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 Issue 2 - November 16, 2503
How to create a new roster
by m0nty

Every so often someone on FUMBBL will get bored with the current list of playable races, and think they can do better by creating a new race. There are a number of common misconceptions about this process.

The first myth is that if you submit a new race which you think is cool, and if people like it, then the FUMBBL admins should add it to the list of playable races. This is not possible in most cases. FUMBBL only allows the core teams listed in the Living Rule Book in Open division, and only allows officially-sanctioned "experimental" teams in the dX division - the allowed teams are all listed on the Current LRB Official Team Rosters and Experimental Rosters page on the official Games Workshop site. FUMBBL will make no exceptions to these rules for those divisions.

The only division in which player-submitted rosters might be made playable in FUMBBL is the Stunty division, otherwise known as Stunty Leeg. Teams for this division would have to have the lineman position (the 0-8, 0-12 or 0-16 one) be of strength 2 or 1, and have the Stunty racial characteristic.

This is not to say that proposing a new race is useless. FUMBBL is part of the wider Blood Bowl community, and members of the Blood Bowl Rules Committee (BBRC) are known to be lurking on the various forums looking for new ideas, so who is to say that if your idea is a good one that it might not find its way into the next rules review? You never know. Anyway, it's fun to speculate about how your team might play.

The Unwritten Rules

Another misconception held by many roster creators is that you can just make everything up yourself. This is not true: there are rules by which you have to abide for your team to be taken seriously. The first port of call for any aspiring team creator has to be the official Team Building Guide. This includes various hard and soft rules for making new races. You may look at some of them and think, "Hey, there are some existing races who break those rules!" This is true, such as the vampires, but they were created and playtested hard by the BBRC and connected organisations with the OFAB skill to compensate.

Some team creators see players like the vampires and want to create their own new skills as well. This is not usually a good idea, especially if you're making a Stunty team for FUMBBL: SkiJunkie can't be expected to implement a new skill in the Java client just for your experimental FUMBBL team. Working within the existing skills will make your team much more acceptable.

Roster Formatting

Once you have your team all worked out, you have to type it out in a particular way.

0-? Name MA ST AG AV Skills Cost

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