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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
The dominance of League
by Calthor

While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it or The 'hidden' dominance of League

While the big argument of the day is mostly clawpomb, cherrypicking and minmaxers (at least at the time of writing) and not necessarily Ranked vs Blackbox, that particular argument is not quite dead. Of course, going from clawpomp and minmax to Ranked vs Blackbox is only a small step. Allow me to recreate an abbreviated, stereoptypical argument between a hypothetical Blackbox fanatic (coach A) and a hypothetical Ranked fanatic (coach B).

A) I got drawn against <insert a coach who likes to use minmax clawpomb a lot> again today. We had such a bloody game, I enjoyed the hell out of it!

B) I sure am glad that I do not have to play teams like that, who employ one or two ruthless killers, I truly think that CRP would be better without Piling On, or at least with a nerfed version of it... Sucks the pleasure out of it.

A) Might be it's a little overpowered, but blood is still fun!

B) No doubt spreading that blood fever to every team out there is a very noble goal... For every opponent like that, you're also destroying an 'innocent' team.

A) That's part of Blood Bowl. Picking your opponent is unnatural, mate.

B) So is that endless minmaxing of yours!

And thus, the endless war has begun again. And fact is, both sides of the argument are completely correct in a way. Let's clear this up for a moment.

Yes, in Ranked you can cherrypick your way to the top, and therefore it is relatively easy to 'design' a perfect Dark Elf team for example, with a great to flawless record if this is done by a good coach.
Yes, in Blackbox you can minmax your way to a great to flawless record as well, by keeping your TV in the 'sweet spot', and/or by using a few dedicated players and constantly firing and rehiring all others.

Neither division is perfect. That is not possible. The reason why the two are so popular is because they allow near-instantaneous play. Ah, you've got time to play? Great, let's look for an opponent or activate in Blackbox. Opponent found, and let's rock. And even though CRP is arguably better designed for this perpetually open environment, it is still not the natural environment for the currently designed Blood Bowl rules.

The League division is.

Oh, not the division outside of specific leagues. Then it is just Ranked with less restrictions. Nor the occasional cups or weirder leagues, such as BB7's and no-block leagues.
Blood Bowl is meant to be played in the context of a WIL, a WIBBL, a SWL, an ECW, IL, CFFL... You name it. All those kind of perpetual scheduled leagues. There is no min-maxing, there is just team management. Deliberately keeping Amazons at 1100, or Chaos Pact with just Marauders and two of them as hitters? Go ahead, but that naturally developed 1900 TV team will rip you apart or beat you. And if that didn't happen, then you are just doing a good job.
There is no cherrypicking. There is almost always no avoiding the better coaches and teams, and if there is, then what you are doing is likely not leading you to the top of the League. And best of all, there is something specific to strive for. A cup, promotion, a title belt... All of which represent infinite glory.

And the only reason League isn't the biggest division out there, is because it usually requires you to schedule your game with an opponent. In addition, it requires the responsibility to regularly play your game, which makes it difficult.

Next time the ugly argument between Ranked and Blackbox rears its damned silly head again, then remember that it does not matter. Ranked and Blackbox both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, League is superior- no matter what.

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