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Posted by: Christer on Tuesday, July 05, 2022 - 12:42
At 09:26 this morning, FUMBBL went down unexpectedly due to a failure of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply, a device that conditions power to the servers and allows the servers to run for a while if there is a power loss).

It took until roughly 12:15 for me to identify the problem, see if there was an easy solution and bypass the broken device, and we are up and running again.

However, I will need to replace the UPS with a new one at some point soon. I will need to do some research on what device I'm buying. If anyone in the community has experience with UPS:es, I'd happily take suggestions on which model to buy.

I have a couple of constraints on what I'm after:
- I'm looking at a budget of $500 to $1000 or so.
- Reputable brand (I've used APC for a very long time, and am happy with the ability to buy replacement batteries etc)
- Preferrably rack mounted (up to 4U), but will consider standalone devices too.
- The hardware runs typically at 550W or so total, and my other UPS was 1000VA which has been fine. There's not a lot of headroom here though, so I am looking for something along the lines of 1000-1500 VA.
- "Smart" functionality (ie, computer communication) is preferrable, but not required.
- Global availability (more specifically I need to be able to order it from Sweden without having to pay insane shipping costs), and needs to be in stock.

Again, if you have experience with these types of devices, I'd appreciate suggestions.

Either way, I apologize for the inconvenience for those of you whose matches this affected. I hope to have this UPS replaced within a couple of weeks (which will unfortunately cause another maintenance downtime).

Edit: The UPS has now been replaced and things should be back to normal again. Thank you kindly to those of you who donated to offset the cost of the replacement.
naytsyrhc on Jul 05, 2022 - 14:17
10 EUR from me.
    Lewdgrip on Jul 05, 2022 - 19:35
    Can you Show somehow how much Money is still needed? Maybe just in percent.
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      Christer on Jul 05, 2022 - 19:53
      It's complicated to maintain a counter, so this will have to do:

      At the time of this response, I have ordered a new device ($700). People have up until now donated $400 towards that.
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        Kinks on Jul 06, 2022 - 00:25
        I've heard of this ko-fi recommended before for such things.
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khalida487 on Jul 12, 2022 - 00:36
No option to move the architecture to AWS or some other cloud provider?
    Christer on Jul 13, 2022 - 00:05
    No, that's not an option. It'd be orders of magnitude more expensive for the resource needs of the site.
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almic85 on Jul 21, 2022 - 13:29
I appreciate that you have already bought a new UPS., but ut of curiosity how are you coming up with the figure of 550W of power usage?

Is it something that you have actually measured or is it just reading off the boxes of the equipment?

I only ask because I have been building data centres for a while in Australia and have found a number of big name tech companies don't know how much power they actually draw and go by the numbers on the box instead of actual measured figures.

I know bugger all about the magic in the tech boxes, but I have a bit of knowledge on the power and cooling side of things and am happy to share it.