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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
FUMBBL Major Tournament Statistics
by MadTias

Hi! Coach MadTias here with the latest FUMBBL major tournament statistics. Since the last issue of the GLN, three majors have been played:

Congratulations Dolls, Malmir and RandomOracle!

Things to note here are that Dolls won the first ever majors trophy for Pro Elves, while Malmir won his second major, having previously won this paper’s own Grotty Little Tournament. Coach PeteW retains the lead in the championship race at five finals and three wins.

Coaches top-8 23 different coaches appeared in the top-8 of these majors, coach Malmir being the only one to appear more than once. Malmir’s sixth top-8 appearance brought him equal with coaches PeteW and BooAhl at the top of the all-time race. Just below the top, coach JockMcRowdy made his fifth appearance and coaches Dhaktokh and neophyte made their fourth.

Coach Dhaktokh has earned a special mention here, as he is the first coach to make four top-8 appearances with the same team: the legendary Crossdressers.

Races top-8 13 different races appeared in the top-8 of these majors:

  • Four each of Chaos Dwarf and Dark Elf
  • Two each of Chaos, Dwarf, High Elf, Orc and Wood Elf
  • One each of Amazon, Pro Elf, Human, Nurgle, Chaos Pact and Underworld

Chaos Dwarves are the flavour of the moment with their four appearances. The only common top-8 race missing from these majors is Skaven. Orcs retain their all-time lead at 8 wins, 15 finals and 60 top-8 appearances.

Coach Nestoroide claimed the first ever top-8 appearance for Underworld with Pink troll goes to ranked and coach lepazuri brought Chaos Pact both their first top-8 and first final with Niños de Tzeentch.

As usual, all the statistics are available in the first post of the forum thread. Not to mention being presented below! -Ed.

FUMBBL majors’ champions (coaches)
Alibaba, JackDaniels, Malmir, Petter, rafadavila2
anisdrin, AoP-Vimes, Brainsaw, CircularLogic, Cribbleobblepie, Dolls, Fanatic, Gritter, JimmyFantastic, Jokaero, kfoged, Kryten, Malthor, maysrill, Melmoth, neophyte, PigStar-69, ploplo25, Pmg, Qaz, RandomOracle, Reisender, shlominus, shusaku, Smashak, Synn, tomma, vicius, xcver1

FUMBBL majors’ finalists (coaches, including the above, >1 final)
Alibaba, Malmir, Malthor, rafadavila3
Buur, CircularLogic, JackDaniels, kfoged, Petter, Ulrik2

FUMBBL majors’ top-8 appearances (coaches, including the above, >2 appearances)
BooAhl, Malmir, PeteW6
CircularLogic, Flix, JockMcRowdy, Pmg5
Alibaba, Dhaktokh, JackDaniels, JB, Kryten, Leijonet, Malthor, neophyte, rafadavila4
Azure, Buur, DukeTyrion, elkram, Gitzbang, Jokaero, KFoged, Lewdgrip, Nestoroide, Petter, PurpleChest, Rijssiej, shusaku, Tathar, Ulrik3

FUMBBL majors’ champions (races)
Chaos Dwarf7
Wood Elf6
Dark Elf5
Chaos, Skaven3
High Elf2
Amazon, Elf, Nurgle, Ogre1

FUMBBL majors’ finalists (races, including the above)
Dark Elf14
Wood Elf10
Chaos Dwarf9
High Elf4
Amazon, Khemri, Lizardmen2
Chaos Pact, Elf, Necromantic, Nurgle, Ogre1

FUMBBL majors’ top-8 appearances (races, including the above)
Dark Elf59
Wood Elf35
Chaos Dwarf26
High Elf13
Elf, Lizardmen8
Chaos Pact, Norse, Slann, Underworld, Vampire1

FUMBBL majors’ champions (nations)
Finland, Spain4
Denmark, Sweden2
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland1
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