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 Issue 15 - December 24th 2514
My break from FUMBBL

by mayhemzz22

28-08-2012 was the day I stopped playing blood bowl, back then I was running a fairly fun league DOTP (which I’m thinking of restarting if people are interested) I was also a member of several others.

Now my attitude back then was poor to say the least and the most important thing for me was to win no matter what. It didn’t matter if I enjoyed the game, it didn’t matter if my opponent did all I wanted was the W.

When you play with that kind of attitude it takes all joy out of the game and after some mixed results and some bad dice I decided enough was enough, I closed my leagues and left FUMBBL forever!

So 2 years goes past with me avoiding FUMBBL like the plague, partly due to the dice gods and partly down to embarrassment at my attitude when I used to play. It was always a game I thought about but I never plucked up the courage to return until a few weeks ago.

The experience I have had upon my return has been fantastic and I think the big difference is that I no longer play just for the W(don’t get me wrong I love a win) I play now for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of my opponent.

If you take a look at some of my recent games I have been spamming Gobbos these are a team I used to avoid like the plague. The team is currently 1/0/5 but I have never had more fun playing blood bowl in my life.

Moral of the story: play for fun guys otherwise you will find yourself getting stressed at dice rolls and injuries, it’s all part of the game and it’s your duty to have as much fun as possible!

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