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 Issue 15 - December 24th 2514

by Kam

A faraway village in the land of Norska... Some strange cultists wrapped in a green robe are intoning an incantation while Goblins around are ringing tiny little bells. A dark smoke starts surrounding the scene. They're trying to awake an old, forgotten Chaos God.

HE has returned. Standing on its war chariot, swaddled in a blood stained coat, HE glazes the assembly. His monstrous horny steed is howling under the moon, and rushes in the darkness of the night. None of the cultists will be able to forget the sound of his demonic, demented voice... "Ho ho ho".

The Moot. A Halfling is stuffing a turkey. Someone's knocking on the door. HE is here.

- Bilbo... Baggins...
- Ah, come on, not that one, it's getting old... Such a cliché! Geez!
- The... precious...
- Enough with that! You want a ring? Fine! Second street on the right, there's a jewellery. Now, begone! I have to put this turkey in the oven, my maroons ain't even peeled... I'm busy! You've heard me? Sheesh!

The Halfling looks at the steed.

- Oh, wait, what kind of animal is that? Some sort of big deer isn't it? Hum... I'm wondering... Maybe you should enter for a minute. Give me that coat. Damn, it stinks! You've been butchering animals or what? Here, sit. I'm going to take care of your deer.

The Halfling gets out.

- I'm sure the family will enjoy some exotic food. Wait a minute! What is that? He's left his bag outside... I guess I could have a look. A chainsaw with a ribbon? What is he going to do with that? A helmet... A few bombs... A brand-new pogo stick... Is that some sort of presents? Hum... What do we have here? Is it a cookbook? Grotty... Little... Newspaper... That gives me an idea...


After three years of absence, the Grotty Little Newspaper has finally returned, with a brand new layout, new articles, recipes, Goblin language lessons, and ponies, a bunch of ponies! Merry Christmas, FUMBBL!

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