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When to concede?
Sooner or later it happens to all of us: a rough game, nothing seems to work, accumulating snakes, failed gfi's, a full injury box and a feeling of total and utter hopelesness. Then you start wondering if you should concede the game. I don't usually concede, because out of experience I know that every now and then you can still come back from a lost situation (especially with elves) and that feeling is just too good to deny it prematurely before it can even manifest itself. Even when I had a series of rough games lately, with at least 6 RIP's in 4 matches, all good players (2 ST4 linemen, a fully developed AG5 blodge guard sidestep high elf catcher, another blodge sidestep high elf catcher, an AG4 tackle/mighty blow orc blitzer and a nicely developed star witch). During one particular game I would have sworn the old LRB4 dirty player was back! But still, no retreat, no surrender! Even when this drives your team into oblivion more often than not...

Other coaches might have a different opinion on the matter though. So when is conceding actually correct (i.e. respecting the rules)? I ask myself the question after this match . True, my opponent had rough dice and lost 4 players on top of that in the first half (only one permanent injury though, and still only on a rookie linewoman). He even managed all three ko rolls for the kick-off of the second half and had only one less player than me (10 vs 9). Still he conceded at halftime, justifying it by stating he was outnumbered... and I'm not talking about a rookie here. My opponent was a super star with over a 1,000 games on his record.

So, two considerations:
a) was this concession legal? And why (not)?
b) Would you have done the same? And why (not)?
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Posted by Albemouff on 2015-11-11 11:25:05
a) No, 9 players is more than enough to come back and even win.
b) No, 9 players is more than enough to come back and even win.
Posted by BoboJones on 2015-11-11 12:00:48
I've been slaughtered mercilessly over the course of full hour games several times in my quite young fumbbl career and I still haven't conceded. It's a game and regardless of reputation that's all it is and if people cant take the heat then the button is there. It's just shows character and respect to continue, pretty simple. I think people who concede are the guys spending hours working out how many of each type of skill each player has and whats the best combination in order to receive the required spps in so many games that when it doesn't work out and someone dies or a guy gets no skills or you don't cas or you cant score the required amount that half, it just eats at the weak and pre-calculated and overall arrogant coaches. If the team isn't improving in win ratio or skills its not worth their time. I personally love the game and its dumb dice cause it represents my dumb players who are random and do stupid shit against there will for me until they get beaten the snot out of, so i play to the end :P
Posted by DaCoach on 2015-11-11 14:01:16
I saw the particular game - conceding in a major qualifier would be so lame - like Brazil giving up after getting two nil down to Germany in the World Cup..
Posted by Cyrus-Havoc on 2015-11-11 14:09:13
I would never concede even with 3 or less players but accept it is sometimes reasonable to do. Whether it is legal is a tricky question. In a one off pick up game could be OK but in any tournament or league I think it probable you would get a ban.
Posted by Roheline_Damlis on 2015-11-11 14:25:53
It's a bit hard to say, but it's perfectly allowed to foul the other players every turn, to destroy the other team but it's really hard punished to concede when you are being destroyed. The foulers just say "It's in the rules". Concession is also allowed in the rules, in the same Rulebook, so I can't understand the helplessness the players who concede in a raping game have.
Posted by Inforthepain on 2015-11-11 15:06:35
Never surrender with glory we fall!
Posted by MattDakka on 2015-11-11 15:09:24
Never. Conceders lose in shame.
Posted by Arktoris on 2015-11-11 15:47:30
the only time to concede is when you have something more important to do with your time and rescheduling seems cumbersome.
Posted by gibby33 on 2015-11-11 16:22:24
Never ever concede... Ever :)

Agree with Cyrus & Albemouff. Even having 6 players is enough to win with almost any race if you're prepared to roll the dice.

I'm one of those so called boring coaches that's more than happy to settle for a draw and I do wonder if some peoples win or loss attitude makes them concede whenever victory seems out of reach.

In any case conceding and fouling without reason are equally as bad. I've never bothered with some people fouling me in league when it won't effect the game since hey, we're going to be playing next season and if he can kill my superstar catcher that's a big boost for him the next time we play.

Also I'm the only one that laughed at what DaCoach said?