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 Issue 2 - November 16, 2503
Tourney Round Up

  • The Lost Vegas Div-T Tournament of Champions is all full. Thanks to those who applied, and my apologies to the teams that applied after the group was full.

    But if you want, any of you can gamble Lost Vegas Tokens on the Games and enter the King of Lost Vegas Contest!

    The more degenerate gamblers the better IMHO!

    PM Bunnypuncher if yer interested.


  • The Wide World of Bloodbowl began play this week in their inaugural 12 game season. I am hoping this will be the beginning of a long-term and enjoyable league. We have 4 divisions set up by region so that time zone mismatches won't be an issue. There is a restriction on bashy skills, as the intent of this league is to keep coaches/teams healthy and happy. We are also the 1st league to incorporate sudden death OT into the regular season games. Having played one already I have to tell you IT'S A BLAST.

    Star Players are not wanted or allowed but wizards may be purchased at your own risk.

    If you think you may be interested in year #2, please sign up for the MINOR LEAGUE OF BLOODBOWL (MLB) . Any team who plays 12 games in this group will be automatically invited into the WWB next season.

    The other key to this league is finding 24 likeable guys who will stick it out till the end. The following coaches are in the WWB. Feel free to chat with them on IRC to get their thoughts and opinions :

    Acheron_Styx \ Barash \ BunnyPuncher \ Caileanhawk \ Clayinfinity \ Darkwolf \ Flo711 \ Gertwise \ Indur \ LurkingGrue \ M0nty \ Mashandarius \ Michael_Warblade \ Miyuso \ Mordachai \ Mully \ Neverdodge \ oeuftete \ Psikobunny \ Shaqpooh \ Twahn \ Ug \ Valen-Swift \ Voodoo


  • Themed Blood Bowl rises from the ashes again. Like a phoenix it's a 3rd time reborn. Another new attempt with a new plumage. If you like to play in a fluffy tourney where match reports and active thread handling and writing is more important than the games you play, Themed Blood Bowl is what you want. Each 4 teams build a new league. First team will relegate one league up, while last will drop one down. For any questions, please contact Chickenbrain.

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