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Spectacular matches
I remember having played some spectacular games on Fumbbl, mostly in the beginning of my career as a bloodbowl coach (under LRB 4). When I say spectacular, I actually mean high-scoring games, with both teams capable of scoring fast and turning around a lost game. And since those teams usually have av7, they usually are quite bloody too!

Unfortunately these kind of games seem to have become increasingly rare over the years. Clock control is dominating everything, with a lot of boring 2-1 end scores, even when elves are involved. I regret that, it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. It's just fantastic to be able to win a game when you're 2+ touchdowns behind. Vice versa, it keeps you sharp when you're leading with 2+ touchdowns, knowing that it still isn't over.

So I'm happy I was able to play this game a few days ago, even though I lost it. By turn two I was already 2-0 behind! I must admit that I might not even have played the game if I would have checked the opposing team beforehand (thanks to the "new" gamefinder I didn't notice the one-turner that would score all six touchdowns of the opposing team), but I'm glad I played it after all. The game had everything to make it interesting: a riot, a blitz, get the ref!, 9 casualties and, last but not least, 9 touchdowns. The way I like my bloodbowl matches ;-)
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Posted by mrt1212 on 2016-01-26 20:09:41
I think you need to stick mostly to elf v elf matches for that kind of experience. I agree, they are the most thrilling and interesting matches.
Posted by arry on 2016-01-26 20:46:25
Where's fun in one-turners? "I've rolled 35/36 and 35/36, I'm a man!" *shirtcopter*

One of my most enjoyable games was a 0-0. But it was so much fun because both teams had a possibility of scoring within a hair breadth. The ball went back and forth so many times!

Posted by NerdBird on 2016-01-26 21:04:23
As fun as those games are they are only going to happen with Elves/Skaven. You score because of the imminent threat of ball theft and them scoring. You score with your Elves vs Orcs and the opponent gets to line up some sure-fire blocks on your meat shields. Score again and then your stars are on the line for those Sure-Fire blocks.

I love those edgy 2-1 games when my whole team doesn't end up dead and injured. Yes, there were 9 casualties...4 of the 5 Skaven casualties came from MB so that's really uninteresting on AV7.

I must agree with the sentiment on OTS....they make the game much less fun! :-)
Posted by NerdBird on 2016-01-26 21:05:20
Still rated it a 6 because you had fun though!
Posted by jdm on 2016-01-26 21:26:50
OTS with TTM make the game more fun. Any other OTS is less fun, as OP and nerdbird said.

I don't have a problem with low scoring games, or teams grinding out the half. It's so easy for agile teams to steal and score quickly that the game becomes protection, which is just as fun imo.

That said, I did score 5 with my gobbos the other day. https://fumbbl.com/p/match?id=3766874
Posted by licker on 2016-01-27 00:33:22
To me a spectacular match is one where the dice are taking a huge dump on you, but you are hang on, just scrambling to keep a position and eventually force the opponent into a risky attempt at a TD. Whether they make it or not is sort of irrelevant, as it was just the ability to cause so much difficulty even without any benefit of assistance from the dice.

Usually I see this in games where I'm mostly rolling pushes or worse, and my opponent is getting in some knock downs (though not outs, else you just don't have numbers to defend with at some point). The frustration raises as you realize you need something to happen, but just can't get it to come, and the opponent is playing smartly, just keeping things tight, not leaving you any openings.

Eventually, the half gets to turn 6 or 7, and you both decide it's time to up the risk level a bit and then the fun really starts.

These matches are not spectacular in terms of splooshes or scores, they are spectacular in terms of attention to positioning and playing the risks properly. They come down to one or two important rolls on late turns, and that's where the real satisfaction comes from.
Posted by bram on 2016-01-27 19:16:10
Ok, I see your point licker. And I agree with what you're saying.

Maybe I should have picked another title for my blog. But my point is that I have the impression to play very few high-scoring matches lately (maybe 1 in 50 or even less). Somehow I feel that a few years back those kind of games were much more common, although that may just be a subjective feeling...

Or maybe it's just because I'm playing a wider variety of races (although I still play elves quite a lot).