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 Issue 2 - November 16, 2503
FUMBBL Classifieds: Challenges

  • I, albator2001, challenge the team Charade with my team Los Carniceros. Charade has 40 more STR points than my team. Petter, you are a coward!


    Petter would like to publish a statement:

    Albator2001, your wormness, I have already accepted to play your dwarves the second you have accepted and played my original challenge (Amazons vs. Wood Elves). If you do not honour my challenge I see little reason for me to honour yours, your patheticness. If you can find an even more unfair matchup than Dwarves vs. Amazons I will be willing to take that too when you accept my challenge. I also do not think my Amazons have to prove their courage any more than they already have, c.f. FUMBBL Cup II Group G.

    You are the coward here, sir wimp, and you prove my point by your incredibly gutless counter-challenge. Go back to hiding under your Rock of Challenging Rookies with Indecent and Unfair Matchups, will you.

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