar (-st)
Troll (-ma)
Fast Taker (-st)

Hellbound have shown they use their fists the most with 764 blocks over Bucs 611 (though stats are a bit skewed with Frenzy in LRB4)

While the Buccaneers prefer laying the boot more with 69 fouls to 65. Which comes to an average of 4+ fouls per game each.

Hellbound show dominance in the early LRB4 days both in CAS and TDs, but the Buccaneers have clearly evolved into a more fierce and competive team with time and rule changes. The rivalry began in May of 07, 4 1/2 years ago...what will the future hold?

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