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 Issue 17 - September 1st 2516


by Rabe and JellyBelly


Earlier today, after having survived on the Blood Bowl pitch for 67 games, the revered founder and captain of the Valdimar Eagles High Elf team, Felnor, died at the hands of the Orc blitzer Morose Morfug (Apo fail, double RIP).

Did you know?

The rivalry between the infamous Khemri team Angry Newscasters and the equally notorious Halfling team Flying Sammiches has produced spectacularly brutal spectacles. In just four games Carlo_Pellegatti and Kam have lead their sides into such a frenzy of violence and mayhem that they have produced a staggering sixty casualties - an average of fifteen a game! This included a crazy six dead players, and a growing enmity between the two squads. It should also be noted that the on pitch warring was massively overshadowed by the riots surrounding each match up between the two groups of fantical fans, with the stadiums twice having to be rebuilt from rubble! Can the two sides produce the same kind of frenzied aggression in their next meeting, and will anyone in the stands make it our alive?

Even though he was a much celebrated figure among the elves of Valdimar, Felnor had a sombre and businesslike character and never let his fame go to his head. Instead, he focused his attention on building the local Blood Bowl team from the ground up; spotting and training talented local youngsters with a passion for the game (most of which have come to a sticky end on the pitch).

It's hard to pick out any individual games where Felnor stole the show, and he rarely scored a touchdown. Instead, he tended to play a more passive (but still very important) role, supporting his teammates in the thick of the deadliest scrums and orchestrating their often complex and detailed plays.

His contribution to the team, both on and off the pitch, will be sorely missed, and many an elven tear will be shed today on the Isle of Valdimar at his passing.

The elves of Valdimar also want to make it known that they are placing a bounty on the head of Morose Morfug, in honor of Felnor. They will donate $15 to FUMBBL if anyone can kill the greenskinned scoundrel (or force him into retirement).

Also, in completely unrelated news, Graendel, the team apothecary, has been promoted to lineelf with immediate effect. His first responsibility will be to man the line of scrimmage and protect the rest of his team-mates (I mean, learn valuable skills..).


For "Licking" Larry- January 26th, 2516

by Baruk Faithchanger

Larry was special...

<Rabe> Awesome player.
<jarvis_pants> hes not bad we have had better
<jarvis_pants> i miss my ma7 ag5 :D

...no matter what some might say.

I met him in his first match as a Legend. He was fast, skilled and courageous. He always stood his ground on the pitch. We got in touch a couple of times. Now I wish I had known him better.

Larry, I don't know why they called you "Licking". But I know you will be remembered. Your death shall go down in FUMBBL history.

Rest in peace.


PS. I was really only aiming for the ball when I leapt at you over that Treeman. Really!

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