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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
Whiskey Bowl

Whiskey Bowl VIII was a smashing success as the High Desert Bar Flies punched their Championship ticket in OT. 32,000 fans crammed into the stadium to watch the spectacle of the finals match. They took down the upstart Victory who was the 8th seed in the playoffs. The match was a back and forth affair that saw both teams with golden shots to win the match in regulation come up short. Plans for Season 9 are already in place and the teams are restocking the bars and getting set for another glorious run at the Whiskey Bowl.

This years winner received 4 cases of Bugmans XXXLimited Edition ale, 2 Cases of Bogenhoffen sour mash, 4 Cases of Bloodweiser beer, bottle of Marienburg 75 year old Scotch with gift set and a one year sponsorship from the Nuln Brewery Association.

The Whiskey League is based out of Nuln and they play at the "Barrell" which is a local pitch in the middle of the Brewery District. The league is comprised of drunks, Blood Bowl maniacs, bar flies and fanatics of fine Scotch whiskey. Who all happen to own teams. So what better way to pass the night drinking and socialising with friends than sitting in an owner's box, sipping on some fine whiskey and watching your Blood Bowl team beat the living tar out of some other team. The side bets are lively and usually revolve around cases of whisky and ale.

So if you like to hang out at night, sip some whiskey and socialise with the resident drunks of FUMBBL, then check out the Whiskey league and get set to strap on your helmet for a rough ride!

A Zombie walks into a pub with a salmon under his arm.
He asks the barman, "
The barman shakes his head.
"Shame", says the Zombie, "It's his birthday".


What do you call a Zombie with a Larson?
A dead War Dancer.

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