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 Issue 2 - November 16, 2503
A Foul Family Tradition.
Dugal McSpear
7 spp
Dirty Player

Ah, my son - As you know, our family has a long history of great Blood Bowl players. This legacy stretches from your great, great, great, great grandfather Angus "Boot" McSpear to me. Now I'm handing down the torch to you, son, so take a seat and let me tell you about the secrets of our family's fame.

These boots I'm holding are the ones old Boot himself brought back home from Lustria just before he decided to start a Blood Bowl career for himself. Now, now. Don't be so eager son. There are some things I have to tell you about before you strap them on.

There is one rule that you must follow:
Never, under any circumstances, wear the boots without the intention of using them on the pitch!

For generations, our family has uses these boots to their best potential and I will now pass the knowledge to you just like my father did with me.

Foul at the start of the game
Use the first opportunity you get - at the start of the game - to plant your boot in the face of a suitable opponent. Most of the time the referee will not pay attention to the first foul of the game so chances are you will get away with it. An added benefit of this strategy is that you will strike fear into the opposing team, showing them how this game should be played!

Foul as soon as possible in the second half
As above, this will take the referee by surprise and chances are he won't react quickly enough letting you get away with it!

Foul if your team has intimidated the referee
Ah, this is the golden opportunity. With the referee intimidated into silence you can foul to your hearts content! Eventually, your opponents will start sweating if you just glance at them.

Foul if you outnumber your opponents
With few opponents on the pitch, you will be able to take the advantage of having your team mates cover up and even help you with the foul. The opponents will most likely be lying on the ground even more than usual so there will be many places to stick it in! I suggest picking the one with as little armour as possible to ensure success!

* * * Did you know...
The most popular theme anthem in history is "These boots were made for fouling" which is still on the top 10 lists in Bretonnia after a staggering 7 years since it was originally released!

Foul if your team is outnumbered
Oh, they managed to take out a few of your team mates? Use the anger you're feeling and focus it to the boots! With luck, you will even out the odds a bit.

Foul if your team is winning
There are few things that celebrate a victory better than a well placed boot! Not only has your opponent lost the game, they can only watch in despair as their team crumbles to dust!

Foul if you're losing the game
Focus your disappointment and take it out on that one lineman your team managed to gang up on. This will not win you the game, but that fuzzy feeling of seeing a smashed down player being dragged off the pitch will make up for it.

Foul to retaliate
Did your opponent have the guts to foul a player on your team? How dare they?! Make sure that you retaliate quick and hard. If you can, pick the one who fouled your friend.

Foul if the ref is not watching
Keep close track of the referee. If his attention is not on you, make sure you take advantage of this and foul the closest available opponent!

Foul if the ref is watching you
Just to keep your opponents on their toes, make sure you foul when the referee is watching from time to time. Show him who's in charge, but make sure you have a few blockers around to intimidate the referee into not ejecting you from the pitch.

And always remember the words of our family theme song, written by Boot's daughter Britney:

Oops! I did it again
I planted my foot, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops! I think I got caught
And got sent from the pitch
I'm not that innocent

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